Sovereign of the Three Realms
Author:Li Tian
Chapter 1: Son of the Celestial Emperor, Reincarnation and Rebirth
Chapter 2: Supportive father, loyal friends
Chapter 3: Cant take a hint, thrash them brutally
Chapter 3: Can’t take a hint, thrash them brutally
Chapter 4: Go Thrash Yourself
Chapter 5: If I cant cure you, then Ill go down with you
Chapter 5: If I can’t cure you, then I’ll go down with you
Chapter 6: Steward Jiang Zhengs worries
Chapter 6: Steward Jiang Zheng’s worries
Chapter 7: Jiang Zhengs Stage, Pride and Elation
Chapter 7: Jiang Zheng’s Stage, Pride and Elation
Chapter 8: Shocking the Hall of Healing
Chapter 9: Were Seriously Rich
Chapter 9: We’re Seriously Rich
Chapter 10: Breakthrough, Four Meridians True Qi
Chapter 11: Medicine Buying Craze
Chapter 12: Genius Beauty? Jiang Chen Doesnt Care
Chapter 12: Genius Beauty? Jiang Chen Doesn’t Care
Chapter 13: I, Jiang Chen, Carry Even More of a Grudge Than You Do
Chapter 14: Denying Face Twice
Chapter 15: Three Foundational Exams
Chapter 16: Entering the Palace, Diagnosis
Chapter 17: Princess? Ill Still Lecture You Without Fail
Chapter 17: Princess? I’ll Still Lecture You Without Fail
Chapter 18: Princess Gouyus Internal Dilemma
Chapter 18: Princess Gouyu’s Internal Dilemma
Chapter 19: Jiang Familys Concealed Danger
Chapter 19: Jiang Family’s Concealed Danger
Chapter 20: Banquet is a Trap? Im Not Afraid!
Chapter 20: Banquet is a Trap? I’m Not Afraid!
Chapter 21: The Pride of the Long Family
Chapter 22: You Think Youre Awesome? Destroyed with One Poke
Chapter 22: You Think You’re Awesome? Destroyed with One Poke
Chapter 23: Princess Gouyus Recommendation
Chapter 23: Princess Gouyu’s Recommendation
Chapter 24: Jiang Chen Shocks All Those Present
Chapter 25: Legendary Realm of Training
Chapter 26: Jiang Feng Erupts
Chapter 27: Scolding the Elite
Chapter 28: Turmoil in the Capital
Chapter 29: Changes in Attitudes from All Sides
Chapter 30: Having Fun with Yan Yiming, Again
Chapter 31: Start of the Foundational Exams
Chapter 32: Impressive Performance, Setting New Records
Chapter 33: End of Exams, Brothers Lay Their Hearts Open
Chapter 34: Secret of the Nine Laughing Oceans
Chapter 35: You Wont Die if You Dont Seek Death
Chapter 35: You Won’t Die if You Don’t Seek Death
Chapter 36: Complaining to His Majesty
Chapter 37: Drastic Change in the Situation, Conquering the Examiner
Chapter 38: The Truth Comes Out, Heads Roll
Chapter 39: Giving Gouyu Pointers, Returning Her Favor
Chapter 40: Father Attacked, Controversy Renewed
Chapter 41: Talk of the Town
Chapter 42: Jiang Chen Has the Desire to Kill and Points to Pill King Garden
Chapter 43: Three Types of Pill Medicine
Chapter 44: Loot from House Raids, Take Your Pick
Chapter 45: Saber Aura Rising to the Sky
Chapter 46: A Gloating Pill King Garden
Chapter 47: Accidental Repeat Occurrence
Chapter 48: Upgraded Face Slapping
Chapter 49: Complete Knock Down
Chapter 50: Qiao Baishi Acknowledges a Master
Chapter 51: Layered-Feather Throwing Daggers
Chapter 52: Fatty Xuan Seeks Help
Chapter 53: Fattys Counterattack
Chapter 53: Fatty’s Counterattack
Chapter 54: Unique Throwing Dagger Skills
Chapter 55: The Hidden Dragon Trials
Chapter 56: Face Slapping Interlude
Chapter 57: Sights Set For Duke of the First Rank
Chapter 58: Competition at Star Argus Palace
Chapter 59: Following the Clues
Chapter 60: The Splendor of Spring and Killing Intent
Chapter 61: Encountering an Attack
Chapter 62: Sharply Counterattacking the Long Family
Chapter 63: An eye for an eye
Chapter 64: The Second Mission
Chapter 65: First Candidate for the Personal Guard
Chapter 66: Return to Jiang Han Territory
Chapter 67: Provoking the Young Duke?
Chapter 68: Increasing Your Knowledge
Chapter 69: Changes in Attitudes
Chapter 70: Vying with Each Other to Sign Up
Chapter 71: Aweing the Tribes
Chapter 72: A Grand Gift for the Personal Guard
Chapter 73: Legacy of Formation
Chapter 74: Odd Happenings at the Spirit Medicine Garden
Chapter 75: You Defy Me?
Chapter 76: Make Them Suffer Thoroughly
Chapter 77: Limelight Surpassing the Four Great Dukes
Chapter 78: The Third Mission
Chapter 79: Trials in the Boundless Catacombs
Chapter 80: A Successive String of Bizarre Occurrences
Chapter 81: The Law of the Jungle in the Catacombs
Chapter 82: Falling Prey to a Plot
Chapter 83: A Fight to the Death in the Catacombs
Chapter 84: Cornered into Desperate Circumstances?
Chapter 85: Plunging into the Forbidden Zone without Hesitation
Chapter 86: Forbidden Zone, Spirit Level Beast
Chapter 87: An Unexpected Transaction
Chapter 88: Swallowing the Killer Xue Sha
Chapter 89: Fatty Xuans Bizarre Encounter
Chapter 89: Fatty Xuan’s Bizarre Encounter
Chapter 90: Surrounding the Jiang Han Manor
Chapter 91: Jiang Chen, Descent of the Divine Weapon
Chapter 92: Killing and Displaying a Show of Force
Chapter 93: The Duke of Soaring Dragon in a Messy Disarray
Chapter 94: The Responding Strategy
Chapter 95: Rare Jade Fruit
Chapter 96: Eastern Lu, Heres Your Dukedom Back
Chapter 96: Eastern Lu, Here’s Your Dukedom Back
Chapter 97: The Perilous Circumstances of the Eastern Clan
Chapter 98: Jiang Chen Makes His Move
Chapter 99: Changes in the Hall of Healing
Chapter 100: Long Zhaofeng, Ive Waited a Long Time for You
Chapter 100: Long Zhaofeng, I’ve Waited a Long Time for You
Chapter 101: Tremble, Long Family
Chapter 102: A Crushing Trample
Chapter 103: Long Familys Desperate Flounders
Chapter 103: Long Family’s Desperate Flounders
Chapter 104 - Annihilating Long Zhaofeng, Arrival of the Sect
Chapter 104:
Chapter 105: Without Equal in the World
Chapter 106: A Mighty Slash
Chapter 107: Harming a Spirit Dao Practitioner
Chapter 108: Swordbirds Setting Up a Formation
Chapter 109: Killing One of the Spirit Realm
Chapter 110: A Frightened Yu Jie
Chapter 111: Senior Brother Xinghan
Chapter 112: Jiang Chen is Under My Protection
Chapter 113: Master Shuiyue
Chapter 114: Self Satisfied Senior Executives of the Hall of Healing
Chapter 115: The Danger Behind Self Satisfaction
Chapter 116: The Mysterious Grandfather and Granddaughter Duo
Chapter 117: Jiang Chen Comprehending Dao
Chapter 118: Jiang Chen Emerges from Training
Chapter 119: Terms of Negotiation
Chapter 120: The Unexpected News from Strong Oppression
Chapter 121: Im Telling You That Youre a Frog at the Bottom of a Well
Chapter 121: I’m Telling You That You’re a Frog at the Bottom of a Well
Chapter 122: Princess Gouyus Complex Emotions
Chapter 122: Princess Gouyu’s Complex Emotions
Chapter 123: Will You Take Ruoer as Your Wife in the Future?
Chapter 123: Will You Take Ruo’er as Your Wife in the Future?
Chapter 124: I Make the Decisions in My Territory
Chapter 125: The Mysterious Visitor
Chapter 126: Gold Buried in the Sand
Chapter 127: Toying with the Darkmoon Kingdom Army
Chapter 128: Killing the First General
Chapter 129: Gouyus Astounding Decision
Chapter 129: Gouyu’s Astounding Decision
Chapter 130: A Generous Jiang Chen
Chapter 131: Rampant Disciples of the Azure Heaven Northern Palace
Chapter 132: Its So Hard to Keep a Low Profile
Chapter 132: It’s So Hard to Keep a Low Profile
Chapter 133: Battling a Half Step Spirit Dao Realm
Chapter 134: A Disadvantaged Half Step Spirit Dao Practitioner
Chapter 135: Facing Off Against Four Practitioners Half a Step into the Spirit Dao Realm Alone
Chapter 136: Bunch of Dumb Birds, Have Fun
Chapter 137: Senior Brother Liu Almost Smacked to Death
Chapter 138: Time for Jiang Chen to Put on a Front
Chapter 139: An Old Man Who Plays Dumb, Acts Cute, and Has No Principles
Chapter 140: The Difficult Problem of Settling Within the Capital
Chapter 141: The Wishing Tower
Chapter 142: The Wish Scroll
Chapter 143: To Slap or To Be Slapped?
Chapter 144: A Crude and Simple Way of Face Slapping
Chapter 145: Hitting Someone in Addition to Slapping Face
Chapter 146: Not Just Beating Someone, But Also Killing Someone
Chapter 147: The Matter Grew Big
Chapter 148: Undercurrents Billow and Surge
Chapter 149: Ordering Around Two Heavyweights
Chapter 150: Vice Head Shi is Quite Enraged
Chapter 151: Lu Wuji has Caused Great Trouble
Chapter 152: The Dragonteeth Guard Trembles!
Chapter 153: All of this has to do with Jiang Chen?
