The Sweetest Medicine
Author:Beauty Jiang
Chapter 1: Fang Zhihan, Your Husband(1)
Chapter 2: Fang Zhihan, Your Husband(2)
Chapter 3: Overflowing With Ambiguity
Chapter 4: Did You Think I Was Trying To Kiss You?
Chapter 5: Sweet Talk And Sugar-Coated Bullets
Chapter 6: The Sudden Proposal
Chapter 7: Hubby, Come And Save Me
Chapter 8: I’m Your Wife Of Course, Hubby!
Chapter 9: A Truly Strong And Domineering Man
Chapter 10: Start Our Married Life Together
Chapter 11: When Did She Sleep With Him?
Chapter 12: If He’s That Great, Then You Marry Him
Chapter 13: Yu Gangan, Don’t Take Things Too Far!
Chapter 14: How Did Fang Zhihan Get Into Her Home?
Chapter 15: Shocked! Fang Zhihan Actually…
Chapter 16: The Sudden Incident
Chapter 17: Suddenly Take The Blame
Chapter 18: Misdiagnosis?
Chapter 19: Don’t Cause Trouble, But Not Afraid Of Trouble
Chapter 20: Genius Doctor Of Chinese Medicine, Yu Gangan
Chapter 21: A Slap As Fast As A Tornado
Chapter 22: Neither Proud Nor Self-conscious, Neither Haughty Nor Humble
Chapter 23: It’s Best To Be A Kind Person!
Chapter 24: The Return Of The Powerful Fang Zhihan
Chapter 25: The Powerful Black-Bellied Fang Zhihan
Chapter 26: You Liked Me And You Wanted To Marry Me
Chapter 27: No Stop Until Something Shocking Is Said
Chapter 28: Let’s Sleep Together Since The Bed Is Big
Chapter 29: Divorce Is The Best Solution
Chapter 30: Examination Results For The Brown Powder
Chapter 31: Why Was This Man Here?
Chapter 32: The Unpredictable And Mysterious Young Master
Chapter 33: A Spectacular Show
Chapter 34: Look At How You’ve Dug Your Own Grave
Chapter 35: I’m Not Showing You Any Mercy
Chapter 36: Return To Yueming Hall
Chapter 37: Looking At Young Master Fang’s Old Jeep With Disdain
Chapter 38: The Cool And Smart Yu Gangan
Chapter 39: Hurry And Make Him Yours
Chapter 40: I’ve Decided To Get A Divorce!
Chapter 41: Who Started Trouble?
Chapter 42: A Dominating, “Don’t Touch Her”
Chapter 43: This Is My Husband, Fang Zhihan
Chapter 44: Just Right, 5 Minutes
Chapter 45: Face Slap For The Jerk
Chapter 46: Putting On A Bluff For A Face Slap
Chapter 47: Yu Gangan Has Only Had Me From The Start
Chapter 48: A Black-Bellied Man Is Certainly Calculative
Chapter 49: Happily Welcoming You To Live With Me
Chapter 50: This Woman Will Wait Patiently For Revenge
Chapter 51: I Know, But I Won’t Tell You
Chapter 52: Fang Zhihan! I Will Hate You For Ten Thousand Years!
Chapter 53: Sister Su, Do You Know Fang Zhihan?
Chapter 54: What Are You Doing Here?
Chapter 55: Man Problems?
Chapter 56: Deliberately Trying To Steal Someone’s Partner
Chapter 57: Trash Will Always Be Trash
Chapter 58: Were You Jealous Earlier?
Chapter 59: If You Don’t Let Me In, Don’t Regret It
Chapter 60: The Patient That Doesn’t Want To See People
Chapter 61: Same Diagnosis, Same Prescription
Chapter 62: Talented People Have Their Pride
Chapter 63: Seduction In The Changeroom
Chapter 64: Setting A Trap For Later
Chapter 65: You’re My Little Pervert
Chapter 66: It’s The Middle Of Summer, How Did She Get Frostbite?
Chapter 67: Frostbite On The Face
Chapter 68: Fang Zhihan, The Mysterious Man
Chapter 69: What Image Do You Have, Little Pervert?
Chapter 70: You Can Bully Me Too
Chapter 71: Showing Care: A Compromise That’s A Little Sweet.
Chapter 72: Yu Gangan’s Small Threat
Chapter 73: If I’m Impotent, Then You Should Be Worried
Chapter 74: A Woman With A Pure Heart
Chapter 75: Falling Into His Arms
Chapter 76: Domineering Announcement: I Am Her Husband
Chapter 77: The Sudden Bath
Chapter 78: Do You Even Have Breasts?
