Chapter 705 - A Gathering of Top Dogs III
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  EndlessFantasy Translation

  EndlessFantasy Translation

  Bright Dawn found the Berserker’s request strange. Since the Berserker knew something about the Ancient Ghostvine, he knew that the Berserker likely had a certain level of experience and power. With that, he expected the Berserker’s question to be something that even he could not answer. Nevertheless, he was confident in himself.

  “Please, ask……”

  “All right.”

  The Berserker flapped his wings slightly and descended onto the tree, which all of the Clan Leaders were standing on……

  His actions made the other players uneasy, but since the Berserker knew something they did not, and he had a set of good equipment, the players tolerated his rude behavior.

  Among the players, some were attracted to the Berserker, and they seemed very interested in him.

  “To be honest, I’m the kind of person who likes gossip……”

  “Recently, I heard that someone set a four billion bounty on the Fallen Angels’ members. I think this may be related to the Ten Great Leagues. If you tell me the mastermind behind this plan, I’ll give you the Ancient Ghostvine’s information!”


  When he finished asking the question, all the players and Clan Leaders who heard it were startled.

  “The bounty setter?”

  “This guy’s a solo player, why does he want to know such a thing? He really is someone who likes to gossip.”

  While the players were all having their own discussions among themselves, Bright Dawn wondered what the Berserker, who was just a stranger to him, was thinking.

  As for the Clan Leaders on the tree, they continued to observe the Berserker and Bright Dawn. They thought that it was an exciting conversation.


  Actually, the players from the Angel Faction had their own speculations regarding the matter too. They guessed that the bounty setter was either from the Ten Great Leagues or the Hall of the Exalted’s Prinz Clan, whose members had been previously killed by the Five Great Leagues. At that moment, it looked like the bounty setter was from the Ten Great Leagues.

  The guessing game was initially just a topic that everyone discussed on the forum…… but right then, the Berserker decided to directly ask Black Emperor’s top management. He sure had guts.

  Their conversation had attracted everyone to focus on them!

  The Berserker did not care about Bright Dawn’s disbelieving eyes or the murderous intent from players of the Ten Great Leagues. He gently looked at Bright Dawn with a great smile.

  “Of course, if you don’t know, we can just call off the deal! We can exchange other things like two or three Demigod Equipment……”

  The surrounding players all took a deep breath when they heard that.

  Someone on the tree even had a wry smile.

  “I thought this guy was just a moron. Who knew he was a tiger who just pretended to be a pig.”

  “The Ten Great Leagues may not have so many Demigod Equipment. This guy sure knows how to demand for things,” someone smiled and added on.

  However, nobody cared about the Demigod Equipment because the Ten Great Leagues did not have that many of them. Hence, they only focused on whether the Ten Great Leagues would leak the information on the bounty setter or not.

  At that moment, everyone who heard the conversation were excited to know about the bounty setter too……

  “You really have information regarding the Ancient Ghostvine?”

  Bright Dawn was silent for a while before he questioned the Berserker in a depressed tone.

  The Berserker then slightly shrugged his shoulders and said, “Of course, the Ancient Ghostvine is fifteen meters tall and has an attack range of thirty-five to forty meters. It’s a special being from an extra-dimensional space that was particularly built by Hades. The Boss is the Primeval Ghostvine. These things are hard to find even in the Underworld……”

  The Berserker suddenly changed his tone once he spoke until here. “That’s all the information I can tell you at this point. If you wish to accept the deal, please answer my question now. If you’re still not willing to believe me, there’s nothing else I can do……”

  Even though the Berserker had shared some information, he did not tell them if it was a Divine monster or a Tier 6 Miniboss. He did not tell them the most important information too—whether the Divine Ghostvine could move or not. Instead, he provided them with some unnecessary facts in relation to the Ancient Ghostvine’s range of attack. That increased everyone’s curiosity about the Ancient Ghostvine.

  However, the information he shared had proven to everyone that he knew something about the Ancient Ghostvine. He even mentioned Hades, which made sense when it came to the Ancient Ghostvine’s rarity. It was not possible for an ordinary player to know such information.

  “Oh ya…… in order for me to ensure the accuracy of your information, please disable the anonymous status for the bounty setter and reveal the name.”

  Bright Dawn suddenly became speechless.

  In the meeting room……

  “This is the first time I’ve encountered such a weird guy.”

  “Yea! Instead of equipment and gold coins, he prefers such gossip…… How silly.”

  The Berserker had given all the League Masters in the meeting room a headache. The female League Master, Winterfall Swallow, who was often quiet, wore a smile of disdain too.