Chapter 154: The General Directors Choice
Chapter 154: The General Director’s Choice
Chapter 155: Lu Wuji is On His Knees
Chapter 156: Vice Director Yang Wanted to Cry but Had No Tears Left
Chapter 157: Blackmailing Vice Director Yang
Chapter 158: The Nine Magnificence Dew Wine that One Goes Crazy For
Chapter 159: Some Houses Rejoice, Some Houses are Sorrowful
Chapter 160: Youre Right, I am Indeed Quite Proud
Chapter 160: You’re Right, I am Indeed Quite Proud
Chapter 161: Old Man Fei Begging to be a Medicine Servant
Chapter 162: The Renewal Purity Pill
Chapter 163: The Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill
Chapter 164: Old Man Feis Grievous and Sad History
Chapter 164: Old Man Fei’s Grievous and Sad History
Chapter 165: Realizing the Philosophy Behind Entering the Spirit Realm
Chapter 166: The Birthday Banquet of the Spirit King Protector of the Kingdom
Chapter 167: Meeting on a Narrow Path, Eyes Ablaze with Hatred
Chapter 168: Lordmaster Ye with the Invincible Aura
Chapter 169: The First Prince whod Invested A Lot
Chapter 169: The First Prince who’d Invested A Lot
Chapter 170: The Gift Mocked By All
Chapter 171: Results that Caused Dan Feis Jaw to Drop in Shock
Chapter 171: Results that Caused Dan Fei’s Jaw to Drop in Shock
Chapter 172: The Ranking that Caused Everyones Mouth to be Agape with Shock
Chapter 172: The Ranking that Caused Everyone’s Mouth to be Agape with Shock
Chapter 173: The Furor Brought by the Gift in First Place
Chapter 174: The Honored Tutors Difficult Problem and Promise
Chapter 174: The Honored Tutor’s Difficult Problem and Promise
Chapter 175: Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon
Chapter 176: The Cocky and Bullying Genius Sect Disciple
Chapter 177: Jiang Chen Makes His Move
Chapter 178: The Most Straightforward Way to Resolve Things
Chapter 179: The Lord Masters Shock and Handsome Gift
Chapter 179: The Lord Master’s Shock and Handsome Gift
Chapter 180: Take a Master? Im Really Not Interested
Chapter 180: Take a Master? I’m Really Not Interested
Chapter 181: Dan Fei with Her Emotions in Disarray
Chapter 182: Miss Dan Fei Actually Rifled Through the Trash
Chapter 183: The Future of Younger Cousin Jiang Yu
Chapter 184: Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill, Finally Entering the Spirit Realm
Chapter 185: First Prince Ye Dai Seeks an Audience?
Chapter 186: Spots in the Maze Realm Autumn Hunt
Chapter 187: The Weird Sect Disciple
Chapter 188: Dan Feis Invitation
Chapter 188: Dan Fei’s Invitation
Chapter 189: Dan Fei and Her Greatly Shifting Personalities
Chapter 190: Tang Long Runs into Enormous Trouble
Chapter 191: Must You Really Throw Your Weight Around?
Chapter 192: Tang Long Becomes a New Person
Chapter 193: Dan Feis Sincerity
Chapter 193: Dan Fei’s Sincerity
Chapter 194: The Maze Realm Autumn Hunt Begins
Chapter 195: A Bizarre Combination Running into Bizarre Matters
Chapter 196: Lets Talk About the Split in Profits Before We Cooperate
Chapter 196: Let’s Talk About the Split in Profits Before We Cooperate
Chapter 197: Dan Fei Goes Crazy Too
Chapter 198: Thank Goodness for Jiang Chen
Chapter 199: Victory from the Jaws of Extreme Danger
Chapter 200: Jiang Chen, Can You Help Me?
Chapter 201: Dan Feis Punishment
Chapter 201: Dan Fei’s Punishment
Chapter 202: A Ye Dai Prepared to Kill His Own Brothers
Chapter 203: The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind
Chapter 204: First Prince, We Meet Again
Chapter 205: First Level Spirit Realm? One Shot, One Second, One Kill!
Chapter 206: After Joy Comes Sadness for Ye Dai
Chapter 207: The Tide of Rats Is Coming!
Chapter 208: Thoroughly Surrounded by the Rat Tide
Chapter 209: Jiang Chen as Beautifully Eloquent as a Lotus
Chapter 210: The Goldbiter Rat King Compromises
Chapter 211: Ye Qiao is the Mastermind Behind the Scenes
Chapter 212: Second Prince, Enjoy Your Last Moments
Chapter 213: Jiang Chen Has More Plans
Chapter 214: The Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice
Chapter 215: Circling Around Behind It, Stealing the Spirit Essence
Chapter 216: Returning with Rich Rewards
Chapter 217: Pressure from the Elder of the Precious Tree Sect
Chapter 218: Jiang Fengs Martial Dao Goals
Chapter 218: Jiang Feng’s Martial Dao Goals
Chapter 219: Qiao Baishi and His Conflict with His Future Mother-In-Law
Chapter 220: Danger with No Forewarning
Chapter 221: The True Culprit
Chapter 222: The Goldbiter Rat Kings Accomplishment
Chapter 222: The Goldbiter Rat King’s Accomplishment
Chapter 223: Plan of Counterattack
Chapter 224: Lu Wuji in Fine Fettle
Chapter 225: Xue Tong Goes Missing!
Chapter 226: Death Struggles
Chapter 227: Executing Lu Wuji
Chapter 228: The Situation Oscillates
Chapter 229: Yang Zhaos Backer
Chapter 229: Yang Zhao’s Backer
Chapter 230: Yang Zhao Retaliates! The Situation Changes Again
Chapter 231: Heading Straight for the Dragonteeth Guard Headquarters
Chapter 232: Elder Iron Arrives
Chapter 233: Three Arrows to the Head, Slapping Elder Irons Face
Chapter 233: Three Arrows to the Head, Slapping Elder Iron’s Face
Chapter 234: Ye Chonglous Strong Attitude
Chapter 234: Ye Chonglou’s Strong Attitude
Chapter 235: Yang Zhao is Dead?
Chapter 236: Must Repair Relations with Jiang Chen
Chapter 237: Iron Father and Son, Secrets of the Sixteen Kingdoms
Chapter 238: The Goldbiter Rat Kings First Taste of Sweetness
Chapter 238: The Goldbiter Rat King’s First Taste of Sweetness
Chapter 239: Breakthrough, Second Level Spirit Realm!
Chapter 240: A Brand New Old Man Fei
Chapter 241: Proposing a Marriage, a Wedding
Chapter 242: A Frightening Entourage to Propose Marriage
Chapter 243: Jiang Chen is My Honored Master!
Chapter 244: Palace Head Ning Wavers
Chapter 245: The Conflict Escalates
Chapter 246: Old Man Feis Extraordinary Face Slapping
Chapter 246: Old Man Fei’s Extraordinary Face Slapping
Chapter 247: The Marriage is Settled
Chapter 248: A Plan for Future Strength
Chapter 249: The Mysterious Grandfather and Granddaughter Appear Again
Chapter 250: Elder Shun, Observing Jiang Chen from the Shadows
Chapter 251: Somethings Happened to Gouyu?
Chapter 251: Something’s Happened to Gouyu?
Chapter 252: The Purple Sun Sect is Involved?
Chapter 253: In a Precarious Situation, the Scorching Green Ray
Chapter 254: Battle Between Geniuses of Two Great sects
Chapter 255: The Bewitching Lotus Reveals Its Might
Chapter 256: The Lotus Devours and Grows
Chapter 257: The Disciple Scared Witless
Chapter 258: Jiang Fengs Departure
Chapter 258: Jiang Feng’s Departure
Chapter 259: The Monsterapes Begin to Awaken
Chapter 260: Dan Feis News
Chapter 260: Dan Fei’s News
Chapter 261: Visiting the Honored Tutor
Chapter 262: Rumors of the Upper Eighth Region
Chapter 263: The Great Selection, the Legacy Territory of Ancient Times
Chapter 264: Dan Fei Falls in Love
Chapter 265: The Law Enforcement Disciples of the Sect
Chapter 266: The Eight Trigram Assimilation Formation Appears Again!
Chapter 267: Battling the Earth Spirit Realm
Chapter 268: The Sect Disciples Ankle Deep in Mud
Chapter 269: To Be in a Quandary
Chapter 270: Jiang Chens Resolute Killing Intent
Chapter 270: Jiang Chen’s Resolute Killing Intent
Chapter 271: A Good Opportunity to Extort Someone
Chapter 272: The Iron Family Panics
Chapter 273: A Great Extortion, Making Out Like a Bandit
Chapter 274: Startling News About the Great Selection
Chapter 275: Giving Pointers to Lordmaster Ye Chonglou
Chapter 276: Final Preparations Before the Great Selection
Chapter 277: Curtains Open on the Great Selection
Chapter 278: The Four Great Forefathers
Chapter 279: The Five Trials of the First Selection
Chapter 280: Three Sects Fight Over Jiang Chen
Chapter 281: The Purple Sun Sects Decision
Chapter 281: The Purple Sun Sect’s Decision
Chapter 282: Jiang Chen Refuses
Chapter 283: The First Trial, Path of Rebirth
Chapter 284: Trial After Trial
Chapter 285: A Myriad of Illusions, Heart as a Boulder
Chapter 286: One with Genius Strength of Heart Has Appeared!
Chapter 287: A Thousand Attentions Concentrated on One
Chapter 288: The Trial of Talent, Jiang Chens Choice
Chapter 288: The Trial of Talent, Jiang Chen’s Choice
Chapter 289: A Freak with the Boulders Heart
Chapter 289: A Freak with the Boulder’s Heart
Chapter 290: The Endless Mountain
Chapter 291: A Magnetic Storm
Chapter 292: Treasure of the Ninth Floor, the Thundercloud Tree
Chapter 293: The Thundercloud Cicada
Chapter 294: Marching Onto the Tenth Floor!
Chapter 295: Danger Lurks All Around
Chapter 296: The Lord of the Golden Seal
Chapter 297: The Test from the Lord of the Golden Seal
Chapter 298: A Transaction and A Compromise
Chapter 299: The Disappearance of the Magnetic Golden Mountain
Chapter 300: Interrogation and Friendly Indications
Chapter 301: The Fourth Trial, the Perverse Genius Continues
Chapter 302: Passing Easily
Chapter 303: Jiang Chens Goal
Chapter 303: Jiang Chen’s Goal
Chapter 304: The Decision of Victory in the Midst of Risk
Chapter 305: The Fifth Trial, the Valley of Destruction
Chapter 306: The Strong Determine Their Destinies
Chapter 307: The Divine Tree of Dreams
Chapter 308: A Frightening Massacre
Chapter 309: Fire For a Hundred Li
Chapter 310: The Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice, Flying Through the Earth
Chapter 311: A Massacre Between Two Kings
Chapter 312: Desperate Battle, Each With Their Own Plans
Chapter 313: Earning a Profit Without Working For It
Chapter 314: A Crazy Battle
Chapter 315: Jiang Chens Rich!