Chapter 79: Looking For Clothes In The Middle Of The Night?
Chapter 80: The First Kiss Can’t Be Avoided
Chapter 81: Fang Zhihan, Smart Like A Demon
Chapter 82: Deal, Don’t Appear Again
Chapter 83: People With Money Are Reckless
Chapter 84: The Rich Are Generous
Chapter 85: It’s Expensive To Eat With Me
Chapter 86: Jealous From A Young Age
Chapter 87: One Person In A Lifetime
Chapter 88: Yu Gangan, Is This Your Toyboy?
Chapter 89: It’s Fine Since He Has The Looks
Chapter 90: Are You Worried That I’m Stealing It?
Chapter 91: It’s Too Expensive, He’s Afraid He Can’t Pay The Bill
Chapter 92: Uncle, We Already Have Our Marriage Certificate
Chapter 93: Young Master Fang, Your Acting Is Terrible
Chapter 94: Yu Gangan, Stop Taking Things Too Far
Chapter 95: Running Into The Real Boyfriend
Chapter 96: Confrontation: Who’s The Real Love?
Chapter 97: Exchanging Flirtatious Glances
Chapter 98: Falling Into The Pit They Dug
Chapter 99: The Reason Is Because I’m Your Husband
Chapter 100: I Am Really Your Husband!
Chapter 101: Remember, We Will Meet Again
Chapter 102: Playing Cat And Mouse With Fang Zhihan
Chapter 103: Decision Made: Yu Gangan’s Choice
Chapter 104: Not The Ending, Just The Beginnning
Chapter 105: Don’t Be Afraid, I’m Here
Chapter 106: While I’m Fighting, You’re Showing Off Your Affection
Chapter 107: Who Sent Them?
Chapter 108: A Black-belly At The Door
Chapter 109: The Strange Medical Record
Chapter 110: Who Was The Instigator?
Chapter 111: Relationship Upgrade: An Old Couple
Chapter 112: Little Pervert: Exclusive To Fang Zhihan
Chapter 113: Fang Zhihan: The Extremely Black-bellied Man
Chapter 114: This Is My Illness, You Are My Medicine
Chapter 115: Doting: “As Long As You’re Happy With It”
Chapter 116: Meeting Filled With Suspicion
Chapter 117: Feeding: A Sudden Show Of Affection
Chapter 118: Continuing The Fire Of Passion
Chapter 119: This Is What I Like
Chapter 120: This Man Is Certainly Ruthless
Chapter 121: Fang Zhihan. So Fierce!
Chapter 122: True Or False: Like An Act But Not An Act
Chapter 123: She Isn’t Someone You Can Touch!
Chapter 124: It’s Only Right For Your Husband To Help You
Chapter 125: Outsiders Wouldn’t Understand Another’s Love
Chapter 126: A Familiar View From Behind
Chapter 127: I Hate Jerks Like This The Most
Chapter 128: Another Side Of Society
Chapter 129: Someone Gentle And Easy To Bully?
Chapter 130: Forcefully Buying And Selling
Chapter 131: A Strange Patient
Chapter 132: Insomnia Is Also A Disorder
Chapter 133: Reporting General, It’s The Young Master
Chapter 134: A Perfect Match
Chapter 135: An Indirect Kiss?
Chapter 136: Unavoidable Sweetness Up Ahead
Chapter 137: Three Words: I Love You
Chapter 138: Is This Medical Complaint For Real?
Chapter 139: We’re Not Easy To Bully
Chapter 140: A Scheme To Twist The Truth
Chapter 141: The Power Of Online Public Opinion
Chapter 142: Choose: Left or Right
Chapter 143: Don’t Mess Up The Negotiation
Chapter 144: If Money Can’t Resolve It, Then Offer More
Chapter 145: Obvious Bias Towards Wife
Chapter 146: Definitely Getting The Clinic!
Chapter 147: Making A Bet: Let’s See Who Wins And Who Loses
Chapter 148: The Considerate Yu Gangan
Chapter 149: Everyone’s Favorite
Chapter 150: Lucky Yu Gangan
Chapter 151: A Beneficial Scheme
Chapter 152: Trapped Again
Chapter 153: Do You Really Think You Can Arrest Me?
Chapter 154: The Devil’s Missing A Player: You
Chapter 155: What’s Yours Will Always Be Yours!
