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  With her sudden outburst, Cayenne covered her mouth in an instant. She wasn't planning to tell him her feelings yet before she can be sure of his feelings, yet now, she just said it.

  "Did you just say 'I love you, too'?" Stefan questioned with narrowed eyes. Cayenne wanted to avoid his gaze but he cupped her face and kept it facing towards him.

  Even though she wanted to look away, she couldn't move her face; she could only move her eyes to his side, avoiding his scorching gaze. "I…I d-didn't say anything. Y-you must be…you must be hallucinating. You just recovered after all. That's common." She stated in between stutters.

  Stefan grinned at her. The mirth in his eyes was telling her that he was up to something bad, or rather, something naughty. "You must be right. Maybe I was hearing things."

  "Hn. Correct. I didn't say anything." Cayenne responded. 'There's no way I'd admit that.'

  "Really? You really didn't say anything?" His face was inching closer to her until the tips of their nose were practically touching. "If you won't be honest, I might steal a kiss on your lips."

  "Are you threatening me?" she questioned with gritted teeth. She could already feel the increase of temperature inside the room. And she was feeling cornered at this point. She didn't realize that it wasn't the room which was getting hotter but her face.

  Stefan inched his face even closer. One wrong move and he would really be kissing her. "Did you say you love me or was I really just hearing things?"

  "I…I didn't- wait!" she abruptly covered his lips with her hands because Stefan was about to put into action the plan he had in mind. And if she continued to lie, she will suffer. "I did. I said it. You were not hearing things."

  "So, you love me?"


  "You won't be taking it back?"


  "You were serious when you said it?"

  "Did I look like I was joking earlier?"

  Stefan forgot the pain on his arms and lifted her up, hugging her happily. "I love you, Ayen. I will only love you for the rest of my life. I love you. I love you so much!"

  Cayenne could only wrap her legs around his waist and snaked her arms around his neck. She was so afraid that she'd fall. "You're crazy! Put me down. You just had an accident and here you are, fooling around with me."

  "I'm just so happy that you finally said those words. I've been waiting and I thought I'd have to wait for a month or two. I didn't expect that you'd say it to me this time."

  Cayenne cupped his face and stared into his dark but clear eyes. His lashes were long and thick, more beautiful than hers, if she should compare. But right now, all she could think of was to assure him of her feelings. "When you didn't come home, I was afraid. I was nervous that something has happened to you. I called you several times but no one answered. Those helpless moment made me realize that I should not be a coward. I was planning to tell you my feeling but I wasn't planning to say it earlier. I was thinking of confessing to you on Valentine's Day."

  "Hey! You were planning to make me wait that long?"

  "Yeah. Was my plan a bit too long?" Cayenne kissed his face since his head had a gauze wrapped around it. "I love you, Stefan. I will only love you for the rest of my life."

  Stefan put her down on the floor but he was still hugging her. "Are we making our relationship official today?"

  "Well, I don't have any problem with that."

  "Wait a sec." Stefan looked for his phone which was inside the small drawer beside his bed. "Let's take a picture."

  "For what?"

  "Secret." Stefan opened the camera on his phone and the two of them posed in front of his phone. "You look so sexy in that clothes. Let's take another. I'll just keep this."

  "I forgot to change." Cayenne muttered.

  "It's fine. Get that paper bag and put on the coat." Stefan mentioned while pointing his finger to a paper bag sitting on the couch near the window.

  Cayenne walked towards it and opened the bag. "You bought a coat for me?"

  "Uh huh. There's no way I'd let you walk outside this place with those little pieces of clothes. Men will go crazy."

  "You're exaggerating." Cayenne chuckled but she still put on the army green trench coat that was found inside the bag. "This looks pretty."

  "You're prettier than that coat."

  "Thank you."

  Stefan pulled her close and the two of them pose for another picture. He sent a copy to Cayenne's phone while he sat on the bed to post something. 'She's the only one who stays with me even in my darkest days. And today, we're officially a couple! I'm so blessed for having her in my life.' He didn't crop the picture but he covered Cayenne's face with a huge heart. 'I hope, one day, I'll be able to tell the world about your identity.'

  "It doesn't matter if they know me or not. What matters is what we have." Cayenne told him. She saw what he posted since she was basically sitting beside him.

  Stefan held her hand and caressed it. "Once everything's settled in my end, I will announce to the world that I found the best woman in this universe."

  "Hn." Cayenne leaned her head on his shoulder and closed his eyes. She can finally relax now that he's fine. She took a deep breath and let it out. "I'll comment on it." Of all his posts, this will be the first time that she'll be posting her comment. She opened her eyes and opened her bag to get her phone.

  She searched for his latest posts and found that many people have liked it and posted their comments. Most of them were employees of his companies and some were just common people who always pay attention to the scandal of the bigshots.