Chapter 315: Jiang Chen’s Rich!
Chapter 316: Since Youre All Courting Death, Then Go Die!
Chapter 316: Since You’re All Courting Death, Then Go Die!
Chapter 317: No Doubt About the Champion of the First Selection
Chapter 318: Rules of the Second Selection, The Eternal Spirit Mountain
Chapter 319: Fourth Level Candidate in the Mystic Spirit Quadrant
Chapter 320: An Explosion of Enmity
Chapter 321: Jiang Chen Demonstrates His Power
Chapter 322: Now Whos Boss?
Chapter 322: Now Who’s Boss?
Chapter 323: Increase in Armor Level, Art of Refining the Body
Chapter 324: The Hundred Challenges Arena
Chapter 325: The Challenges Begin
Chapter 326: [Title at the End]
Chapter 326: Xiao Fei Dan Fei, Jiang Chen Takes the Field
Chapter 327: Defeat with A Single Blow, a Dominating Jiang Chen
Chapter 328: A Small World Between Enemies
Chapter 329: A Mad String of Victories
Chapter 330: The Perverse Genius with 25 Straight Victories
Chapter 331: Purple Sun Sect, Im Not Interested
Chapter 331: Purple Sun Sect, I’m Not Interested
Chapter 332: Dan Fei and Her Deeply Rooted Affection
Chapter 333: Reactions After a Crazy Streak of Wins
Chapter 334: An Insidious Plot
Chapter 335: The Effects of the Extreme Aphrodisiac
Chapter 336: Jiang Chen, Let Me Help You
Chapter 337: After Joy Comes Sadness for Guo Ren
Chapter 338: Guo Ren Breaks Down
Chapter 339: Are You Threatening Me?
Chapter 340: Guo Ren Breaks Down, Jiang Chen is Champion
Chapter 341: Jiang Chens Sudden Insight, the Examiner Comes to Visit
Chapter 341: Jiang Chen’s Sudden Insight, the Examiner Comes to Visit
Chapter 342: Advancing into the Earth Spirit Quadrant
Chapter 343: Five Kinds of Rings
Chapter 344: Second Level of the Nine Transformations of Demons and Gods
Chapter 345: A Comical First Win in the Earth Quadrant
Chapter 346: Raging Tide of Flames? Too Weak!
Chapter 347: A Stab That Turns the Complex, Simple
Chapter 348: Receiving Pointers from Jiang Chen
Chapter 349: Master Shuiyues Resentment
Chapter 349: Master Shuiyue’s Resentment
Chapter 350: A Targeted Scheme
Chapter 351: Sparring Beneath the Moon
Chapter 352: A Shameless String of Fights
Chapter 353: Whats the Point of Keeping Trash?
Chapter 353: What’s the Point of Keeping Trash?
Chapter 354: Stunning the Earth Quadrant
Chapter 355: Master Shuiyue Incites Public Anger
Chapter 356: Kill!
Chapter 357: The Situation Greatly Changes
Chapter 358: Master Shuiyue is Relieved of Her Duties
Chapter 359: Fated Rivals
Chapter 360: The Thundercloud Tree, Refining the Golden Body
Chapter 361: The Three Geniuses of the Shuiyue Faction
Chapter 362: Two Portions of Beast Blood
Chapter 363: Liu Wencai Undergoes a Complete Change
Chapter 364: The Rules of the Sky Quadrant
Chapter 365: Meeting Long Juxue Again
Chapter 366: Obtaining Points
Chapter 367: The Betting Madman
Chapter 368: Admitting Defeat, Calling You Boss
Chapter 369: Lackey for Life
Chapter 370: Always Ready for a Beating Huh?
Chapter 371: Jiang Chens Plan to Grind Out Points
Chapter 371: Jiang Chen’s Plan to Grind Out Points
Chapter 372: Easily Completing the Level Two mission
Chapter 373: Divine Class Potential
Chapter 374: Unprecedented, Level Five Mission
Chapter 375: Stunning the Sky Quadrant
Chapter 376: Catching Up At Top Speed
Chapter 377: Too Much of the Limelight, Time to Suppress Him a Bit?
Chapter 378: Ill Make the Rules One Day
Chapter 378: I’ll Make the Rules One Day
Chapter 379: Ill Slap Whoever Dares Show Their Face
Chapter 379: I’ll Slap Whoever Dares Show Their Face
Chapter 380: A Meeting of the Most High
Chapter 381: The Top Geniuses Convene
Chapter 382: Jiang Chen Barges Into the Meeting
Chapter 383: Arriving Calmly, Leaving Stylishly
Chapter 384: Elder Shun and Huanger Appear Again
Chapter 384: Elder Shun and Huang’er Appear Again
Chapter 385: The Foundations of the Eternal Spirit Mountain Shakes
Chapter 386: Unexpected News
Chapter 387: The Plan to Assail the Sky Quadrant
Chapter 388: Long Juxues Breakthrough
Chapter 388: Long Juxue’s Breakthrough
Chapter 389: Long Juxues Mind Games
Chapter 389: Long Juxue’s Mind Games
Chapter 390: The Arrival of the Final Match
Chapter 391: The Two Biggest Wild Cards in the Final Matches
Chapter 392: The Second Round of Matches Begin
Chapter 393: Thoroughly Trouncing Iron Dazhi
Chapter 394: The Fight After Comprehension
Chapter 395: Others May Forsake Me, I Cannot Give Up on Myself
Chapter 396: Top Sixteen, Selection of the Geniuses
Chapter 397: Unexpected Betrayal, Unexpected Face-Slapping
Chapter 398: Jiang Chens Choice
Chapter 398: Jiang Chen’s Choice
Chapter 399: The Ranking Battles
Chapter 400: Facing Off Against Lei Gangyang, Every Blow Connects Solidly
Chapter 401: Eastern Amethyst Qi, Dance of the Lightning and Thunder Snakes
Chapter 402: An Incomparable Stroke
Chapter 403: The Duel Between Fated Rivals
Chapter 404: Cleaving Long Juxue[/expand]
Chapter 405: Accidents Happen
Chapter 406: Eternal Spirit Mountain, Impasse
Chapter 407: Elder Shun Inquires About an Illness
Chapter 408: Generation Binding Curse
Chapter 409: Saving Someone and Seeing Them Through to the End
Chapter 410: Precious Tree Sect, Rage of Forefather Thousandleaf
Chapter 411: Eighth Level Spirit Realm
Chapter 412: Plans to Leave, Elder Shuns Request
Chapter 412: Plans to Leave, Elder Shun’s Request
Chapter 413: Return to Skylaurel Kingdom
Chapter 414: Dan Feis Letter
Chapter 414: Dan Fei’s Letter
Chapter 415: Return to the Eastern Kingdom
Chapter 416: Big Changes
Chapter 417: Jiang Chens Rage
Chapter 417: Jiang Chen’s Rage
Chapter 418: Besieging the Shangyang Kingdom
Chapter 419: In Front of the Formation
Chapter 420: Internal Conflict, Internal Strife
Chapter 421: Armageddon for the Wu Clan
Chapter 422: The Might of the Evil Golden Eye
Chapter 423: One VS Two is Still a Trampling
Chapter 424: Eradicating Shuiyue, Enraging Sunchaser
Chapter 425: A Stalemate Between Origin Realms
Chapter 426: Sunchaser Backs Down
Chapter 427: Joining the Precious Tree Sect
Chapter 428: Envoy from the Sky Sect
Chapter 429: Divine Fruit of the Rosy Dawn
Chapter 430: The Iron Family Submits
Chapter 431: Calming Internal Conflict, Induction Ceremony
Chapter 432: A Domineering Arrival
Chapter 433: Domineering Arrogance, the Agreement of Nine Matches
Chapter 434: The Momentum of Utter Trampling
Chapter 435: The Momentum of Defeat
Chapter 436: Jiang Chen Emerges From Closed Door Cultivation, Strikes Back with Strength
Chapter 437: One Finger and One Palm Astounds His Opponents
Chapter 438: The Aura of the Earth Origin Realm
Chapter 439: Zuo Lan Flees in a Panic
Chapter 440: The Inheritance from the Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn
Chapter 441: A Hundred Flowers Bloom When Huanger Smiles
Chapter 441: A Hundred Flowers Bloom When Huang’er Smiles
Chapter 442: The Origin of the Ninesuns Sky Sect
Chapter 443: Regal Pill Palace, An Alliance Proposal
Chapter 444: Envoy from the Regal Pill Palace
Chapter 445: Initial Alliance Agreement
Chapter 446: Regal Pill Palace Head
Chapter 447: Gathering At the Precious Tree Sect
Chapter 448: Strange Phenomenon in the Skies
Chapter 449: Jiang Chen Enters the Origin Realm
Chapter 450: Sky Sect Against the Regal Pill Palace
Chapter 451: Wait For Me to Behead Sunchasers Dog of a Head
Chapter 451: Wait For Me to Behead Sunchaser’s Dog of a Head
Chapter 452: Battling Sunchaser
Chapter 453: Chasing Sunchaser
Chapter 454: Destroying Sunchaser, Shocking Feng Beidou
Chapter 455: A Fight Between Earth Sage Realm Experts, Golden Lotuses Surge
Chapter 456: A Match Full of Suspense
Chapter 457: The Olden Times of the Myriad Domain
Chapter 458: The Paramount Realm in the Myriad Domain
Chapter 459: Traveling to the Regal Pill Palace
Chapter 460: The Identity of a Core Disciple
Chapter 461: Jiang Chen Refuses To Be Taken Down a Peg
Chapter 462: The Demigod of Wood
Chapter 463: Great Barkers Are No Biters
Chapter 464: Stunning Four Seats with One Point
Chapter 465: Huanger Makes Her Move
Chapter 465: Huang’er Makes Her Move
Chapter 466: A Contest of Controlling Fire
Chapter 467: Winning in the Dao of Pills, Facing Off with Martial Dao
Chapter 468: The Pitched Battle Between Origin Realm Cultivators
Chapter 469: Fame With One Match
Chapter 470: The Endless Recruitment of the Elders
Chapter 471: An Eight Star Mission
Chapter 472: The Hexarune Dragon Pill
Chapter 473: Pill Refinement Pointers
Chapter 474: Rewards After Pill Formation
Chapter 475: The Allusion of the Pill Battles of Mt. Rippling Mirage
Chapter 476: Breakthrough, Peak of Second Level Origin Realm
Chapter 477: Geniuses Converge on Bluesky Mountain
Chapter 478: Fists Determine Reason
Chapter 479: Danger Emerges
Chapter 480: Chaos in the Lava Region
Chapter 481: Schemes and Plots
Chapter 482: Waste of Scheming, Easy Trampling
Chapter 483: Rune of Heavenly Water, Prison of Water
Chapter 484: Dragon!