Chapter 156: Turn Of Events: Nanzhen Street’s Treasure (1)
Chapter 157: Turn Of Events: Nanzhen Street’s Treasure (2)
Chapter 158: I Am Family
Chapter 159: The Sudden Confession
Chapter 160: Cute As Hell
Chapter 161: I Know You Like Me
Chapter 162: Helping You Stop Your Hiccups
Chapter 163: Hug And Kiss Passionately?
Chapter 164: May Involve A Life
Chapter 165: The Most Beautiful Doctor Of Chinese Medicine
Chapter 166: Coincidentally Matching Outfits
Chapter 167: He Is Family
Chapter 168: Face Slap: Papapa!
Chapter 169: My Prodigal Woman
Chapter 170: The Only One In His Eyes
Chapter 171: Don’t Talk To Someone You’re Not Familiar With
Chapter 172: A Proposal, A Birthday Gift And A Betrothal Gift
Chapter 173: I’m Going To Make You Cry And Call Me Hubby!
Chapter 174: You’re Pregnant!!
Chapter 175: Lin Jiayu’s Story
Chapter 176: Provoking Fang Zhihan
Chapter 177: The Other Side Of Fang Zhihan
Chapter 178: Beware: Extreme Sweetness Ahead!
Chapter 179: A Dream That Feels Both Real And Fake
Chapter 180: A Man’s Strategy
Chapter 181: The Way To Confirm A Person’s Heart
Chapter 182: Yu’er: Gentle Like Water
Chapter 183: Snow = Bad Feelings
Chapter 184: The Young Doctor Of Chinese Medicine
Chapter 185: Mr. Fang Is Everywhere
Chapter 186: Going Crazy From Liking Her
Chapter 187: Sick? A Yearning Sickness?
Chapter 188: Little Pervert, What Are You Laughing About?
Chapter 189: I’ll Wait For You. I’ll Keep Waiting For You.
Chapter 190: I Did It For You
Chapter 191: This Bad Man Was Teasing Her Again
Chapter 192: Dried Fish Is About To Be Flattened
Chapter 193: Talented And Handsome
Chapter 194: A Fated Meeting
Chapter 195: Upholding A Husband’s Duty
Chapter 196: Not Boyfriend. Husband.
Chapter 197: You Don’t Like Snow Either?
Chapter 198: Mutual Dislike
Chapter 199: Suddenly Blamed
Chapter 200: Shot While Lying Down
Chapter 201: Discussion: Yu Gangan’s Charm (1)
Chapter 202: Discussion: Yu Gangan’s Charm (2)
Chapter 203: Seduce Anyone But You
Chapter 204: Cat In The Snow
Chapter 205: This Is Your Mother, Call Her Mom
Chapter 206: Waiting For You Because I Can’t Bear To Do It
Chapter 207: The Cute Cat VS The Dopey Goose
Chapter 208: His Doting Makes Her Heart Warm
Chapter 209: Doubting Him And Challenging Him?
Chapter 210: Hugging You Is The Warmest
Chapter 211: Is She Worried?
Chapter 212: The Sudden Apology
Chapter 213: Keep Your Distance From Xia Chengzhou
Chapter 214: Oh, Hugging For Warmth
Chapter 215: Be Good And Come Home With Me
Chapter 216: Main Occupation: Your Husband
Chapter 217: Brother Jiang From Her Dreams…
Chapter 218: If You Can’t Do It, I’ll Teach You
Chapter 219: The Sudden Accident
Chapter 220: Such An Intimate Patient?
Chapter 221: Asking Mr. Fang For Help
Chapter 222: There’s Nothing That He Can’t Do!
Chapter 223: A Sudden Change In Attitude
Chapter 224: Leader Of The Big 3 Playboys
Chapter 225: Ultimate Scheme
Chapter 226: Blind Dates Everywhere
Chapter 227: Classic Line Of A Domineering CEO
Chapter 228: Either Receive My Consultation Or Get Lost
Chapter 229: This Woman Is A Little Cool
Chapter 230: Sexual Dysfunction…
Chapter 231: You Are A Shameless Woman
Chapter 232: A Combination Of Chinese And Western Medicine
Chapter 233: Causing A Shock
Chapter 234: Brother Xi, Your Idol Is Here!
Chapter 235: Fang Zhihan’s Fanboy
Chapter 236: A Huge Faceslap Arrives
Chapter 237: Fate Or Following?
