Chapter 1354 - The contempt for public hospitals
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  “Boss, Fugui ‘er has urged us a few times.” Su Yun called out to Zheng Ren from behind.

  “You go first and take a look at the agreement.” “Let me take a look at this film again,” Zheng Ren said.

  “What’s there to look at? there’s no other problem except for a slight lack of blood supply to the brain and brain atrophy. ” Su Yun said in disdain.

  “But I still feel like something’s wrong.” “It’s just a feeling, I can’t explain it clearly,”Zheng Ren sighed.

  “Boss, can’t you be a little more smart? They’re not counting on you to treat their patients. ” Su Yun said in disdain.

  In the so – called consultation, the only way to see the problem at a glance was for the higher – ranked hospitals to accept the requests from the lower – ranked hospitals and crush them on a technical level.

  Xiangjiang he Nursing Hospital was famous. It was a hospital for the rich and had extremely high standards.

  Not only did hospitals have a deep foundation in the treatment of ordinary diseases, but they also had advanced technology. For example, when the mainland was still exploring da Vinci surgical robots, he yang hospital had already started to install da Vinci robotic arms.

  However, although Zheng Ren knew the intention of the other side, he did not care.

  He was only facing a patient, a disease that might be common or rare. That was all.

  Ten minutes later, Zheng Ren shook his head.”Su Yun, ask the other side if the patient can fly over. I want to do a physical examination.”

  “I don’t think so. Is there a diagnosis?” Su Yun asked.

  “I’m inclined to believe that the possibility of acute narcolepsy is higher. I suspect that it’s caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain, and we need to do a related physical examination. If it’s a fixed consultation, surgery is required. ” Zheng Ren said with certainty.

  Su Yun did not doubt Zheng Ren’s words, but she did not believe him either.

  It was just a preliminary impression after reading the information for the first time. He still had to go into the details. Moreover, most of the patients in Xiangjiang would go to the World’s top hospitals, such as Maio, for treatment. The possibility of him flying to the imperial capital was not high.

  “If we can perform the surgery, I wonder how much the surgery fee will be.” Su Yun was more curious about this.”Back then, the gambling King of Macau had a fracture and had surgery at Heyang. I heard that he only gave the chief surgeon a red packet of 100 million Hong Kong dollars.”

  “Don’t talk nonsense. Let’s go find Dr. Mehal.” Zheng Ren had no attachment to it. It was just a rare illness, and it had nothing to do with money.

  If it was purely for money, Zheng Ren had plenty of means to earn it now.

  He closed his laptop and asked Su Yun to contact Shi huairu. He then went to the VIP Ward.

  Zheng Ren didn’t go to see Dr. Mehall first. Instead, he went to see Chu Huainan first and arranged for the surgery to be performed tomorrow. He consoled him a little before going to find Dr. Mehall.



  Xiangjiang, he yang hospital.

  This was a high – end hospital, completely different from a public hospital.

  From the large floor – to – Ceiling window in the conference room on the top floor, one could see the entire Happy Valley. The scenery was beautiful and the rivers were like a painting.

  However, the people who were qualified to sit here were already tired of such scenery, and no one cared how beautiful the scenery was.

  The doctors in the meeting room were all focused on the discussion of the patient’s condition. This was the tenth discussion.

  The three – dimensional CT scan of the patient’s skull appeared on the big screen. A doctor in his fifties, wearing a snow – White coat, was talking non – stop.

  He did not speak quickly, but he was not slow either. He spoke with a sense of steadiness and confidence.

  After a few minutes of discussion, combined with the thyroid hormone levels, neuropsychology tests, electroscopes, cerebral fluids, and imaging examinations, he finally came to a conclusion.

  “From the 3D image, there are many amyllic plaques around the neurons, and there are some fibrous tangles inside the neurons. This is a typical symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. In summary, I don’t think there is a need to discuss it. ”

  “Doctor Huo, I think what you said is worth discussing.” Another doctor sat on a chair and said,””The patient didn’t have any memory loss or other symptoms before this. She just started to feel drowsy three months ago. I think this can’t be explained by Alzheimer ‘s.”

  “Lichuan’s team’s research on Alzheimer’s disease has passed the animal experiment stage and has negotiated with the patient’s medical team. The choice is in the patient’s hands, not ours.” Dr. Huo didn’t answer the question and continued to talk.

  “This is an extremely irresponsible way of doing things!” The doctor in front of him was a little helpless, but he obviously had a good temper. Plus, he was only guessing and could not refute doctor Huo’s diagnosis, so he could only say helplessly,”

  “No!” Doctor li wagged his finger and said,”it’s indeed extremely irresponsible for the diagnosis of acute narcolepsy.” However, regarding Alzheimer’s disease, we’ve already received replies from the consultation between Mayo Clinic and Hopkins Hospital. They are also considering the same diagnosis. ”

  The doctor opposite him did not know about this, so he could only remain silent.

  “Experts all over the world have ruled out acute narcolepsy. I really don’t know what you’re insisting on. King Doctor, although Mr. Russell had said that getting happiness from wasting time was not a waste of time.

  However, this kind of happiness is only based on your special fetishes. I can’t obtain any happiness from it. ”

  Dr. Wang sighed. He was only a doctor hired by the nursing Hospital. He was not in Xiangjiang, so many things had nothing to do with him.

  It took a long time to fly from Canada to Xiangjiang. However, the money he was paid for was enough for him to ignore the fatigue and participate in the consultation in high spirits.

  Since he was here, he had to explain his opinion. As for whether his diagnosis would be chosen or not, that had nothing to do with him.

  “If no one has any objections, I will suggest to Mr. Qin’s medical team to invite Lichuan’s team to perform light treatment on Mr. Qin.” Doctor Li said.

  Lichuan’s team’s light treatment was a method of adjusting the light to activate certain neurons in the ill mice to fight against Alzheimer ‘s.

  However, this treatment method was only in the animal experimental stage and had not entered the clinical human trial stage.

  However, this method was recognized as an effective one. Many people were optimistic about Lichuan’s team’s research.

  In addition, old man Qin Lu was already considered to be terminally ill. His physical condition took a sharp turn for the worse. If there was no treatment plan, he would only have one or two months to live.

  Dr. Wang thought for a while and shook his head in silence. He didn’t refute.

  This was because he had studied Qin Lu’s medical records at the Montana Neurology Center in Canada, but he had no way of proving or resolving his judgment.

  More than a dozen world – renowned neurologists and professors stood up. Those familiar with each other whispered to each other as they prepared to leave.

  A doctor subconsciously turned on his computer and suddenly said,”Everyone, please wait a moment!”

  “What?” The doctors stopped and looked at him.

  “There’s a new email from the 912 hospital. ”

  ” 912? that large public hospital in the mainland?” Dr. Huo’s face was full of ridicule,”all of their doctors have been exhausted by the patients who swarmed in.” If it was a common disease, maybe 912’s opinion would be useful. But for a disease like Alzheimer ‘s, you actually want to listen to the 912 hospital’s suggestion?”