  “What a bothersome man.”

  “All right, everyone! We’ve got no time to complain right now because we’ve only got an hour before the League War begins. If the Fallen Angels survive until then, we’ll lose terribly. What do all of you think about Bright Dawn’s suggestion?” Terminator asked everyone. He wanted to know if they should inform the boss about disabling the anonymous status so that the Berserker could give them the details on the Ancient Ghostvine or just cancel the deal.

  Honestly…… the information shared by the Berserker earlier had convinced him that the dude really knew something about the Ancient Ghostvine. It was a good opportunity for them to crush Fallen Angels.

  “Telling him is not a problem, but getting that guy to disable the anonymous status may be very difficult!” Golden Blood Lion frowned and said, “All of you should know, that guy’s been disheartened ever since he was pressed by Qin Ruo. If not for the fact that he hasn’t sold all his equipment and he wants revenge on Qin Ruo, I think he would even feel too lazy to come online. Besides, setting a bounty on the Fallen Angels was his last move. So long as he doesn’t achieve his goal, I don’t think he’ll disable anonymous status easily……”

  “But this is our chance to crush the Fallen Angels! We’ve reached this stage already, and we’ll lose terribly if he doesn’t help us. How can we survive in the Underworld in the future? Hence, my suggestion is to pull him into this discussion. By betting on the Ten Great Leagues, I think he’ll agree.”

  Terminator’s suggestion was supported by many of the League Masters.

  “That’s right!”

  “It’s feasible.”

  “If we don’t get rid of the Darkmist, the Fallen Angels will have a safe haven forever in this war. That means we won’t have a chance to defeat them at all!”

  “Black Emperor?”

  When all the nine League Masters looked at Black Emperor, the latter raised his dispirited face……

  “Have all of you ever wondered how a lone Berserker managed to venture deep into the Underworld, where even we’ve never explored before?”


  “Are you implying that his information is fake?” The expressions of several League Masters changed immediately……

  Black Emperor shook his head.

  “No, I mean his identity is suspicious.”

  Once Black Emperor was done speaking, he changed his expression from a dispirited one to a smiling one.

  “It’s impossible for a Berserker to explore the Underworld, especially when he’s just a Tier 5 Berserker…… I suspect that he’s from the Fallen Angels……”


  The other nine League Masters were startled!

  “One more thing……” Black Emperor looked around at all the League Masters and raised his index finger. “Ever since the war started until now, have you all noticed that the Fallen Angels’ League Master—the Winter Demon—has not appeared at all?”

  The moment Black Emperor finished his sentence, the other nine League Masters were enraged, and they nearly stood up from their seats due to frustration……

  “Mimic! The Winter Demon has the Mimic ability! He’s the one who applied for the League War, but he hasn’t appeared until now. Perhaps he has already hidden himself among our troops. That bastard!”

  “No, we’re still not sure if the Berserker is the Winter Demon or not. As a League Master and an Elementalist, he may not have the guts to make such a high-profile appearance in the enemy’s camp.”

  “He’s done such things before. Previously, he infiltrated Sin City alone and destroyed the Warp Portal. There’s nothing he wouldn’t dare to do!”

  After some arguments between the League Masters, everyone seemed convinced that the Berserker was the Winter Demon.

  “It’s not difficult to point out his identity. We can ask our Bowmaster to check and test him via private message……”

  At that moment, one could sense Black Emperor’s aura.

  “If we can link with him, only then will we contact the boss. If not…… hmph!”

  After Bright Dawn received Black Emperor’s instructions, he discovered the Berserker’s real identity immediately. When he sent a private message, the Berserker in front of him did not respond. Conversely, a guy called Charles responded and said that he was in the Underworld.

  He had now confirmed that the person in front of him was a liar. However, Bright Dawn was not angered, instead, he got excited.

  “Winter Demon Qin Ruo! The Fallen Angels’ League Master! Hahaha! Even God is helping us!”

  The Ten Great Leagues were not able to take down the Fallen Angels previously, and their troops were all killed terribly. However, all that was not important anymore! As long as they could kill Qin Ruo, whether or not they could break through the Darkmist and Ancient Ghostvine would not be an issue anymore.

  It was more meaningful to kill the Fallen Angels’ League Master than to kill that bunch of people……

  The Winter Demon was seen as invincible in H&G! If he was killed by the Ten Great Leagues…… Heh!

  In an excited state, Bright Dawn activated his Elemental Perception and locked on Qin Ruo. At the same time, he instructed his surrounding teammates to prepare themselves.

  “This time…… we have to take down the Winter Demon!”