Chapter 485: Jiang Chen Reveals Himself
Chapter 486: Use of All Trump Cards, Destroying Wei Wudao
Chapter 487: Dancing with Dragons
Chapter 488: Cutting the Hair and Washing the Marrow, An Enormous Change
Chapter 489: Returning with Fruitful Results
Chapter 490: The Battle Over Residences in the Sovereign Area
Chapter 491: Gifting Pills to Ye Chonglou
Chapter 492: Blood of a True Dragon
Chapter 493: Tang Hong Becomes a Golden Thigh to Hug [1]
Chapter 494: The Open minded and Straightforward Palace Head Dan Chi
Chapter 495: The Tussle Begins
Chapter 496: A Dominating First
Chapter 497: Threats and Temptation
Chapter 498: Jiang Chen Strikes Back, Linghu Runs Into Bad Luck
Chapter 499: Astounding Answering Speed
Chapter 500: Temporarily First
Chapter 501: The Only Uncertainty
Chapter 502: Final Rankings, Assignment of Residences
Chapter 503: Innate Wood Constitution of High Order
Chapter 504: Taking Up Residence
Chapter 505: The Conception of a Formation
Chapter 506: The Monthly Sovereign Area Meeting
Chapter 507: Suppression and Counterattack
Chapter 508: If Were Going to Bet, Lets Make a Bigger Bet
Chapter 508: If We’re Going to Bet, Let’s Make a Bigger Bet
Chapter 509: Enormous Arm of Buddhas Warrior Attendant
Chapter 509: Enormous Arm of Buddha’s Warrior Attendant
Chapter 510: Jiang Chen Wins the Bet
Chapter 511: You Have Questions? The Hell Does It Have To Do With Me
Chapter 512: Handing Out the Wood Spirit Spring
Chapter 513: Tempting the Ancient Cicada
Chapter 514: A Dominating Proclamation
Chapter 515: The Dao of Wealth
Chapter 516: Jiang Chens Amazing Arts
Chapter 516: Jiang Chen’s Amazing Arts
Chapter 517: Shen Trifire Bows in Defeat
Chapter 518: Elder Lian Cheng
Chapter 519: An Opportunity to Get Rich Comes Knocking
Chapter 520: Demanding A High Price
Chapter 521: The Utmost Pill Battle (I)
Chapter 522: The Utmost Pill Battle (II)
Chapter 523: The Authority After One Battle
Chapter 524: Formation Preparations
Chapter 525: Assimilating the Golden Cicadas Bloodline
Chapter 525: Assimilating the Golden Cicada’s Bloodline
Chapter 526: Successful Formation Setup
Chapter 527: The Ling Family Sisters
Chapter 528: Ling Biers Trouble
Chapter 528: Ling Bi’er’s Trouble
Chapter 529: A Crazy Ling Huier
Chapter 529: A Crazy Ling Hui’er
Chapter 530: Fifth Level Origin Realm
Chapter 531: The Thorny Problem of the Divine Befuddlement Miasma
Chapter 532: Converging on Mt. Rippling Mirage
Chapter 533: Provocation of Heavyweights
Chapter 534: Biers Pursuer
Chapter 534: Bi’er’s Pursuer
Chapter 535: Femme Fatale?
Chapter 536: Baffling Killing Intent
Chapter 537: A Grand Bet
Chapter 538: The Pill Battles Begin
Chapter 539: Champion of Fire Control
Chapter 540: Renewed Frenzy
Chapter 541: Attacked By All Sides
Chapter 542: Ding Tong Extends an Invitation
Chapter 543: Jiang Chens Strange Actions
Chapter 543: Jiang Chen’s Strange Actions
Chapter 544: Art of Spirit Reaping
Chapter 545: A Triple Champion
Chapter 546: Temptress Wei Xinger
Chapter 546: Temptress Wei Xing’er
Chapter 547: The Way of Divergent Pills, Jiang Chen Finds an Opening
Chapter 548: The Longevity Pill
Chapter 549: Rich Fruits of Achievement
Chapter 550: Verbal Sparring
Chapter 551: A Proud Walkabout Sect
Chapter 552: The Ultimate Comeback
Chapter 553: The Uproar Brought By the Longevity Pill
Chapter 554: Pill King, Pill Emperor
Chapter 555: Two Heavyweights Fight Over Jiang Chen
Chapter 556: Furiously Fighting Over the Longevity Pill
Chapter 557: A Preposterous Bidding War
Chapter 558: The Longevity Pill That Turns Back Time
Chapter 559: A Thrilling and Exciting Effect
Chapter 560: Mt. Rippling Mirage
Chapter 561: Ding Tongs Background
Chapter 561: Ding Tong’s Background
Chapter 562: Whos the Prey Now?
Chapter 562: Who’s the Prey Now?
Chapter 563: Destroying Ding Tong
Chapter 564: The Hidden Chameleon Cloudpine
Chapter 565: Intent After Glimpsing Wealth
Chapter 566: Killing and Counter Killing
Chapter 567: Plotting and Scheming
Chapter 568: A Dejected Elder Wu Hen
Chapter 569: Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 570: The Appearance of the Ancient Herb Garden
Chapter 571: Once in Three Thousand Years
Chapter 572: The Ulterior Motives of the Tristar Sect
Chapter 573: The Sacred Sword Palace Elicits Public Anger
Chapter 574: The Rippling Mirage Formation
Chapter 575: The Sage Fledgling Grass
Chapter 576: Jiang Chens Rich!
Chapter 576: Jiang Chen’s Rich!
Chapter 577: His Only Crime Was His Wealth
Chapter 578: A Series of Bizarre Events
Chapter 579: Jiang Chen, You Wolf in Sheeps Clothing!
Chapter 579: Jiang Chen, You Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing!
Chapter 580: Meeting Wang Han Again
Chapter 581: The Divine Island
Chapter 582: Being Framed
Chapter 583: Asking For A Face Slapping
Chapter 584
Chapter 585: Rules of Division
Chapter 586: Fighting Uproariously Over Spirit Herbs
Chapter 587: Deliberate Suppression
Chapter 588: The Sacred Altar
Chapter 589: Appearance of the Sky Rank Spirit Herbs
Chapter 590: Is Jiang Chen Crazy?
Chapter 591: Jiang Chen In Control of Everything
Chapter 592: Profiteering
Chapter 593: An Exorbitant Price for the Antidote
Chapter 594: Returning with Arms Full of Loot
Chapter 595: A Solo Operation
Chapter 596: Each With Their Own Plots
Chapter 597: Elder Chens Doomsday
Chapter 597: Elder Chen’s Doomsday
Chapter 598: Sudden Changes in the Altar
Chapter 599: The Formation Closes
Chapter 600: The Mysterious Cemetery, The Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect
Chapter 601: The Mysterious Ruins
Chapter 602: Jiang Chen Trapped!
Chapter 603: Sky Origin Realm, Breaking Through the First Formation
Chapter 604: Thundercloud Cicada Wings, Magnetic Golden Mountain
Chapter 605: The Hearts of the Girls
Chapter 606: The Ten Great Disciples, Sky Sect Geniuses
Chapter 607: Attack on the Regal Pill Palace
Chapter 608: An Arrogant Cao Jin
Chapter 609: Mysterious Cloaked Person
Chapter 610: Theres Always Someone Stronger
Chapter 610: There’s Always Someone Stronger
Chapter 611: Fleeing For His Life
Chapter 612: The Ancient Slaughter Formation
Chapter 613: Jiang Chen Challenges the Formation
Chapter 614: The Mystery of the Myriad Domain
Chapter 615: Disbandment of the Tristar Sect
Chapter 616: Partitioning the Tristar Sect
Chapter 617: Ninth Level Origin Realm
Chapter 618: Breaking Through All Three Outer Formations
Chapter 619: An Unrepentant Cao Jin
Chapter 620: A Storm Brews Again Over Mt. Rippling Mirage
Chapter 621: Haggling
Chapter 622: Finally Entering the Sage Realm
Chapter 623: Challenging the Tower of Inheritance
Chapter 624: For Everything That Exists, There Exists Its Counter
Chapter 625: The Three Treasures of Inheritance
Chapter 626: Whos the Prey?
Chapter 626: Who’s the Prey?
Chapter 627: Destroying One First
Chapter 628: Toyed By the Formation
Chapter 629: Divide and Conquer
Chapter 630: Victory in Numbers, Whos Afraid of Who?
Chapter 630: Victory in Numbers, Who’s Afraid of Who?
Chapter 631: The Battle That Caused Cao Jin To Have a Mental Breakdown
Chapter 632: Cao Jin Dying With Everlasting Regret
Chapter 633: Jiang Chens Departure
Chapter 633: Jiang Chen’s Departure
Chapter 634: Conflict in the Regal Pill Palace
Chapter 635: Return to Regal Pill Palace
Chapter 636: Rumors from Ancient Times
Chapter 637: The Young Master Has Ascended to the Sage Realm?
Chapter 638: Dispelling the Divine Befuddlement Miasma, Senior Sister Reveals Her Thoughts
Chapter 639: Upgrade to the Nine Gates Incineration Formation
Chapter 640: Setting Out for the Myriad Grand Ceremony
Chapter 641: Tragic Ruins
Chapter 642: The Cocky Sacred Sword Palace
Chapter 643: Alliance Proposal
Chapter 644: The Great Scarlet Mid Region
Chapter 645: Hotly Ambitious
Chapter 646: Huanger, Bier, and the Lingering Affections of Young Women
Chapter 646: Huang’er, Bi’er, and the Lingering Affections of Young Women
Chapter 647: Jiang Chen Confers Knowledge in Sword Dao
Chapter 648: Encountering a Genius of the Sacred Sword Palace
Chapter 649: A Bizarre Match
Chapter 650: Sent Flying With One Kick
Chapter 651: Stunning All Sides
Chapter 652: The Fires of Battle Continue
Chapter 653: Voluntary Forfeit
Chapter 654: Jiang Chen Muddies The Waters
Chapter 655: Jiang Chen Takes the Field
Chapter 656: Jiang Chen VS Wang Han
Chapter 657: Light from the Eyes Breaks Through Mystical Ice
Chapter 658: We All Have Trump Cards, But Im Still Stronger Than You
Chapter 658: We All Have Trump Cards, But I’m Still Stronger Than You
Chapter 659: The Utter Domination of Wang Han
Chapter 660: The Sacred Sword Palace Withdraws
Chapter 661: The List of Top Four
Chapter 662: Finals, Each Punch Finding Its Target
Chapter 663: The Power of Bloodlines Shocks the Audience
Chapter 664: A Physical Battle to a Civil One, A Battle of Grace
Chapter 665: Forfeiting with Frankness
Chapter 666: Jiang Chen Reveals Himself, Astounds All Present
Chapter 667: Sacred Sword Palace, All Of You Come At Me Together!
