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  Stefan and Cayenne bought a watch, a pair of shoes and several clothing items for Luiz. After they finished shopping for him, they also bought some things for Jonas and Kyle.

  Chris chose some new shirts and jeans for himself since he'll be going to have vacation with them in the future, he didn't want to come with his suits and slacks. He wanted to be casual but his casual clothes can be counted with his two hands alone. There weren't much to wear since he didn't love going out before. He's closet has more formal clothes than his casual.

  "What did you even do with the money that Stefan and the government gave you?" Cayenne whispered while watching Chris picked a lot of shirts.

  "I sent them to my family. And I didn't find anyone that caught my interest before. I'd rather sleep at home than go out somewhere. Now, I want to have more time to go out with her."

  "That's a good start." Cayenne retorted while picking up another shirt to let him try on.

  "Why are you choosing clothes for another man and neglected your husband?" Stefan leaned his head on her shoulder and sulked. "I don't like it."

  Chris raised his eyebrow at his childish employer and left them alone to let Cayenne deal with him on her own.

  "Stop being childish. I though we're helping him." Cayenne gently pat his head to comfort him.

  "I'm tired carrying all these bags but you're happily choosing clothes for him. You didn't even buy anything for me."

  "Who said that I didn't buy anything for you?" Cayenne turned around to face him and looked at him in the eyed. "Stop sulking, alright? We'll buy few more clothes for you even though our closet is already full."

  "I'll take out those suits that I bought for myself and those with no sentimental values. I'll throw them away."

  "Stop joking. Those were very expensive. You can't waste your money like that." Cayenne retorted while lightly pinching his face. "There should be a better way to let go of them, right?"

  "My wife is really smart." Stefan grinned at her as Cayenne stretched his face. He looked silly and cute which made Cayenne blush the more she looked at him. "So, buy me lots of things and I will let go of those pother pieces."

  "Okay. Your wife will certainly look for items that will look good on you."

  "Can we buy more couple shirts and other couple items?" Stefan asked her, making the other shoppers giggle at his question.

  Many women were looking at Cayenne with envious gazes while they looked at Stefan with coveting eyes. However, they also knew that luring Stefan was a hopeless idea because he was deeply smitten with his wife.

  The sales lady who was watching from the corner couldn't stop herself from filming this adorable couple. Her phone had a better camera resolution and the voices of Stefan and Cayenne were recorded clearly as well.

  'I wish my boyfriend is like Mr. Dumrique. Wait, I'll look for a boyfriend first.'

  This was the caption that was placed together with the video when she posted it in her account. And not long after, this video and was liked by many people and was shared several times. Cayenne's colleagues saw this post as well and couldn't help but smile. Their president has really changed when he met Cayenne. The other company employees who saw the video were also surprised to see their CEO and lady boss going out without bothering to hide themselves.

  "Looks like our boss won her heart now."

  "The lady boss is very pretty."

  "Hahaha. I never expected this side of the president. So cute."

  "Once a playboy falls in love, he'll really treasure her like a diamond mine."

  "I'm so happy for you two."

  "I want to buy couple shirts with my boyfriend, too."

  "I can relate with the person who posted this."

  Many people expressed their opinion and blessing but there were some who were a little bit annoying than the rest. These were the people who got Jillyanna's attention as well. She was currently watching some videos online when the latest video of Cayenne and Stefan appeared.

  She smiled while happily watching their interaction and started reading the comments below. She gave a heart to those comments that expressed good intention and silly remarks but her fingers stopped scrolling for a moment when she found some comments that she didn't like.

  "I heard that Stefan never laid his hands to his employees. That isn't true. His current wife is a worker in his hotel before."

  A reply was posted right below it which piqued everyone's curiosity to read it. "How did you know? Do you know her?"

  "I don't know her but my friend likes Clover Hotel so much because of one employee that caught his attention." The commenter attached a picture of Cayenne who worked in Clover Hotel. It was taken when she was still working during night shift. "He frequently visited this place because of her but not long ago, her shift was changed. I wonder if it was because of his indecent relationship with the owner. Getting privileges that other employees don't have."

  Jillyanna clenched her fist while reading this comment and couldn't help but reply to it. "Don't make speculations when you didn't know anything. Before Cayenne became his employee, they knew each other already. Stop judging people. You better look after yourself instead of creating gossips and trampling other people's relationship."

  "Oh my gosh! Goddess Yna came out to defend Mrs. Dumrique."

  "Aaahhhh! My goddess! You're amazing. I love your words."

  "My goddess, when are you posting another video with your kids?"

  "Goddess Yna, I will keep your words in mind. I love you."

  "Is it just me or does anyone wants to ask why our goddess knows Mr. and Mrs. Dumrique?"

  Riley was also watching the video of Cayenne and Stefan; and just like Jillyanna, she was also reading the comments. "Shein, can you look into this person's account? I really want to diss him." Riley told her boyfriend while showing him her phone screen.

  "On it." Shein's fingers fluttered across his keyboard like a butterfly wings flapping to make dialog boxes appear on his screen. While he was looking into it, Riley came across the little commotion that her sister created. With a silly smile on her lips, she typed a reply to the latest question.

  "We knew them because we're friends." Riley attached a picture that she took during Emerald's birthday where everyone was in it. "And I love Yenyen. Mwah!"