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  He sped up his car and parked it at the lot indicated on his parking ticket and ran towards the elevator where he caught sight of Stefan and that woman.

  The elevator was slowly closing as he ran towards it. It was as if his life depended on it as he desperately tried to reach it.

  "Sir, you can't use this elevator." The security guard stepped in to block his way and Arthur could only watch the closing elevator. He realized that the elevator was exclusive for the President and to the people that he wanted to use it.

  "Sorry. I am in a hurry to get to the elevator. I forgot this is for the President." Arthur stepped away and walked to the other side where the elevators for everyone is located. He still couldn't forget the image of the two people cuddling at the elevator earlier and he felt nervous when he thought of Cayenne getting involved with the man.

  As soon as he stepped inside the elevator, he pressed the button to the ground floor. He was holding a bouquet of flowers and a small teddy bear in his hands. When he stepped out, he immediately went to the reception area to ask where Cayenne was.

  "Hi. Is Cayenne Ardolf around?"

  Luna raised her head and saw someone with flowers and stuff toy but seeing his attire, she knew that he wasn't a delivery guy. "Cayenne is currently settling some matter with our manager. Do you need her for something?"

  "No, nothing of that sort. I just wanted to see the place she's working."

  "O-okay." Luna nodded her head. "If you can wait, she will be taking her lunch break in two hours."

  "That's a good idea." Arthur's eyes sparkled from this suggestion. "When you see her, can you tell her that Arthur is waiting for her at the lobby?"


  When Arthur left, the other receptionist leaned closer to Luna and whispered, "Is she Cayenne's boyfriend?"

  "No, he's not."

  "A suitor, then?"

  "Probably but he has no chance to win Cayenne." Luna mumbled with a wide smile.

  "Is her boyfriend that amazing?"

  "Uh huh. Very amazing. If you know it, you will truly be shocked."

  "You're so lucky to be her friend."

  "I know right. Her boyfriend gave us $2000 on Christmas Day. And his gifts to Cayenne's family were very expensive."


  "Yup." Luna started sharing her experience on Christmas Day but she never mentioned his name.

  "Oh my gosh! You mean you will have a vacation in the resort of our boss and all the expenses will be covered by him?"


  "That's so cool."

  "I know right."

  They chatted while working and Luna wasn't worried since she never mentioned any name. When it was time for lunch, she went to find Cayenne inside the employee's lounge and told her that Arthur was waiting for her at the lobby.

  "No kidding?" Cayenne asked. "Is he really there?"

  "Yeah. He's been waiting for you. Go and check on him and you better tell your boyfriend about it."

  "O-okay." Cayenne took out her bag from her locker and went out to find Arthur. 'What the hell is he doing here?' Cayenne asked mentally in displeasure. 'So annoying.'

  "Hi." Arthur greeted her when he saw her coming towards him. "For you."

  "Uh. Thanks." Cayenne received the flowers and the stuff toy. "But can you stop sending these things to me?"


  "Uhm…I told you that someone will come and disturb my life if you keep coming to see me. Did you forget that?"

  "Can you tell me who it is? I don't have any woman in my life so, I don't have any idea who will come to disturb you."

  Cayenne sat on the other end of the couch where he was sitting earlier. "I can't tell you about her. In the past five years when you were not around, our life was very peaceful but ever since you came back, I noticed that someone had been following me lately. I don't want to be always on guard, Arthur. I don't like being followed either."

  "Yen, I can protect you if you will tell me who the person is. I can help you. Won't you trust me?"

  "I trust you but I don't trust the people around you." Cayenne responded. "I hope that you will not come here again or visit our house again or I will be forced to quit my work and leave this city."

  "Is it that serious?"


  "You are not doing this to me because you have someone else in life, right?"

  Cayenne frowned upon hearing this. She didn't like him questioning about her choices. "Whether I have someone or not, it has nothing to do with you." Cayenne stood up from her seat. "I hope you will treasure the friendship that I have given you." She left without looking back and went to the cafeteria for employees to get her food box.

  Arthur felt a stabbing pain inside his chest. He knew that if he couldn't deal with the person that was disturbing Cayenne's life, they wouldn't go back to their sweet relationship in the past. He missed her depending on him. He missed her looking for him. He missed her so much and he felt that she was drifting away from him.

  "I'll show you that I can protect you, Yen." Arthur firmly whispered in the air before leaving. He found a new objective in life.

  In the cafeteria, when Cayenne arrived, Manager Kim personally gave her lunch box to her. "Your boyfriend asked me to give this to you."

  "Thank you, Ms. Kim." Cayenne received the box under the envious gazes of everyone.

  "Manager Kim, you know who's Cayenne's boyfriend? Come and let us know." One of the employees stated. "Our little Yenyen finally found a boyfriend and we don't even know."

  "Ask Cayenne yourself." Manager Kim dodged the question and handed it to Cayenne, putting her on a hot seat.

  "Sorry, I can't tell you who he is." Cayenne smiled faintly and left to get back to the lounge. She preferred eating inside the lounge because it's peaceful there. Luna was also waiting for her.

  "Cayenne's boyfriend must be a big time."

  "I don't think so. If he is, why is she still working here?"

  "I believe that he's a big shot or someone who can't be known to public. And Cayenne wanted to work here because she didn't want to depend on him forever."

  "You have a point. So, her boyfriend must be someone in show business."

  The employees started to speculate on the identity of Cayenne's boyfriend but only few people know the truth. And the true boyfriend was just very close to them. They can even touch him if they wanted to. Sadly, they didn't know.