Chapter 668: Opening of the Myriad Domain Paramount Realm
Chapter 669: The Ming Tuo Relic
Chapter 670: The Transcendent Region
Chapter 671: Huanger Sounds the Warning
Chapter 671: Huang’er Sounds the Warning
Chapter 672: Dan Chi Retreats
Chapter 673: Like Turtles in a Jar
Chapter 674: Qin Mo , Besieged on All Sides
Chapter 674: Qin Mo [1], Besieged on All Sides
Chapter 675: Diverting the Heat
Chapter 676: The Sacred Sword Palace Betrayal
Chapter 677: Hunting in the Paramount Realm
Chapter 678: Emperor Featherflight, The Mysterious Palace
Chapter 679: Ling Biers Circumstances
Chapter 679: Ling Bi’er’s Circumstances
Chapter 680: Jiang Chen Reveals Himself
Chapter 681: Jiang Chen Successfully Schemes Against the Two
Chapter 682: Emperor Featherflights Remains
Chapter 682: Emperor Featherflight’s Remains
Chapter 683: Refining the Abode
Chapter 684: Two Inheritances
Chapter 685: Encounter on a Narrow Path
Chapter 686: The Stalwart Lin Bier
Chapter 686: The Stalwart Lin Bi’er
Chapter 687: The Terrifying Power of Restriction
Chapter 688: Devastating Battle Situation
Chapter 689: Jiang Chen to the Rescue
Chapter 690: The Shattered Sect
Chapter 691: Huanger Makes A Move Again
Chapter 691: Huang’er Makes A Move Again
Chapter 692: Huangers Affection
Chapter 692: Huang’er’s Affection
Chapter 693: The Counterattack Begins
Chapter 694: A Bold Plan
Chapter 695: Baiting a Fifth Level Sage Realm Genius
Chapter 696: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Chapter 697: Capturing Gong Qi Alive
Chapter 698: More Unexpected Events Arise
Chapter 699: Consecutive Blows
Chapter 700: Immense Losses
Chapter 701: Bounty, Pursuit
Chapter 702: New Journey, Veluriyam Capital
Chapter 703: Dan Chi Captured?
Chapter 704: The Tyrannical Eternal Celestial Capital
Chapter 705: Encountering Old Acquaintances
Chapter 706: Dog Eat Dog Between First Rank Sects
Chapter 707: The Tragedy Caused by a Single Sword
Chapter 708: Tricked by Jiang Chen
Chapter 709: Gifting Huanger an Opportunity
Chapter 709: Gifting Huang’er an Opportunity
Chapter 710: Huangers True Face Is Revealed
Chapter 710: Huang’er’s True Face Is Revealed
Chapter 711: Gathering at Infant Shriek
Chapter 712: A Three Way Match-Up
Chapter 713: The Crimson Heavens Formation Disk Reveals Its Might
Chapter 714: Complete Annihilation?
Chapter 715: None Left Alive
Chapter 716: Famed Throughout the Regions
Chapter 717: The Final Hurdle
Chapter 718: Many Troubles
Chapter 719: Ninelaugh Golden Buddha Powder
Chapter 720: A Transaction Style Medical Consultation
Chapter 721: Young Master of the Wei Family
Chapter 722: Barred At The Northern Gate
Chapter 723: A Narrow Escape Through The Northern Gates
Chapter 724: A Candid Interaction
Chapter 725: Veluriyam Capital
Chapter 726: Slave Market
Chapter 727: Why Dont You Beg Me Instead?
Chapter 727: Why Don’t You Beg Me Instead?
Chapter 728: Preliminary News
Chapter 729: A Revolting Business Custom
Chapter 730: You Forced Me to Rob You
Chapter 731: Regal Pill Palace Disciples
Chapter 732: Running Into Yet Another Problem
Chapter 733: Gouyu Awakens
Chapter 734: Intra-Sect Friendship
Chapter 735: Group Acceptance
Chapter 736: Ten Sage Realm Cultivators Submit
Chapter 737: Lord of the Majestic Clan
Chapter 738: Wave After Wave
Chapter 739: The Goal of Establishing Himself in Veluriyam Capital
Chapter 740: Inner Turmoil Surfaces in House Wei
Chapter 741: The Deviant Pill Faction
Chapter 742: Jiang Chen Strikes
Chapter 743: Elder Zhuos Great Admiration
Chapter 743: Elder Zhuo’s Great Admiration
Chapter 744: The Secret Recipe That Makes Wei Mo Blush
Chapter 745: Great Success
Chapter 746: Half-step Immortal Elixir Pill
Chapter 747: A Battle Between Pill Kings
Chapter 748: A Game of Life and Death
Chapter 749: Sudden Turnabout
Chapter 750: The Coming of The End
Chapter 751: All Is Ready
Chapter 752: The Veluriyam Pagoda
Chapter 753: An Astonishing Secret
Chapter 754: Long Xiaoxuan About to Break Through
Chapter 755: Face Slapping At the Auction
Chapter 756: The Young Lord of a Clan
Chapter 757: Three Longevity Pills!
Chapter 758: Wang Tengs Sinister Scheme
Chapter 758: Wang Teng’s Sinister Scheme
Chapter 759: Face Slapping and Counter Face Slapping
Chapter 760: The Skysnatcher Cauldron
Chapter 761: The Goldencrown Cloudcrane
Chapter 762: The Generous Young Master Ji San
Chapter 763: News of the Pine Crane Pill
Chapter 764: Bad News Before the Day of Opening
Chapter 765: The Aggrieved Wei Father and Son
Chapter 766: Jiang Chen Loses His Cool
Chapter 767: Showdown Proposal
Chapter 768: Lets Go A Little Mad With the Gamble
Chapter 768: Let’s Go A Little Mad With the Gamble
Chapter 769: Wang Teng, You Cant Afford the Bet?
Chapter 769: Wang Teng, You Can’t Afford the Bet?
Chapter 770: Losing to Oneself
Chapter 772: Comparisons Beget Frustration
Chapter 773: An Odd Choice of Materials
Chapter 774: Stunning Fire Control Technique
Chapter 775: The Triphase Pill
Chapter 776: The Brilliant Deviant Pill Faction
Chapter 777: Wang Teng Panics
Chapter 778: An Idol of the Deviant Pill Faction
Chapter 779: Jiang Chens Full Potential
Chapter 779: Jiang Chen’s Full Potential
Chapter 780: Victory Decided
Chapter 781: A Grand Victory
Chapter 782: Feted on All Sides
Chapter 783: Will You Be My Master?
Chapter 784: The Level of Alertness Rises
Chapter 785: Becoming Sworn Brothers
Chapter 786: Imperial Advent Defense Talisman
Chapter 787: Mutual Love, Huangers Background
Chapter 787: Mutual Love, Huang’er’s Background
Chapter 788: Myriad Abyss Island, Eternal Divine Kingdom
Chapter 789: News of Elder Shun
Chapter 790: Mu Gaoqis Whereabouts
Chapter 790: Mu Gaoqi’s Whereabouts
Chapter 791: The Coiling Dragon Clan Lord
Chapter 792: Diagnosing the Coiling Dragon Clan Lord
Chapter 793: A Way to Delay Cultivation Dissipation
Chapter 794: The Five Elements Augmentation Art, Success
Chapter 795: Preparing for Long Xiaoxuans Breakthrough
Chapter 795: Preparing for Long Xiaoxuan’s Breakthrough
Chapter 796: Invaders
Chapter 797: Leave None Alive
Chapter 798: The Loyal Captain Zhang
Chapter 799: The Murong Clan
Chapter 800: The Coiling Dragon Clan Turning of the Tables
Chapter 801: Long Xiaoxuans Human Form
Chapter 801: Long Xiaoxuan’s Human Form
Chapter 802: Emperor Shuras Interference?
Chapter 802: Emperor Shura’s Interference?
