Chapter 349 - TEEN LOVE I
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  Clarisse fiddled with her fingers nervously while trying to think of how she can express her feelings. When they reached the highest peak of the Ferris wheel, she let out a shaky breath and smile. "Do you still remember the first time we got acquainted with each other and talked for the first time?"

  "Of course." Luiz answered almost instantly. "It may not be a good thing to keep remembering it, though given that you were bullied that time." Luiz added with a faint smile.

  They've been classmates since primary school years and during those times, Luiz was still very much affected with what happened to their father. He didn't like going to school and when he did go, he won't listen to the teacher. He just wanted to go home as soon as he can and find his sister.

  One day, he was going to have lunch at the backyard of their classroom when he found three other students shouting at someone. He looked closely and found that they were bullying his classmates and it was the honor student classmate. Without giving it much thought, he jumped from where he was hiding and stepped in between the students and his classmate.

  "What are you doing? Bullying is someone is against the school's rules and regulation! And you're even ganging up on her! So coward and petty."

  "So, what? You want to save the damsel in distress?" One of the three kids questioned and even pushed Luiz but Luiz wasn't a pushover. He stood right there, unmoving with a serious face. He didn't even do anything but the kids felt afraid and scared.

  He helped his classmate picked up her things on the ground and placed them back inside her bag. "Do they always come here to bully you?" She didn't speak but she nodded her head. "Don't wander alone next time. If they ask you to come out, don't go. Are your parents picking you up after class?" She didn't say anything again but nodded her head. "Don't wait for your parents alone next time. Wait for them in a crowded place so that no bullies can harass you. Or you can stay close to me so that they won't approach you."

  "You know me?"

  "Ah? Aren't we classmates?" Luiz asked while scratching the back of his head. "You should be Clarisse, my classmate, right? Or are you her twin sister?"

  Her face lit up and she smiled at him. "Hn. I'm Clarisse. Thank you for saving me, Luiz."

  "Oh! You remember my name."

  "Everyone remembers your name."

  "Is that so? I didn't know." Luiz handed her bag to her and picked up his own bag. "I'm eating lunch over there. Have you eaten already?"

  Clarisse dropped down her head and shook it. "They took my lunch box and ate my food."

  "Does that mean you always skip lunch because of them?"


  "Do you mind eating lunch with me? It's not much but it's still better than getting hungry during afternoon class."

  "Is it really fine?"


  Thus, the two of them shared their first lunch together. Starting that day, Clarisse can be seen few meters away from Luiz. Whenever a bully appears, Luiz will show his face automatically to keep them away. After class, he'd stay a little bit longer until her parents come to get her. And then, he decided to take the first rank of the whole class to get the attention away from her. It was killing two birds with one stone. He can fulfill his promise to Cayenne and he can keep people at bay from bullying Clarisse.

  Their close yet distant relationship went on for years and until now, they never really showed to other people that they were rather close to each other.

  Inside the cable, Clarisse smiled while looking at the scenery outside the glass they were in. "During your graduation speech, you said that we shouldn't lose hope because there's a light at the end of the tunnel. When I was bullied back then, I thought I'd never see the end of the tunnel where there's light. I thought I'd be a victim of bullying for several years. But then you came. You defended me against those awful kids and you even shared your lunch with me. None of the other kids do that."

  "I only did what was right." Luiz responded to her. He didn't even know that he will start to like her at a very young age.

  "I know."? Clarisse agreed. "You're always valiant and courageous. You helped students and you always strived to become the best for the sake of your family. At some point, I was jealous of you. Even though you didn't come from a wealthy family, you seem to live your life freely and happily. Your sister was very kind and thoughtful. Your brother was smart and considerate. Your late mother worked hard for all you. I was so jealous that I wished I was poor like you. But I realize, there's really nothing I can do about it. Just like how children couldn't choose their parents and parents cannot choose their children, we cannot choose the state we're living as well. But above everything, I really look up to you. I want to be free and just be myself, without caring for people's opinion. I just wanted to be myself."

  "Come over here and I'll help you." Luiz patted the space beside him which stunned Clarisse. "Don't worry, I won't do anything overboard."

  "No, I'm not thinking about that. I just didn't expect you'd help me again."

  "Of course, I'll help you. I want you to be at your best, too."

  Clarisse went to sit beside him and waited for Luiz to do what he wanted to do to help her. To her surprise, he removed the glasses she's wearing. "So, you know these are fake, too?"

  "Yup. I knew it since we were kids." Luiz replied which warmed her heart so much. It wasn't to her expectation at all.