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  Chris dropped Stefan off at Cayenne's apartment and continued to drive the car and brought all the things to Stefan's new house. It looked like Stefan was planning to settle down in that house.

  Stefan was standing in front of the apartment while holding his phone. He dialed her number and called. "Honey, I'm home." Stefan voiced out the moment she answered his call.

  Cayenne was a bit disoriented. 'Home?' "You're back in the subdivision? Should I go back now as well?"

  "No, you don't need to. Just open the door of your apartment."

  "Oh. Okay." She walked towards the door while keeping the call. When she opened it, her face lit up and happiness was obvious on her face.

  "Home is where my love is. I'm home, Ayen." Stefan ended the call and hugged her. He lifted her in the air and carried her back inside the apartment while kissing her cheeks. "Did you miss me?"

  "Hn. I was so worried when you left. I'm happy to see you back." Cayenne responded as she wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed the tip of his nose. But when she looked down, what Cayenne saw was the lipstick stain on his collar. "Huh? Did I put that on your collar?" she asked him when they got into the living room.

  "What makes you think this is from you? Most women would think that their partner cheat on them." Stefan responded while putting her down on the couch.

  Cayenne rolled her eyes and lightly pinched his waist. "I may be poor but I'm not easy to fool. Mister, you have forgotten to erase the lipstick you put on me earlier. And it's the same shade you have on your shirt. Also, I don't think you'd put on that shirt knowing there's a lipstick stain on it. You know that I'd get angry, right?"

  "My Queen knows me better." Stefan responded. "Where's auntie? Did you guys eat already?"

  "Of course. I won't sacrifice my lunch just because you're not here." She muttered with another roll of her eyes. "So, was she pretty?"

  "Who?" Stefan played dumb as he sat beside her.

  "The woman who was supposed to marry you."

  "Well, she's pretty but you're much prettier than her. Also, she's cunning and deceiving unlike my beautiful and strong Queen."

  "You really know how to work your sweet tongue on me." Cayenne stated. "Do you have plans in the afternoon?" she changed the subject of their topic. "Kyle and Luiz will be going back to school in the next few days and I'm planning to spend more time with them. Also, I'm a bit worried. Once classes resume, both my brothers will be going to school. I will have to work and my mother will be alone. What do you think should I do? I don't want to leave my mother to the hospital again."

  "Are you thinking of quitting your work? If you are, I'm supporting you." Stefan replied with faint chuckle which made Cayenne poke his side once again. "What? I'm serious with what I said."

  "And what makes you think I'll quit. I will not quit. There's no way I would do that. I have a family to support, alright?"

  "I can definitely support you and your family. My money can last us several lifetimes."

  "I won't ever do that. Your money is yours. My money is for my family. I don't need you to provide for all of us. I am not disable."

  "That's not what I mean. I just want to help. Besides, your family is my family. I don't want my Queen to suffer which is why I want to help you."

  Cayenne took a deep breath and sigh. "I know you want to help me but, I…"

  "But what?"

  "I feel a little uncomfortable. I don't like the thought that I will be depending on you."

  Stefan pulled her closer, make her sit on his lap again and hugged her waist. "Ayen, you can always depend on me. I don't mind. If you don't want me to support you financially, how about I hire a private nurse to take care of your mother while we're working and your brothers are studying?"

  "You will hire a private nurse?" Cayenne questioned smugly. "And who will pay for her salary? You?"


  "And that's not helping me financially?"

  "No, it's not. I'm helping you with a man power." Stefan insisted stubbornly. "You won't quit. We can only come home at night. No one will be taking of your mother during the day. Isn't this the most plausible option?"

  Cayenne sighed once again and leaned her head on his chest. "I don't know what to do. I'm not very trust worthy to leave my mother in the hands of someone I don't know."

  "And you know the people in the hospital?"

  "Hn. I've known the doctor of my mother when I worked in a convenience store and café before. He helped us a lot by introducing me to different decent jobs. He also looked after our mother and his daughter was my mother's nurse."

  Stefan ran his fingers through her hair. He was distraught to see her sad and worried. He promised to make sure that she won't be worried, sad and bothered anymore but it seemed like there were things which were out of his control. "Just trust me with your mother's care. If you're worried about the nurse, we can install the camera's inside your house."

  Cayenne buried her face on the crook of his shoulder and neck. "I'll leave it to you, then. And is it fine that we'll stay here during weekdays?" She didn't want to leave him all alone and she didn't want to leave her mother as well. She's well-aware that her mother got so little time to spend with them.

  Stefan knew how much Cayenne loves her family. And he salutes her for that. Not all daughters have the same disposition in life. She's really brave to face all her problems head on. Without the slightest hesitation, he agreed to her. "Hn. I don't mind. Just like what I said, home is where my love is."