Chapter 225 - NO KISS, STILL MADE UP
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  Even though she was still a little upset with what happened yesterday, Cayenne wasn't so heartless as to wake up her husband. She just watched him sleep while contemplating what she should do. In all honesty, she wanted to tell the people who would covet him and she's married to him. However, she was also afraid that Stefan won't acknowledge her statement in front of everyone just like what he did in front of Sabrina yesterday.

  Cayenne sighed as he removed the quilt from her. She covered her husband with it before going out of the room to take a shower in the master bedroom.

  The moment she left, Stefan also woke up. Instead of getting out of bed to follow her, he just stayed in bed while staring at the ceiling above him. 'I won't let you go no matter what happens. Ayen, I will tell the world that you are mine and no one shall touch you aside from me.' With this thought in mind, he rose to his feet to look for his wife.

  When Cayenne walked out of the bathroom, Stefan was already inside the master bedroom, sitting on the bed with a foolish smile on his lips. "Ayen, did you really throw the phone case yesterday? You must be joking right?"

  "It wasn't a joke." Cayenne replied flatly while looking for the hair blower.

  "Then, what is this?" Stefan pulled something out from his pocket and it was the phone case that Cayenne said she threw out. "You said you threw this but I found it inside your bag."

  "I didn't say I throw it in the garbage or outside the house. I just said I threw it."

  "So, you threw it inside your bag?"

  "Uh huh. Witty, aren't I? Did I scare you or did I anger you?" Cayenne asked as she reached out her hand to get her phone case back. "Next time, when I get really pissed off, I won't throw the case. I will really throw you out of my life."

  "I'm sorry, wifey. I know I have gone overboard yesterday. It won't happen again." Stefan wanted to kiss her face but Cayenne covered his mouth before he can do it. "No kisses for me?"

  "No. I haven't forgiven you yet." Cayenne walked away from him and placed her case back to her phone.

  "Yesterday, you said you find the case disgusting." Stefan talked again which made Cayenne raised her eyebrow.

  She just watched him through the vanity mirror while drying her hair. "I didn't want to say that but when I saw you flirting with that woman, the word just came out of my mouth."

  "I wasn't flirting with her. We were just talking."

  "Yeah, right. Whatever." Cayenne didn't pay attention to him anymore. Just recalling what had happened yesterday would blow her mind of and she felt so annoyed even just the thought of it. "Stop talking about yesterday. It annoys me."

  "Yes, ma'am." Stefan even made a salute to her like a soldier but Cayenne just rolled her eyes at him. "Don't go somewhere yet. Wait for me to finish taking a shower."

  "Go. I don't care."

  "My wife is really adorable when feeling jealous." Stefan commented while giving her head a gentle pat. "I won't make you jealous anymore. I promise."

  "Tsk! Go away. Stop making promises that you can't even keep." She elbowed him to push him away but Stefan was very quick to avoid it.

  With his fading laughter, he walked towards the bathroom with a smile. He successfully made her jealous so, he was going to make a surprise for her on his cousin's wedding night.

  After taking a bath, Stefan put on his clothes which matches what Cayenne was wearing. The two of them went downstairs for breakfast but this time, Stefan didn't ask the chef to cook for them. He decided to cook for her.

  "Even if you cook for me, I still won't forgive you for yesterday." Cayenne muttered while following him to the kitchen.

  "I'm not doing this to earn your forgiveness. It's been a long time since I last cooked for you. I wanted to do it whenever I can."

  "Suit yourself." Cayenne responded while pouring herself a glass of water.

  "What do you want to eat? I'll cook it for you."

  "Anything's fine."

  "Okay. I'll just cook your favorite dishes." Stefan opened the fridge to get all the ingredients he needed and placed them on the table. Cayenne was just sitting, watching him do his thing. "It will be smoky in here so you can stay in the living room while I'm cooking."

  "I want to watch you." Cayenne mumbled. "Who knows, someone might show up and take you away while cooking."

  "Silly." Stefan chuckled as he put the met on a glass bowl. "I won't let anyone take me away from you but, if you want to take me away, I don't mind. I will come with you willingly."

  "Why should I take you away? You're mine already." Cayenne blurted out without thinking. These words, she never said these to him. "I mean, yeah, you are mine. After all, you married me. And don't forget, it was you who proposed to me. If you cheat on me, I will hack you to pieces."

  "Then, you won't have the chance to hack me because I will never cheat on you." Stefan replied with a gentle gaze on her. "I have broken several promises to you but I assure you, cheating will never appear in my vocabulary."

  "You should remember that." Cayenne replied defiantly. Her arms were crossed over her chest while she looked away from him. 'Instead of giving up, I will fight for my love. As long as you fight for me, too.' Cayenne thought to herself before returning his gaze to her husband. "You're very annoying to make me jealous, you know."

  "I'm glad that I have succeeded."

  "And what if I decided to break up with you?"

  "You can decide but I won't agree so, there's no point in that matter. I won't break up with you or divorce you. You will only be my wife for the rest of my life."

  "Fine. I forgive you for yesterday."

  Women's mood really changes almost every second of their lives. But that makes them special. If you love them, you would understand what changes their mood and how to pacify them. You don't get angry when she's angry. If it's your fault, apologize to your woman. If it's her fault, take the blame and apologize again. A happy wife is a happy life.