Chapter 436
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  Qian qingyu said, “I Am Your Highness’maid. I will never be a maid for anyone else in my life, and I will never change my mind.”

  Lu Ang heard her promise and smiled slightly. He looked at a plum blossom that was blown away by the wind and fell on Qian Qingyu’s hair bun. He raised his hand and took the plum blossom down.

  The two of them were very close and quiet. Their eyes met.

  Lu ang lowered his head and kissed Qian Qingyu’s forehead. “I have stamped it. Remember what you said.”

  Qian qingyu touched her forehead. The touch made her whole body numb. “Your Highness……”

  Lu ang lowered his head and kissed her red lips again. His actions were unfamiliar, but he tasted something sweeter than the glutinous rice balls made by his mother.

  Qian Qingyu was held in Lu Ang’s arms. At this moment, she forgot to keep her identity.

  She liked his highness so much, why would she push him away at this time?

  After a long time, when both of them were panting, the two of them separated. Qian qingyu lowered her head shyly.

  At this moment, Qiao Nichang and Qian Yu’s voices came from not far away. With the cover of the plum tree, only their voices could be heard, but no one could see them.

  “Sister Nichang, what did you think about what I told you last time? If you agree, I will ask my mother to go to the Xie residence to propose marriage.”

  Qiao Nichang lowered her head and touched the corner of her clothes. “My mother is not well, and I am still young. I don’t want to get married so early. Since you have promised me to stay in Chang ‘an, why are you in such a hurry?”

  Qian yu said, “I am just afraid that Lu ang……”

  “Aiya, I am still young anyway. There is no need to rush the marriage. Let me settle down and get the title first before we talk about it!”

  Qian Yu’s words were not very clear. She then remembered Miss Nishang. From the voice, it sounded like the crown prince of King Wu……

  Lu Ang held her hand and went back to the banquet. He did not allow her to serve the crown prince anymore. He even let her sit beside him.

  Qingyu sat beside Lu ang as if she was sitting on pins and needles. However, because it was His Highness’order, she did not dare to disobey. She could only kneel beside Lu ang.

  Lu Xi saw this and frowned slightly. She did not say anything.

  Lu Ang handed a piece of plum blossom cake to qingyu and said, “Try the plum blossom cake. It’s very sweet.”

  Qian Qingyu was stared at by everyone. She was at a loss. She could only take a small sip and said, “It is very sweet.”

  “But I don’t think it’s as sweet as you,”Lu Ang said in a voice that could be heard by the two of them.

  Qian qingyu lowered her head shyly.

  Yue Rong, the daughter of Qin Miaomiao, asked Qiao nihong curiously, “Sister Hong, who is the sister next to the second Prince? She looks like sister Nichang. I’ve never seen her before.”

  Qiao nihong replied, “Her name is qingyu.”

  Qiao Nihong had forgotten about the past. Lu Ang had never taken care of a woman like this before. After all, he was a prince, yet he was feeding a servant girl with such tenderness and affection today, this was clearly an acknowledgment that Qian Qingyu’s relationship with him was extraordinary.

  After the banquet, when Lu Ang sent Lu Xi away, Lu Xi warned Lu ang, “Although you are a prince, you can not take concubines and side concubines. Otherwise, others will say that mother is lenient with herself and is strict with others.”

  Lu ang said, “I don’t plan to take concubines and side concubines. I only have one princess.”

  Lu Xi understood what he was thinking from Lu Ang’s eyes, and her face was full of displeasure. After all, Qian Qingyu was a servant girl without parents. It was inappropriate for this slave to be a princess.

  When Qian Qingyu heard Lu Ang’s words, she was stunned. She wouldn’t take concubines and no side concubines……

  Qian qingyu lowered her head and did not dare to have any more expectations.

  Qian Qingyu returned to her room and took a sip of hot tea.

  Lucky and Ruyi came in. Lucky said with a smile, “His Highness asked you to sit beside him just now. It seems that your wedding is coming soon. Congratulations.”

  Ruyi also said, “Since his highness treats you so intimately in front of everyone, at least you can be a concubine in the royal mansion. That’s Great.”

  Behind the two of them was Si XI. She said, “What Prince’s concubine? She just has the same face as Miss Nichang.”.

  “I just found out that Miss Nichang and Prince Wu’s crown prince Qian Yu are in love. His Highness just lost Miss Nichang, so he used Qian Qingyu as a substitute.”

  The hot tea in Qian Qingyu’s hand fell to the ground.

  Si Xi said, “His Highness likes Miss Nichang, and you are just a substitute fake. To think that the two of you rushed here to congratulate the fake, just waiting to see if his highness will give Qian Qingyu a title!”

  Ji Xiang said, “You are now a third-class servant girl, who allowed you to come in?”

  Si Xi looked at Qian Qingyu with contempt and said in a strange tone, “You took Miss Nichang’s light and really thought of yourself as half a master of the mansion. Aren’t you still a servant girl now?”

  In Qian Qingyu’s mind, the words that Lu Ang had said to the crown prince just now rang out. There was only one princess. She would not take concubines and would not have side concubines.

  So, just as Si XI had said, she was indeed a fake to replace Miss Nichang.

  Qian qingyu squatted down to clean up the Teacup that had fallen to the ground. The porcelain pieces were sharp and cut her hand, but she did not feel any pain at all.

  At night, when Qian Qingyu was about to rest, lucky came over and smiled ambiguously at Qian Qingyu. “His Highness said to leave the night watch to you in the future…… When you have a title, let’s see how arrogant Si XI will be!”

  Qian qingyu pursed her lips and said, “Si XI is right.”

  Indeed, she only took advantage of the fact that she looked like Miss Nishang……

  Lucky said, “Don’t believe what Si Xi said. Who is the master? If master really likes Miss Nishang, how could he be snatched away by Prince Qian? Miss Nishang is not married yet. What substitute? Si Xi is just jealous of you!”

  Qian qingyu felt better after listening to Lucky’s advice, so she went to Lu Ang’s room.

  She walked to the small bed at the side and spread the thin quilt. Then she went to help Lu ang wash up and take a rest. When Lu Ang entered the quilt, he grabbed Qian Qingyu’s wrist and said, “Sleep here.”

  Qian qingyu said, “Your Highness, this is not appropriate……”

  “Again.”Lu ang pulled Qian Qingyu into the quilt. “The small bed outside is very cold. You are still drinking medicine. It is warm in my room.”

  Qian Qingyu looked at his handsome face under the candlelight and replied, “Yes, I’ll sleep outside. You can get water if you want at night.”

  Lu ang held Qian qingyu down and said, “I didn’t really ask you to watch the night.”

  “Then you?”

  Before Qian Qingyu finished speaking, Lu Ang got closer to her and kissed the corner of her lips. “Don’t you understand what I’m thinking?”

  Qian qingyu blinked and raised her head in response to Lu Ang’s kiss. So what if she was used as a substitute?

  At least it would make her highness happy. If Her Highness was happy, she would be happy too.