Chapter 238: This Is My Girlfriend
Chapter 239: My Father Likes You Even More
Chapter 240: Decision To Keep The Child
Chapter 241: How Awkward!
Chapter 242: The Two Of You Are A Match Made In Heaven
Chapter 243: Taking Advantage To Act Out Of Line
Chapter 244: Extremely Perfect And Smooth
Chapter 245: Can’t Help The Urge To Kiss Her
Chapter 246: Fang Zhihan’s Angry
Chapter 247: Snowy Day
Chapter 248: What To Do When Moved?
Chapter 249: Fake Could Become True
Chapter 250: You’ve Turned Bad Because Of Fang Zhihan
Chapter 251: Do You Want To Find A Father For The Child
Chapter 252: Delivering Thanks To The Door
Chapter 253: Being Slapped At A Face-Swelling Rate
Chapter 254: From Now On, I Will Watch Over You
Chapter 255: Attack By Insinuation
Chapter 256: When Are You Coming Home?
Chapter 257: It’s Because You’re Suitable
Chapter 258: Using Fang Zhihan Again
Chapter 259: Daily Sweetness: I Like You
Chapter 260: Already Very Impressive
Chapter 261: Looking To Be Tortured: Watching The Scumbag And Sl*t Show Off
Chapter 262: Full Of Herself
Chapter 263: Decision To Get Married
Chapter 264: I Only Care About You!
Chapter 265: My Wife Is Really Thoughtful
Chapter 266: What Are You Afraid Of?
Chapter 267: Somehow Want To Hug Him And Comfort Him
Chapter 268: A Good Girl That Belongs To Someone Else
Chapter 269: Not Nervous About Living With Her Husband
Chapter 270: Not Convenient To Move
Chapter 271: Who Is The Shameless One
Chapter 272: Young Master Han Is Back
Chapter 273: The Jiang Family’s Future Heir
Chapter 274: Jealous And Uneasy
Chapter 275: The Strange Old Man With The Strange Pulse
Chapter 276: Are You Jealous?
Chapter 277: You’re The One That’s Reeking Of Vinegar
Chapter 278: Mr. Fang’s Sister, Jiang Qi
Chapter 279: Vinegar Is Sour. Don’t Eat It Recklessly.
Chapter 280: This Illness Is Related To His Character
Chapter 281: Future Granddaughter-In-Law?
Chapter 282: Like Me, No One But Me
Chapter 283: Tell Your Grandson To Bite Me!
Chapter 284: I’m Not Human, I’m A Goddess
Chapter 285: How Do You Want Me To Thank You?
Chapter 286: Do You Want To Know About Your Husband’s Past?
Chapter 287: Another Bite? Are You A Dog?
Chapter 288: Does She Like Fang Zhihan?
Chapter 289: This Person Looks Very Familiar
Chapter 290: This Brat’s Skills Aren’t Bad
Chapter 291: The Shocking Identity
Chapter 292: Not Married = Can’t Share A Bed
Chapter 293: Friendly Reminder
Chapter 294: Insulting A Person Without A Single Swear Word
Chapter 295: Satisfy Both Parties
Chapter 296: He Is Too Clear
Chapter 297: Guessing With Extraordinary Wisdom
Chapter 298: Stupid Brat VS Fierce Old Fool
Chapter 299: Air Hug
Chapter 300: 36 Wife-Seducing Techniques
Chapter 301: 72 Wife-Coaxing Tricks
Chapter 302: This Auntie…
Chapter 303: Remember For Life
Chapter 304: What Are You Afraid Of?
Chapter 305: She Likes Fang Zhihan Too
Chapter 306: A Special Gift
Chapter 307: Taking The Opportunity To Create Trouble
Chapter 308: The ‘Real’ Yu Gangan
Chapter 309: Unexpected
Chapter 310: Little Pervert Has Grown Up
Chapter 311: Racing Heart
Chapter 312: Bringing Trouble Upon Oneself
Chapter 313: Refusing To Admit
Chapter 314: Huge Mistake
Chapter 315: If You Like Someone, You Should Say It Out Loud
Chapter 316: Is The Wedding Too Rushed?
Chapter 317: Shouldn’t You Care About Me?