Chapter 803: When Kings Fight, Vassals Suffer
Chapter 804: Jiang Chen Sets A Plan In Motion
Chapter 805: Taiyuan Lodge Opens Once More
Chapter 806: Free Longevity Pills
Chapter 807: Whetting Ones Appetite
Chapter 807: Whetting One’s Appetite
Chapter 808: The Peafowl Guard
Chapter 809: Take Them Down
Chapter 810: The Domineering Peafowl Guard
Chapter 811: Taiyuan Lodge Is Done For Again
Chapter 812: Emperor Shura
Chapter 813: Seething With Rage
Chapter 814: Fifth Level Sage Realm
Chapter 815: Emperor Peafowl
Chapter 816: Emperor Peafowls Intentions
Chapter 816: Emperor Peafowl’s Intentions
Chapter 817: All-Seeing Eyes
Chapter 818: Redistribution of Longevity Pills
Chapter 819: The Sacred Peafowl Mountain
Chapter 820: An Imperial Opportunity
Chapter 821: The Test Begins
Chapter 822: Passing Three Stages in a Row
Chapter 823: The Thousand Peafowl Mural
Chapter 824: Unexpected News
Chapter 825: Pentecolor Divine Swords
Chapter 826: Provocation from Pillfire City
Chapter 827: Preemptive Strike
Chapter 828: Emperor Pillzenith
Chapter 829: The Preparations of a No Preparation Period
Chapter 830: Emperor Peafowls Wish
Chapter 830: Emperor Peafowl’s Wish
Chapter 831: Sacred Peafowl Mountains Inheritance
Chapter 831: Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s Inheritance
Chapter 832: News of Ling Huier
Chapter 832: News of Ling Hui’er
Chapter 833: The Ling Father and Daughter Pair
Chapter 834: Making Trouble In Public
Chapter 835: The Myriad Snake Gang On Their Knees
Chapter 836: Annihilating the Myriad Snake Gang
Chapter 837: Reunion
Chapter 838: The Gathering of Pill Dao Heavyweights
Chapter 839: A Hot Reception
Chapter 840: Jiang Chens Ploy
Chapter 840: Jiang Chen’s Ploy
Chapter 841: Consecutive Moves
Chapter 843: A Decisive Test
Chapter 844: Pill King Zhen Soars to Fame After One Battle
Chapter 845: Daners Emotions
Chapter 845: Dan’er’s Emotions
Chapter 846: Pillfire Citys Secret Letter
Chapter 846: Pillfire City’s Secret Letter
Chapter 847: Momentous News
Chapter 848: A Hint of the Requiem Wood
Chapter 849: A Leaf From the Requiem Tree
Chapter 850: Terrifying Poisonous Parasites
Chapter 851: An Easy Capture
Chapter 852: Plans to Visit Old Stomping Grounds
Chapter 853: Preparations Before Departure
Chapter 854: The Holy Kings of the Eternal Celestial Capital Meet
Chapter 855: The Wood Demon Tribe
Chapter 856: A Powerful Warning
Chapter 857: Chance Encounter with an Old Acquaintance
Chapter 858: Resplendent Emerald Verandas Young Madam
Chapter 858: Resplendent Emerald Veranda’s Young Madam
Chapter 859: Another Side of Wei Xinger
Chapter 859: Another Side of Wei Xing’er
Chapter 860: The Five Great Cauldrons of the Regal Pill Palace
Chapter 861: Shocking Wealth
Chapter 862: Jiang Chen Buys Three Slaves
Chapter 863: Brotherhood
Chapter 864: Pursuers
Chapter 865: The Resplendent Emerald Verandas True Intentions
Chapter 865: The Resplendent Emerald Veranda’s True Intentions
Chapter 866: Homeland Remains, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
Chapter 867: Returning to the Boundless Catacombs
Chapter 868: Mang Qis True Origin
Chapter 868: Mang Qi’s True Origin
Chapter 869: Secrets of the Demon Race
Chapter 870: The Desolate Wildlands
Chapter 871: Making a Move with Dominance
Chapter 872: The Wandering Cultivator Selling Pills
Chapter 873: The Six Wolves of Sparrow Mountain
Chapter 874: Lin Yanyus Background
Chapter 874: Lin Yanyu’s Background
Chapter 875: Scouting for Information
Chapter 876: The So-Called Alliance?
Chapter 877: Those Who Make the Rules
Chapter 878: The Experts Set the Rules
Chapter 879: Entering the Desolate Wildlands
Chapter 880: Untouched Spirit Herbs All Over The Ground
Chapter 881: Bone Apparitions
Chapter 882: The Shadow Demon King
Chapter 883: A Mint Ginseng
Chapter 884: Myriad Corpse Valley
Chapter 885: The Eight Statues
Chapter 886: Fleeing With His Tail Between His Legs
Chapter 887: Colluding Villains
Chapter 888: Demon King Nineshadows
Chapter 889: Leaving Myriad Corpse Valley
Chapter 890: Chaotic Astral Wind
Chapter 891: The Monster and the Altar
Chapter 892: Wood Demon Parasite Progenitor
Chapter 893: Aura of the Demon King
Chapter 894: Fighting Lu Shinan
Chapter 895: The Mighty Long Xiaoxuan
Chapter 896: Eliminating the Six Wolves of Sparrow Mountain
Chapter 897: Majestic Mountain-Sealing Formation
Chapter 898: Chasing the Dragonteeth Guard
Chapter 899: Death by One Palm Strike
Chapter 900: The Delight of Old Acquaintances COWABUNGA 900 CHAPTERS
Chapter 901: Annihilating the Purple Light Division
Chapter 902: The Generation Binding Curse, Resolved
Chapter 903: Veluriyam Pagoda Gathering
Chapter 904: Emperor Peafowls Successor Candidates
Chapter 905: The Return of Pill King Zhen
Chapter 906: Popularity Through the Roof
Chapter 907: Malicious Provocation
Chapter 908: Making Another Bet
Chapter 909: Utter Defeat
Chapter 910: Pill Recipe Selection
Chapter 911: The Hundredfold Marrow-Cleanse Pill
Chapter 912: Nominated as Young Lord?
Chapter 913: Pinecrane Pill
Chapter 914: Subduing Pill King Bu
Chapter 915: Complete Submission
Chapter 916: Three Disciples
Chapter 917: Foremost in Pill Dao in Veluriyam Capital
Chapter 918: Plans to Carve a Formation Disk
Chapter 919: Successful Completion
Chapter 920: The Fight of Three Rankings
Chapter 921: The Start of the Martial Pagoda Battles
Chapter 922: First Round of Selections
Chapter 923: The Much Acclaimed Pill King Zhen
Chapter 924: To Go Against the Heavens
Chapter 925: The First Victory
Chapter 926: Nine Consecutive Victories
Chapter 927: Three Images
Chapter 928: A Miraculously Powerful Opponent
Chapter 929: An Eye for an Eye
Chapter 930: Image Versus Image
Chapter 931: Inexhaustible Trump Cards
Chapter 932: An Earth-Shattering Strike
Chapter 933: Strike! Kill!
Chapter 934: The Intent of Ten Thousand Blades
Chapter 935: Heritage of Dragon Blood
Chapter 936: The Genius Rankings Battles
Chapter 937: Sword Dao Genius
Chapter 938: Enemies, Like Lovers, Are Designed to Meet
Chapter 939: A Clean, Pre-Emptive Strike
Chapter 940: The Number One Sword Dao Genius of Veluriyam Capital
Chapter 941: There is Always a Better
Chapter 942: End of the Sixth Elimination Round
Chapter 943: The Ranking Battles Begin
Chapter 944: A Well-Rounded Martial Dao Genius
Chapter 945: I Will Make Only One Move
Chapter 946: Eight Consecutive Victories, Battle for First Place
Chapter 947: A Strong Opponent
Chapter 948: Counterattack, Dragon Roar!
Chapter 949: Unexpected Forfeiture
Chapter 950: The Ranking of Young Lords
Chapter 951: Jiang Chens Martial Dao Knowledge
Chapter 952: Veluriyam Capital Needs a New Idol
Chapter 953: Provocation
Chapter 954: The Terrifying Power of an Innate Water Constitution
Chapter 955: Devoured with a Single Mouthful
Chapter 956: Attaining Eighth Level Sage Realm
Chapter 957: A Revitalized Taiyuan Tower
Chapter 958: Jiang Chen Challenged
Chapter 959: The Grace of a Strike
Chapter 960: Brotherhood
Chapter 961: Geniuses of Emperor Peafowls Line
Chapter 962: A Jealous Genius
Chapter 963: Switching Between Attack and Defense
Chapter 964: A Small World for Enemies
Chapter 965: Second Encounter, Waterveil Prison
Chapter 966: A Quick and Forceful Counterattack
Chapter 967: Windrider Wings
Chapter 968: The Darkest Amongst All Dark Horses
Chapter 969: The Most Essential Battle
Chapter 970: Wrath of Demons and Gods
Chapter 971: The Long Anticipated Lord of the Golden Seal
Chapter 972: The Pinnacle Of The Battle
Chapter 973: Overwhelming Victory
Chapter 974: End of the Ranking Battles
Chapter 975: Proclamation of Young Lord
Chapter 976: The Most Popular Young Lord
Chapter 977: Who Stays And Who Goes
Chapter 978: Taking Up Residence in Sacred Peafowl Mountain
Chapter 979: Miss Daner
Chapter 980: The Main Pagodas Secret
Chapter 981: The Influence of a Young Master
Chapter 982: An Immensely Respectful Lin Ming
Chapter 983: The Courteousness and Dignity of a Young Lord
Chapter 984: Nianer
Chapter 985: Plumscore Monarch
Chapter 986: The Three Secret Realms
Chapter 987: The Astounding Young Lord Zhen
Chapter 988: The Opening of the Magnetic Golden Mountain
Chapter 989: The Six Palaces of Heritage
Chapter 990: Breaking Through Forcefully, Leaving Others in the Dust
Chapter 991: Five In a Row
Chapter 992: Enormous Gains
Chapter 993: Stunning Comprehension
Chapter 994: A Conflict of Pride
Chapter 995: A Stunning Young Master Ji San
Chapter 996: The Sole Regret in Breaking Through to Emperor Realm
Chapter 997: Breakthrough, Ninth Level Sage Realm
Chapter 998: Conquering The Seventh Veluriyam Obelisk
Chapter 999: A Mad Young Lord Zhen
Chapter 1000: A Comparison of Geniuses
Chapter 1001: Momentum That Leaves One Speechless
Chapter 1002: The Mysterious Chain Seal
Chapter 1003: The Final Hurdle
Chapter 1004: Inheriting the Six Palaces
Chapter 1005: Honored Master Peng
Chapter 1006: An Angry Old Man
Chapter 1007: Kunpengs Meteoric Escape
Chapter 1008: Reactions From All Sides
Chapter 1009: Accepting The Challenge
Chapter 1010: News That Stunned Jiang Chen
Chapter 1011: Jiang Chen Exits the Pagoda
Chapter 1012: The First Drop of Kunpeng Bloodline, Gifted
Chapter 1013: Refining The Pinecrane Pill
Chapter 1014: A Great Success
Chapter 1015: Wake Up Call
Chapter 1016: Jiang Chens Plans
Chapter 1017: Sending Lin Yanyu on An Errand
Chapter 1018: A Gift From A Great Emperor
Chapter 1019: A Game of Seven Emperors
Chapter 1020: A Sudden Enlightenment
Chapter 1021: Stunning Veluriyam Capital
Chapter 1022: Stirring to Action
Chapter 1023: A Bit of Surprising News
Chapter 1024: The Prancing Pony
Chapter 1025: Forcing Me to Beat You Up
Chapter 1026: The Arrival of Steward Nius Hoped Savior
Chapter 1027: Searching For News of Parents
Chapter 1028: A Way to Repay a Favor Once and for All
Chapter 1029: Turning Stone to Gold, Trash to Treasure
Chapter 1030: Dusting Off and Leaving
Chapter 1031: The Shocked Crown Prince
Chapter 1032: Pillfire City
Chapter 1033: Star Mill
Chapter 1034: Mu Gaoqis Unique Style
Chapter 1035: The Temptation of a Deal
Chapter 1036: Star Harvesters Boss
Chapter 1037: Two Plans
Chapter 1038: Miss Keke Pays a Visit
Chapter 1039: The Star Harvesters Decision
Chapter 1040: Signing Up
Chapter 1041: Emperor Peerless
Chapter 1042: Enhancing the Level of the Bounty Arena
Chapter 1043: The Three Greats
Chapter 1044: Jiang Chens Ambition
Chapter 1045: A Jiang Chen Looked Down By All
Chapter 1046: The Only Cross-Zone Challenger
Chapter 1047: Stunned
Chapter 1048: I Come From Myriad Abyss Island
Chapter 1049: Attention from Emperor Peerless
Chapter 1050: The Bounty Arena Begins
Chapter 1051: Speed in Earning Money
Chapter 1052: Unexpected Incident
Chapter 1053: One Issue After Another
Chapter 1054: The Emperor Rages, and the World Trembles
Chapter 1055: Jiang Chen Makes Out Like a Bandit
Chapter 1056: The Great Emperors Worries
Chapter 1057: The Best of Friends Despite Differences in Age
Chapter 1058: Sovereign Rank Bounty
Chapter 1059: A Stunning Pillfire City
Chapter 1060: Jiang Chens Decision
Chapter 1061: Haggling over the Ancient Reformation Pill
Chapter 1062: Celestial Cicada Court
Chapter 1063: A Great Haul
Chapter 1064: Invitation To The Auction
Chapter 1065: Radiant Celestial Grass
Chapter 1066: Jiang Chen Takes the First Crack
Chapter 1067: Fifth Item On Auction, Master Mu
Chapter 1068: Emperor Peerless Strikes the Gavel
Chapter 1069: Secret Realm
Chapter 1070: Saving Elder Yun Nie
Chapter 1071: Long Lost Brothers Finally Meet Again
Chapter 1072: Old Brother Mo, My Apologies
Chapter 1073: The Geng Brothers
Chapter 1074: The Suspected Cloud Devouring Tiger
Chapter 1075: The Celestial Grass Again
Chapter 1076: A Competition of Speed
Chapter 1077: Frostmoon City
Chapter 1078: An Unexpected Development, A Toxic Dose Of Love
Chapter 1079: I Must Save Emperor Peerless
Chapter 1080: The Overweening Third Master Jing
Chapter 1081: Dragon and Tiger Brothers
Chapter 1082: Third Master Jings Repeat Provocation
Chapter 1083: Long Xiaoxuan Attacks
Chapter 1084: Things Have Gone Out Of Control
Chapter 1085: From Arrogance to Humility
Chapter 1086: Brother Long Grows Increasingly Conceited
Chapter 1087: To the Satisfaction of All
Chapter 1088: Inexhaustible Radiant Celestial Grass
Chapter 1089: Arriving At Heavensfall Society
Chapter 1090: 500 Million Ransom
Chapter 1091: How to Taunt With Greater Skill
Chapter 1092: Not Surrendering? Beat Them Again!
