Chapter 2270 - Ding! Death Warning from father-in-law (10)
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  Mo Yongheng’s deep eyes were gradually filled with anger.

  It was unlikely that he would want to fight Yu Yuehan in front of Nian Xiaomu and Zheng Yan.

  Furthermore, Mo Yongheng did not dare to do so. If he were to scare his precious daughter, he would not be the one who would feel sorry for her.

  They were both adults. When adults fought, sometimes they did not need to use force and could outsmart Yu Yuehan!

  Before coming to city a, Mo Yongheng indeed did not have the confidence to win against Yu Yuehan.

  But now…… it was different!

  Zheng Yan and Nian Xiaomu looked at Mo Yongheng worriedly, afraid that he would rush forward to fight with Yu Yuehan. In the end, after waiting for a while, they realized that not only did Mo Yongheng not make a move, the anger on his face had also disappeared.

  At this moment, he was slowly taking off his shoes that he had just put on and walking back.

  Step by step, he walked in front of Yu Yuehan.

  He stood still calmly.

  “One must be kind-hearted. Otherwise, one will easily suffer retribution. Do you believe me?”Mo Yongheng sneered.

  Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows. He held little fox in his left hand and little raccoon in his right. Lifting his chin happily, he said, “Retribution like this? I don’t mind having more.”

  “You……”Mo Yongheng almost broke his technique in a second. At the last moment, he could not hold it in anymore. He took a deep breath repeatedly and opened his mouth again.

  “We are brothers. Don’t blame me for not reminding you. You are always thinking about other people’s treasures. Be careful not to lose your own.”

  “.…… What do you mean?”Yu Yuehan’s expression changed abruptly.

  Mo Yongheng’s hint was too obvious. He immediately thought of something and waited for Mo Yongheng to confirm it.

  In the end, Mo Yongheng deliberately changed his tone. “It’s nothing. I just feel that the heavenly axiom has a cycle.”

  “You want to play psychological warfare with me?”? “Do you think that I would suspect that Xiao Liuliu is in a relationship behind my back with just a casual sentence? I’m not afraid to tell you that I just spoke to my daughter on the phone last night. She told me personally that she doesn’t like any of the boys in their school. She Won’t fall in love before she graduates from university.”

  Yu Yuehan made a solemn vow.

  He was well aware of his own daughter.

  He had long known that Xiao Liuliu liked that brat, Tang Qianqi.

  If not for this, he would not have completely locked down Tang Qianqi and never let that Brat have the chance to see Liuliu.

  Tang Qianqi was not in the country, so who could Xiao Liuliu fall in love with?

  How could mo Yongheng deceive him if he did not even make a rough draft of his lie?

  Yu Yuehan only felt nervous for a second before he regained his composure.

  Mo Yongheng smiled at him meaningfully.

  “That may not be the case. Sometimes, things like fate just happen…… besides, I did not mention that Xiao Liuliu fell in love just now. That was what you said yourself.”

  Mo Yongheng’s expression that he had promised to keep a secret and that he would never reveal it made Yu Yuehan extremely uncomfortable.

  He wished that he could pry open his mouth and let him speak clearly. However, he knew very well that Mo Yongheng was waiting for him to lose his cool.

  Yu Yuehan’s eyes flickered when he thought of the uneasiness that he had felt over the past few days. He stood up from the sofa.

  He did not waste any time with Mo Yongheng. Instead, he walked to the window and called his assistant.

  Very soon, news of the investigation came back.

  Yu Yuehan deliberately turned on the loudspeaker function on his phone and walked in front of Mo Yongheng. He wanted to slap Mo Yongheng in the face, but in the next second, Special Assistant Yang stuttered, it came out of his phone. “Young — Young Master Han, young miss, she…… She really has a boyfriend. I heard that she has already cohabited.”