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  Cayenne's face instantly blushed and she could no longer look into his eyes. She shifted her gaze to the side of his head and muttered, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

  "Oh."? Stefan whispered. "Then, should I show it to you?"

  "Ha? Ah? No. No. No, you don't have to. I think I kind of understand what you're saying towards me." She blurted out in a hurry while shaking her head from side to side. She even pressed her hand on his chest to push him a little bit away from her but Stefan held her hand and place it on the huge mound of his pants. Cayenne's already blushing face turned even redder. You can almost squeeze out a drop of blood from her face.

  "Can you feel it?" Stefan asked with shaky voice.

  "No, I don't." she played dumb with what he was doing.

  "Then," Stefan untied the string of his pants while keeping his eyes on her; recording all the fleeting expressions on her face. "…should I place your hand inside for you to know?"

  "No, you don't have to. I feel it. I can feel it. You don't need to put my hand inside your pants." She mumbled almost incoherently. If they weren't standing close to each other, Stefan wouldn't understand her words.

  She wasn't ready with all this stuff at all. Even though she wanted to look away, something was pushing to her look down. She swallowed drily with the bulging seam of his pants. 'It's getting bigger! This jerk really wants to taste my wrath.'

  But when she looked up once again to see his face, he was grinning from ear to ear. He was clearly teasing her! "Did you just tease me?" Cayenne questioned through gritted teeth. "Do you know what's the consequence of teasing me?"

  "I don't." Stefan answered like an idiot. "I don't want to know either."

  Cayenne rolled her eyes and without saying a single word of warning, she raised her leg and was about to kick his manhood but she realized it wouldn't be good. Thus, she stomped on his right foot with all her might.

  "Aw! Ouchy!" Stefan hopped away from her while holding his foot. "Yen, that was really strong."

  She raised her eyebrow and snickered. "You should be thankful I didn't kick your junior brother."

  Stefan chuckled with what he got in response. He didn't really mean to tease her but she looked so sad and he didn't like that expression to appear on her face. "Are you okay now?"

  This time, it was Cayenne who was dumbfounded. She didn't realize that Stefan was acting like a jerk for her sake. She bit her lower lip and nodded her head. "I'm fine now."

  "That's good to know. Go and take a shower so that we can go to sleep. It's getting late an we still have work tomorrow."

  "Hn." Cayenne went to the bathroom after getting a change of clothes and her towel. Cayenne came out with a bottle of ointment and walked up to him. "Show me your foot."

  "Are you going to stomp on it again?" he teased her.

  "No, I'm going to rub an ointment on it."

  Stefan got out of the bed and took the ointment from her. "I'll put on it later. I don't want to waste this since I'll have to shower again."

  "Didn't you shower earlier?" Cayenne asked back. In fact, his hair was still a little damp.

  Stefan grinned slyly and he pointed on his pants. "I'll have to take care of this."

  Cayenne turned around and walked towards her drawer where she placed her hair dryer. "Just do whatever you want."


  "It's not as if I can do something about that." Cayenne replied.

  Instead of getting inside the bathroom, Stefan followed her steps quietly. "Actually, there's something you can do." Stefan didn't wait for her to react and he pressed his lower body on her back. "You can still calm it down like this."

  "You're an idiot if you think I'd allow you to do that." Cayenne answered back. "Go away and take care of that in the bathroom. I'm not ready for that."

  Stefan's laughter rang out in all corners of their room. He was having fun teasing her. "Alright. I'll stop teasing you. I don't want to sleep on the sofa if you get angry." As he spoke, he also walked away to get inside the bathroom.

  After settling everything, the two of them rested the night away. Forgetting all their worries in life. But Stefan woke up three times in the middle of the night because of his wild dreams with the woman in his arms. And even though he had to take care of himself, he was still happy because she was with him.

  Life continued like usual. They got up at seven in the morning and she'd take a shower first which was already the norm between them. Even though they've been together for quite a while now, she was still not used to changing her clothes in front of him so, she'd change inside the bathroom. Although Stefan was already getting comfortable with her. Every time he's done taking a shower he won't even feel embarrassed to change his clothes in front of her. And sometimes, it was Cayenne who would put his necktie or sometimes, she would choose his clothes for the day. The change of his taste in clothes was also noticed by many employees. Stefan had become more human with the lively colors instead of the big devil with a monochrome taste.

  Jasmine arrived on time and Kyle briefed her with some things related to their mother. Chris also arrived to get the boss and the lady boss. And since they weren't using the taxi in the morning, Leon's job in the morning has changed. Instead of picking Cayenne and send her to Clover Hotel, he was now assigned to pick Luiz and Kyle, and send them to school.

  "They're indeed acquainted. Is she Stefan's girlfriend?" Cole questioned to himself. Ever since he caught a glimpse of Cayenne in Peach Wood Subdivision, he was having doubts but he was so busy recently. It was just this time that he got the chance to check on Cayenne and clear the doubt he got. "I have to warn Arthur about this."