Chapter 1093: News of His Parents?
Chapter 1094: His Surname is Also Jiang?
Chapter 1095: The Heavensworn Four
Chapter 1096: Prelude to Inner Conflict?
Chapter 1097: The Great Emperors Fury
Chapter 1098: The Terrified Heavensworn Four
Chapter 1099: Wanting To Cry, But Lacking Tears To Do So
Chapter 1100: Other Brothers and Sisters?
Chapter 1101: Bleakmoon Hall
Chapter 1102: Youre Emperor Peerless?
Chapter 1103: Third Master Jings Wish to Befriend Jiang Chen
Chapter 1104: A Ray of Hope
Chapter 1105: Sable Cells
Chapter 1106: Whereabouts of Father Jiang Feng
Chapter 1107: The Ten Ultimates
Chapter 1108: One Hit K.O.
Chapter 1109: Father and Son Meet With No Recognition
Chapter 1110: Rescuing Jiang Feng
Chapter 1111: A Deep Love Between Father and Son
Chapter 1112: An Excited Jiang Feng
Chapter 1113: A New Problem
Chapter 1114: New Troubles
Chapter 1115: A Great Emperors Backing
Chapter 1116: The Thorny Problem of the Moon God Sect
Chapter 1117: Two Generations of Holy Maidens
Chapter 1118: Moon God Precious Tree
Chapter 1119: Utterly Shameful
Chapter 1120: Jiang Chens Recommendation
Chapter 1121: Jiang Chen Sets Off
Chapter 1122: A Deeply Confused Holy Maiden Qingxuan
Chapter 1123: Shocking the Entire Sect
Chapter 1124: The Kiss Had Nothing to Do With Love
Chapter 1125: Holy Maiden Xu Meng Crazed With Joy
Chapter 1126: On the Verge of Coming Out
Chapter 1127: Reunited
Chapter 1128: Homeward
Chapter 1129: Great Yu Skysword Sect
Chapter 1130: The Great Yu Skysword Sects Hearty Invitation
Chapter 1131: A Guest Pill King
Chapter 1132: Liu Zhens Grievances
Chapter 1133: Money Makes the World Go Round
Chapter 1134: A Liu Family Thrown Into Chaos
Chapter 1135: A Proudly Strutting Liu Zhen
Chapter 1136: Returning to Veluriyam Capital
Chapter 1137: The Scent of Danger?
Chapter 1138: Nine Sparks Petalstorm Formation
Chapter 1139: Revisiting Great Scarlet Capital
Chapter 1140: The Four Great Wandering Cultivators
Chapter 1141: Slipping Into the Resplendent Emerald Veranda
Chapter 1142: Wei Xingers Thoughts
Chapter 1143: A Formation Obstacle
Chapter 1144: Putting On a Show
Chapter 1145: A Treasure In a Secret Realm?
Chapter 1146: The Master of the Resplendent Emerald Veranda
Chapter 1147: A Formation of Blood
Chapter 1148: Saving Wei Xinger
Chapter 1149: Defense from the Four Great Wandering Cultivators
Chapter 1150: Shocking Emperor Realm Cultivators
Chapter 1151: Sir Miao Turns Into a Demon
Chapter 1152: A Lethal Blow From the Vermillion Bird Image
Chapter 1153: Lingering Fear
Chapter 1154: An Enormous Stone Forest
Chapter 1155: Imperial Prince Zhao
Chapter 1156: The Giant Rock Formation
Chapter 1157: A Bloody Fog
Chapter 1158: Haggling
Chapter 1159: Skyclearer Talisman
Chapter 1160: Great Losses on Both Sides
Chapter 1161: To Beat The Veranda Master At His Own Game
Chapter 1162: The Demon Emperor Awakens
Chapter 1163: Demon Emperor Bloodmalva
Chapter 1164: Defying the Demon Emperor
Chapter 1165: Ambush
Chapter 1166: Charging Back to the Altar
Chapter 1167: Bloodline Reversion
Chapter 1168: Venerated Skysoarer
Chapter 1169: Breaking Through to Emperor Realm
Chapter 1170: Rewards of the Second Palace
Chapter 1171: The Only Hope Of The Human Race
Chapter 1172: Leaving Veluriyam Pagoda
Chapter 1173: A Great Hubbub In Front of Taiyuan Tower
Chapter 1174: Jiang Chen Prepares to Slap Face
Chapter 1175: The Level of Jiang Chens Questions
Chapter 1176: The Chasm Of Strength
Chapter 1177: Sudden Changes
Chapter 1178: Might As Well Fight My Way In
Chapter 1179: Emperor Peafowl is Dead?
Chapter 1180: Deeply Rooted Conflict
Chapter 1181: A General Summons
Chapter 1182: The Two Great Emperors
Chapter 1183: Jiang Chens Worries
Chapter 1184: The Frightening Heavenly Chalice Sword Formation
Chapter 1185: Jiang Chen Prepares For Battle
Chapter 1186: Tales of Heroes
Chapter 1187: The Chance to Reach Empyrean Realm
Chapter 1188: Gifting the Kunpeng Bloodline
Chapter 1189: The Vassal Meeting
Chapter 1190: The Shocking Appearance of the Pinecrane Pill
Chapter 1191: Emperor Peafowls Whereabouts
Chapter 1192: Jiang Chens Allies
Chapter 1193: External Forces
Chapter 1194: The Celestial Cicada Court
Chapter 1195: The Vassal Meeting
Chapter 1196: Im Not Planning to Give You A Chance
Chapter 1197: Strong Animosity
Chapter 1198: An Election?
Chapter 1199: Deciding on the Solution
Chapter 1200: Jiang Chens Presence
Chapter 1201: The Competition Begins
Chapter 1202: An Unexpected Draw
Chapter 1203: To Decide Via Martial Might?
Chapter 1204: Closing In Step-By-Step
Chapter 1205: Trump Cards
Chapter 1206: Thirteen Rounds to Decide the Victor
Chapter 1207: Joining Sacred Peafowl Mountain
Chapter 1208: A Completely Unexpected Candidate
Chapter 1209: Debate Over the Choice of Candidates
Chapter 1210: Starting Off With Pill Dao
Chapter 1211: A Loss in the First Battle
Chapter 1212: Are You Masochistic?
Chapter 1213: The Black Winged Drake
Chapter 1214: A True Dragon Reveals Itself
Chapter 1215: Morale Up and Down
Chapter 1216: Three Victories Out of Three Battles for Young Lord Zhen
Chapter 1217: Li Jianchengs Flirtatious Ways
Chapter 1218: Cant Lose Another Round
Chapter 1219: The Martial Dao Rounds Begin
Chapter 1220: Clawing Back Forcefully
Chapter 1221: The Proud Shura Retreat
Chapter 1222: Go Teach Him A Lesson, Huanger
Chapter 1223: Whos Letting Who Have Three Moves?
Chapter 1224: Bedraggedly Taking His Words Back
Chapter 1225: Huanger Displays Her Might
Chapter 1226: Why Did He Lose
Chapter 1227: The Final Battle
Chapter 1228: Shocking Defenses
Chapter 1229: Emperor Shura About to Lose His Mind
Chapter 1230: The Rain of Blood Technique
Chapter 1231: Displaying Various Arts
Chapter 1232: The Violet Rings
Chapter 1233: The Final Trump Card
Chapter 1234: A Bottomless Bag of Tricks
Chapter 1235: Times Up
Chapter 1236: Withdrawing From Veluriyam Capital
Chapter 1237: Roping In Peoples Hearts
Chapter 1238: A New Official Works Hard to Show Efficiency
Chapter 1239: Escape
Chapter 1240: First, Be Loyal To Young Lord Zhen
Chapter 1241: Jiang Chens Decision
Chapter 1242: The Three Benefits
Chapter 1243: The Boundary Steles
Chapter 1244: The Moon God Sects Response
Chapter 1245: Holy Maiden Qingxuans Great Support of Her Brother
Chapter 1246: An Irate Pillfire City
Chapter 1247: Tit For Tat Provocation
Chapter 1248: I Can Do Everything You Can Do
Chapter 1249: The Hoarcrown Supreme Mystery Pill
Chapter 1250: Frenzied Offering of Ideas
Chapter 1251: The Six Titans Of The Wandering World
Chapter 1252: The Eight First Rank Sects
Chapter 1253: The Ninesuns Sky Sect Requests Peace
Chapter 1254: Get Out Of Here, Now!