Chapter 318: The Person I Like: Brother Jiang
Chapter 319: A Young Girl’s First Experience Of Love
Chapter 320: My Type
Chapter 321: Winning His Heart By Living Nearby
Chapter 322: Selling Gangan Just Like That
Chapter 323: A Smart Girl Acting Stupid
Chapter 324: He Shigui May Have Been Killed
Chapter 325: With Honor
Chapter 326: A Soldier Matches A Doctor
Chapter 327: Whose Grandson Is More Impressive
Chapter 328: Elder Jiang’s Threat
Chapter 329: Becoming A Daughter And Auntie
Chapter 330: Meet Again With Strong Hostility
Chapter 331: Don’t Call Me Auntie, Call Me Grandmother
Chapter 332: A Sudden Memory
Chapter 333: What’s Wrong With That Patient?
Chapter 334: Seriously Ill And Incurable
Chapter 335: The Tired Elder
Chapter 336: I Am Now Your Auntie
Chapter 337: Too Embarrassed To Face Anyone
Chapter 338: Mr. Fang’s Anger
Chapter 339: Mr. Fang’s Revenge
Chapter 340: You Attack Her, I Attack You!
Chapter 341: A Gift For Fang Zhihan
Chapter 342: Tie Up Fang Zhihan With A Tie
Chapter 343: The Person That Was Killed At Sea
Chapter 344: Mr. Fang’s Confession
Chapter 345: Confused, Utterly Confused
Chapter 346: We Aren’t Actually Married
Chapter 347: Angry Because She Likes Him
Chapter 348 Who’s The Father Of The Child?
Chapter 349: I’m Your Husband…
Chapter 350: Take Good Care Of Yourself
Chapter 351: Are You Fang Zhihan’s Wife?
Chapter 352: Plans? No Plans
Chapter 353: Wedding On Schedule
Chapter 354: Mr. Fang Is Violent?
Chapter 355: Admiring The Love Of A Father
Chapter 356: You Must Be Crazy To Think I’m Seducing Your Boyfriend
Chapter 357: Mr. Fang’s Jacket And Hug
Chapter 358: Wordless Faceslap
Chapter 359: Give Yourself To Me
Chapter 360: Mr. Fang’s Big Gift
Chapter 361: Could They Be The Same Person?
Chapter 362: Sleep Together On The Bed?
Chapter 363: He Is Actually The Child’s Father
Chapter 364: If Your Son’s Father Is Standing Right In Front Of You…
Chapter 365: Private Parts In Pain
Chapter 366: I’m Already Drunk, Yet You’re Still Lying To Me?
Chapter 367: Clinging To You And Not Getting Off
Chapter 368: Mr. Fang’s Unique Gaze
Chapter 369: Call Me Mr. Fang
Chapter 370: Xiao Yu And Brother Jiang
Chapter 371: Drunk In Our Home (1)
Chapter 372: Drunk In Our Home (2)
Chapter 373: You Don’t Want To Take Responsibility?
Chapter 374: You’re Too Smart, I’m Scared
Chapter 375: I Like You, I Have Feelings For You
Chapter 376: Master Handsome Is Back (1)
Chapter 377: Master Handsome Is Back (2)
Chapter 378: Master Handsome Is Back (3)
Chapter 379: Master Handsome Is Back (4)
Chapter 380: Who’s The Killer (1)
Chapter 381: Who’s The Killer? (2)
Chapter 382: Who’s The Killer? (3)
Chapter 383: My Naughty Girl (1)
Chapter 384: My Naughty Girl (2)
Chapter 385: My Naughty Girl (3)
Chapter 386: My Naughty Girl (4)
Chapter 387: Attempt To Lure The Snake (1)
Chapter 388: Attempt To Lure The Snake (2)
Chapter 389: Attempt To Lure The Snake (3)
Chapter 390: Attempt To Lure The Snake (4)
Chapter 391: I Like Eating Little Fish (1)
Chapter 392: I Like Eating Little Fish (2)
Chapter 393: I Like Eating Little Fish (3)
Chapter 394: I Like Eating Little Fish (4)
Chapter 395: I Like Eating Little Fish (5)
Chapter 396: We Are Already Married (1)
Chapter 397: We Are Already Married (2)
Chapter 398: We Are Already Married (3)
Chapter 399: We Are Already Married (4)
Chapter 400: We Are Already Married (5)
Chapter 401: Put All One’s Eggs In One Basket (1)
Chapter 402: Put All One’s Egg In One Basket (2)
Chapter 403: Put All One’s Eggs In One Basket
Chapter 404: Put All One’s Eggs In One Basket (4)
Chapter 405: Put All One’s Eggs In One Basket (5)
Chapter 406: A Special Relationship (1)
Chapter 407: A Special Relationship (2)
Chapter 408: A Special Relationship (3)
Chapter 409: A Special Relationship (4)
Chapter 410: A Special Relationship (5)
Chapter 411: Loved Me Like Crazy And Wouldn’t Marry Anyone But Me (1)
Chapter 412: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (2)
Chapter 413: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (3)
Chapter 414: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (4)
Chapter 415: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (5)
Chapter 416: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (6)
Chapter 417: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (7)
Chapter 418: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (8)
Chapter 419: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (9)
Chapter 420: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (10)
Chapter 421: Master Handsome’s Test
Chapter 422: PDA: Matching Outfits
Chapter 423: Confused: Are They Talking About Me?
