Chapter 236 - Mole Extermination
writer:Mitsuru Inoue      update:2022-08-09 13:49

  I swung my sword against its claw but the mole did not get up from the ground and went back to the hole instead.

  A large amount of soil scatters as the mode dives into the ground again to hide.

  I can’t find any trace of it on the ground.

  「A quick guy huh.」

  I mutter so while looking around. There is no sign of it coming out.

  At a distance, Eleanor’s group are steadily damaging the mole.

  「Though it doesn’t seem to be aggressive, can I smoke it out like what happened earlier?」

  I mutter so before I cast fire magic in the hole where the mole hides.

  After less than I minute when I casted magic, the mole appeared from the ground.

  It seems like I manage to damage it more than I anticipated. The mole is now rolling on the ground.


  I raised the edge of my mouth as I said that and swung my sword towards it.

  It seems like my gamer habit was triggered. I instinctively used my strongest blow upon seeing an opening from a boss monster.

  This is exactly what I feel while monster hunting in the popular game Capricorn.

  I joyfully slashed its weak points which are its nose, neck, and belly consecutively. The mole raised an ear splitting screech.

  Then, stopped moving.


  I poked it with my sword but there is no sign of movement. I seem to have defeated it.


  I shrugged my shoulder in disappointment and looked back at Eleanor’s group.

  Great timing, Eleanor is in the air and is going to hit the mole. Eleanor slashed its neck, Lagreat smashed its stomach, and Sainos attacked its back. It will surely be defeated.

  And as expected, the mole fell to the ground after raising an ear splitting screech.

  「Good! I’ve killed it!」

  Eleanor sheathed her sword and Lagreat made a guts pose.

  「No, no matter how you look at it, its internal organs exploded because of my punch.」

  「I cut its neck so there is no mistake that I’m the one who took it down.」

  When the two of them are glaring each other, Sainos approached them triumphantly.

  「My blow on its back decided the battle.」

  「It’s not.」


  Lagreat and Eleanor denied it without trying to hide the irritation of their face.

  「Are you stupid!? Certainly my att….oh, right. Why don’t we let my liege decide?」

  When Sainos said so, Eleanor and Lagreat agreed and looked back to where I am.

  「Master! I’m the one….」

  「My lord, the number one….」

  「No no no, my sword….」

  The three of them are appealing while looking at me.

  Then, they saw the mole lying down behind me.

  「Master! ?」

  Eleanor shouted and ran to where I am.

  「As expected, you defeated one alone faster than the three of us.」

  Eleanor raises those words of admiration and Lagreat and Sainos behind her agree.

  「Amazing. I’m only second.」

  「No, I’m second. Nevertheless, I expect no less from my liege.」

  Seeing the three seemed to have come to an agreement, I looked back at the mole.

  It has a beautiful brown fur. Furthermore, even though it has several exchange with my sword, its claws didn’t break.

  「This guy is a good material. Let’s take it to the adventurer’s guild as subjugation proof and make mole equipments afterwards.」

  「Ho ho hou, mole equipment」

  「Don’t want it.」

  「But it’s kind of cute.」

  The three of them turned their eyes to the mole after hearing my words. I nodded and stored them in the item box.

  「Yoshi! Our dungeon capture is complete! Let’s return safely.」

  I said that with my hands crossed in front of my chest. Sainos raised one of his hand and spoke.

  「Safety first!」

  <Adventurer’s Guild>

  「W-wh-what is this?」

  Miria who saw the huge mole was so surprised that her eyes almost popped out.

  Ran, on the other hand, did not say anything but her mouth is wide open while looking at the mole on the guild’s dismantling area.

  「Its the dungeon boss monster, mole. Since there are two, I’ll contribute this one to the guild. I don’t need a reward.」

  「Contribute!? Free!? You mean, there’s no dragon?」

  I gave the excited Miria a wry smile and laid down a small dragon corpse next to the mole.

  「There were a lot of dragons but only small species.」

  「Small species!? This!?」

  「Yeah, well….」

  It seems like I said that with a threatening attitude. Noticing me, Miria cleared her throat and straightened her back.

  「Cough….I was a little excited. Ren-sama is truly extraordinary. Now then, though you’re going to give it for free, we still need to assess it first. Afterwards, we will inform Ren-sama the result of the assessment.」

  After explaining, Miria looked at me and waited for my reaction.

  I looked straight at her.

  「Oh, very receptionist-like.」

  Though I instinctively said that rude comment, Miria blushed and looked down.

  「….However, since the assessment might take time, we’ll keep it in the guild for now. We will contact Ren-sama in the castle once the assessment is over.」

  She said so while looking at the mole.

  「Ah, so it’s like that. Will my rank rise?」

  「Definitely since you captured a dungeon….」

  After saying that, Miria looked like she remembered something and looked at me.

  「Ah, I forgot because I was shocked by this monster! Can you draw a rough map of the dungeon? If its detailed, evaluation rises too….」

  Hearing that, I looked behind me.

  「Do you remember?」

  After I asked them, Eleanor and Sainos looked puzzled and groaned. On the other hand, Lagreat looked confident.

  「Of course. Besides, all the walls of the dungeons were broke and those directly leads to the stairs. We got out while walking on a straight path.」

  When Lagreat said so, Sainos said “OH!”.

  「Right! We also blew out the waterfalls and the waterway so to get to the lower level, one just need to use a rope!」

  「They can just use flight magic.」

  「If that is the case, they don’t need rope…」

  Hearing the ridiculous conversation about the dungeon capture of the three, Miria looked up to the sky.

  「….Can that even be evaluated….」

  I replied to her mutter with a wry smile.