Chapter 424: Stunned At The Two Bosses Of Acting
Chapter 425: First Round: Black-bellied Fang Wins
Chapter 426: Come, Have Some Fish~
Chapter 427: Are We Supposed To Let Fang Zhihan Go?
Chapter 428: A Trip To The Hot Springs
Chapter 429: First Date
Chapter 430: Taking It For Real
Chapter 431: Are You Afraid That I’d Sell You?
Chapter 432: The Biggest Joy
Chapter 433: The Abandoned Teacher
Chapter 434: Refuse To Be Friends
Chapter 435: Curiosity Killed The Cat
Chapter 436: Childhood Friend, Gu Yanyu
Chapter 437: Fang Zhihan’s Innocent Friendship
Chapter 438: Meet Again But Don’t Recognize
Chapter 439: A Threat: I Want You To Help Me
Chapter 440: A Woman’s Heart Is Hard To Predict
Chapter 441: Fantasies In The Hot Spring
Chapter 442: Love Rivals Meet: A Fight Ensues
Chapter 443: I Am Not Your Opponent
Chapter 444: One Should Share A Hot Spring With Someone They Like
Chapter 445: Love Begins With Trust
Chapter 446: Don’t Tell My Brother
Chapter 447: Keep Me Company In The Hot Spring
Chapter 448: You Are The World
Chapter 449: The Underwater Kiss
Chapter 450: A Warm Scene Eating Fish
Chapter 451: A Bad Man Deliberately Causes Trouble
Chapter 452: Declaring The Winner And Loser
Chapter 453: This Fight Wasn’t A Fight
Chapter 454: Fleeceflower Root And Angelica
Chapter 455: Never Forgive
Chapter 456: The Strange Family
Chapter 457: Sudden Turning Back
Chapter 458: The Rich And Powerful Mr. Fang
Chapter 459: Another Familiar Person
Chapter 460: Observant Yu Gangan
Chapter 461: Steal Fang Zhihan’s Girlfriend
Chapter 462: Don’t Have A Smart Boyfriend
Chapter 463: Live Stream Yourself Eating A Compendium Of Materia Medica
Chapter 464: Fang Zhihan: One Of The 4 Greats
Chapter 465: Deliberately Teasing Mr. Fang
Chapter 466: Are You My Wife?
Chapter 467: My Shirt Is Your Pajamas
Chapter 468: Heart Ache: The Hardworking Mr. Fang
Chapter 469: Danger Is Near
Chapter 470: A Fine Line Between Life And Death
Chapter 471: Accident Or Deliberate
Chapter 472: I Will Never Let Go Of The Culprit
Chapter 473: Decision To Stay In Beijing
Chapter 474: Announcement: I Miss You
Chapter 475: Chronic Food Poisoning (1)
Chapter 476: Chronic Food Poisoning (2)
Chapter 477: Chronic Food Poisoning (3)
Chapter 478: Only Me From Now On
Chapter 479: A Domineering Proclamation Of Love
Chapter 480: Xiao Yu Is About To Return
Chapter 481: I Just Want To Love You
Chapter 482: Xiao Yu vs Yanyu, Who Do You Choose?
Chapter 483: I Only Want Fang Zhihan!
Chapter 484: The Youngest Doctor Of Chinese Medicine
Chapter 485: A Familiar Place With A Familiar Person
Chapter 486: Not The Same Xiao Yu
Chapter 487: A White Lotus With a Black Heart
Chapter 488: Treatment Or Murder
Chapter 489: Similar For No Reason
Chapter 490: If You’re Sick, Go Get Treatment
Chapter 491: Awkward Encounter
Chapter 492: Lying For His Wife
Chapter 493: An Ambiguous Series Of Lies
Chapter 494: The Ultimate Good Guy Cooks