Chapter 1255: Undefined Enmity
Chapter 1256: Gathering of the Titans
Chapter 1257: Luring Fish to the Bait
Chapter 1258: Shifting Allegiances on the Frontlines?
Chapter 1259: Jiang Chens Attitude
Chapter 1260: General Betrayal
Chapter 1261: Besieged on All Sides
Chapter 1262: Jiang Chens Marvelous Move
Chapter 1263: Immense Shared Joy
Chapter 1264: Hearts Together
Chapter 1265: True Submission With Good Grace
Chapter 1266: The Meet Begins
Chapter 1267: Sincere Invitation to Heavyweights
Chapter 1268: Treasure Identification Begins
Chapter 1269: Three Supreme Rank Treasures
Chapter 1270: The Heavencloud Ganoderma
Chapter 1271: The Seven Star Convergence Talisman
Chapter 1272: Open Display of Treasures
Chapter 1273: Shock, Utter Shock!
Chapter 1274: The Uproar Caused By the Jade Token
Chapter 1275: The Heavenly Dragon Sects Demands
Chapter 1276: The Owner of the Heavencloud Ganoderma
Chapter 1277: The Transaction For The Heavencloud Ganoderma
Chapter 1278: Tan Zhis True Identity
Chapter 1279: Those of the Regal Pill Palace Gather Again
Chapter 1280: Opening of the Trading Fair
Chapter 1281: Young Lord Zhens Acquisition List
Chapter 1282: True Heavensfall Iron?
Chapter 1283: Controversy Rises Again
Chapter 1284: The Matter Blows Up
Chapter 1285: The Debate of the Heavencloud Ganoderma
Chapter 1286: Jiang Chens Wondrous Abilities
Chapter 1287: Avoiding the Death Penalty But Still Suffering Punishment
Chapter 1288: A Lavish Affair
Chapter 1289: Controversy Over the Auction List
Chapter 1290: Realizing Ones Rich
Chapter 1291: The Auction Begins
Chapter 1292: Display of Rare Goods
Chapter 1293: Fighting Over Supreme Treasures
Chapter 1294: An Astronomical Price
Chapter 1295: The Auction Comes To An End
Chapter 1296: Daner Emerges From Closed Door Cultivation
Chapter 1297: Daners Decision
Chapter 1298: Incredibly Strong Pill Dao
Chapter 1299: Forceful Expulsion
Chapter 1300: Huangers Worries?
Chapter 1301: An Unwelcome Guest
Chapter 1302: Are You Worthy of Representing the Heavenly Law?
Chapter 1303: Ties of Fate
Chapter 1304: Peak Second Level Emperor Realm!
Chapter 1305: Discussion of Rebuilding the Regal Pill Palace
Chapter 1306: Setup and Visitors
Chapter 1307: Jiang Chen Pushes the Price Down
Chapter 1308: Enormous Gains
Chapter 1309: A Sincere Announcement
Chapter 1310: The Ninesuns Sky Sect
Chapter 1311: Continuous Argument
Chapter 1312: Obstruction In Front of the Mountain Gates
Chapter 1313: A Transaction
Chapter 1314: Pointing Swords At Ones Homeland
Chapter 1315: Fear of Not Surviving a Single Day
Chapter 1316: Routed Before The First Sword Drawn
Chapter 1317: The Nirvana Sect Contributes
Chapter 1318: House Yans Forefather
Chapter 1319: The Terrifying Rat Flood
Chapter 1320: First Blood With the Crown Prince
Chapter 1321: Killing With A Borrowed Knife
Chapter 1322: The Three Great Sects
Chapter 1323: A Terrifying Formation
Chapter 1324: The Frightening Strength of Great Emperors
Chapter 1325: Inside And Outside the Formations
Chapter 1326: The Four Great Emperors Assembled
Chapter 1327: Ambush From the Forefather
Chapter 1328: Fall of the Forefather
Chapter 1329: The End of the Road
Chapter 1330: The Scene is Set
Chapter 1331: The Precious Tree Sect, Dan Feis Reappearance
Chapter 1332: Charge In And Open Up A Slaughter
Chapter 1333: Stalemate
Chapter 1334: The Three Peafowl Feathers
Chapter 1335: The True Disciple From The Empyrean River Palace
Chapter 1336: A Powerful Showdown
Chapter 1337: An Elder of the Empyrean River Palace
Chapter 1338: Nearing The Truth
Chapter 1339: Tears Of Joy
Chapter 1340: Dan Feis Decision
Chapter 1341: Dan Fei, Daner?
Chapter 1342: Under Siege
Chapter 1343: Reality or Dream?
Chapter 1344: Old Friends Meet Again
Chapter 1345: No Quarter Given
Chapter 1346: News of Emperor Peafowl
Chapter 1347: Eastern Zhiruo
Chapter 1348: Rebuilding The Regal Pill Palace
Chapter 1349: Jiang Chens Invitation
Chapter 1350: Old Master Ye Chonglou
Chapter 1351: Taking Over Great Scarlet
Chapter 1352: Jiang Chens Daughter, Nianer
Chapter 1353: A Womans Heart Is Unfathomable
Chapter 1354: The Stunning Marriage Proposal Procession
Chapter 1355: Marriage Discussions
Chapter 1356: Husband And Wife Reunited
Chapter 1357: Alls Well That Ends Well
Chapter 1358: Discussion of the Greater Picture
Chapter 1359: Great Emperors Convene at Pillfire City
Chapter 1360: Making Plans
Chapter 1361: Emperor Pillzeniths Ambitions
Chapter 1362: Jiang Chens Remarkable Move
Chapter 1363: Enemies Meet On A Narrow Path
Chapter 1364: Facing Off Before the Formations
Chapter 1365: A Surprising Decision
Chapter 1366: Jiang Chens Trump Card
Chapter 1367: A Bold Plan
Chapter 1368: Emperor Heartcloud
Chapter 1369: Pouring In
Chapter 1370: A Wicked Plan
Chapter 1371: Forced By The Circumstances
Chapter 1372: Capturing Sir Tian Lin
Chapter 1373: Deception
Chapter 1374: Revisiting the Moon God Sect
Chapter 1375: Departure
Chapter 1376: A Month-Long Deadlock
Chapter 1377: A Crazy Proposal
Chapter 1378: Dividing The Spoils
Chapter 1379: Jiang Chen Slaps Faces
Chapter 1380: Pillfire City Submits
Chapter 1381: Jiang Chens Requests
Chapter 1382: Back In Veluriyam
Chapter 1383: The Balance Of Power in the Upper Eight Regions
Chapter 1384: Emperor Wellsprings Worry
Chapter 1385: Immense Support For Jiang Chen
Chapter 1386: Secrets of the Demon Race
Chapter 1387: Jiang Tong And Jiang Yu
Chapter 1388: An Uninvited Guest
Chapter 1389: The Entire Sect Shakes
Chapter 1390: Standing With Pride
Chapter 1391: A Terrified Purple Smoke Sect
Chapter 1392: Related to Veluriyam Capital?
Chapter 1393: Knocking On Doors To Apologize
Chapter 1394: The Astral White Tiger Awakens
Chapter 1395: Closed Door Cultivation, Breakthrough
Chapter 1396: A Perfect Conclusion
Chapter 1397: Sparring Between Great Emperors
Chapter 1398: Emperor Peerless Stunning All
Chapter 1399: Expending Much Thought and Care
Chapter 1400: An Empyrean Opportunity
Chapter 1401: Emperor Wellspring Vows Allegiance
Chapter 1402: Purple Smoke Sect of Phoenix Cry Lower Region
Chapter 1403: Agarwood Valley
Chapter 1404: Great Powers Converge
Chapter 1405: Fragrance in the Night
Chapter 1406: The Strange Agarwood Valley
Chapter 1407: The Mysterious Light Pillars
Chapter 1408: A Secret Realm Fading In and Out of Sight
Chapter 1409: Cannon Fodder to the Fore
Chapter 1410: A Domineering Long Baxiang
Chapter 1411: Entering The Secret Realm
Chapter 1412: An Ancient Sect?
Chapter 1413: A Series Of Tests
Chapter 1414: On The Tip of Ones Tongue
Chapter 1415: Division of Profits
Chapter 1416: Crimson Clouds Looming Overhead, An Ancient Vermillion
Chapter 1417: Catastrophic Disaster
Chapter 1418: Treasure Storage
Chapter 1419: The Crafty Jiang Chen
Chapter 1420: The Ancient Language of the Beasts
Chapter 1421: A Celestial Demon Lord?
Chapter 1422: Warning And Persuasion
Chapter 1423: Terror and Despair
Chapter 1424: An Enormous Hand of White Bone
Chapter 1425: The Demon Mind Brand
Chapter 1426: The Ultimate Treasure of the Sect?
Chapter 1427: The Primordial Stone Golem Tribe
Chapter 1428: The Primosanct Sect’s Secret Art
Chapter 1429: Revival of the Ancient Stone Golems!
Chapter 1430: The Demon Lord’s Scheme
Chapter 1431: A New Mission
Chapter 1432: The Stone Golems Unleash Their Might
Chapter 1433: The Demon Servants’ Rout
Chapter 1434: The Golem Brothers Swear Allegiance
Chapter 1435: The Three Signature Treasures
Chapter 1436: The Formation’s Inner Workings
Chapter 1436: Face-Off
Chapter 1438: Breaking of the Boundary Stele?
Chapter 1439: Three Empyrean Experts!
Chapter 1440: Southern Celestial Tribe, Release of the Celestial Demon
Chapter 1441: Emergence of the Divine Bow
Chapter 1442: The Might of the Divine Bow
Chapter 1443: The Spirit Stone Mine
Chapter 1444: Departure And Changes
Chapter 1445: Bizarre News
Chapter 1446: Resurrection From the Dead
Chapter 1447: Coming To A Firm Decision
Chapter 1448: Open Hostility
Chapter 1449: Discussion on the Eve of Battle
Chapter 1450: To Crush Utterly
Chapter 1451: A Trade of Hostages
Chapter 1452: Unbounded Tide of Rats
Chapter 1453: Despair Permeates
Chapter 1454: The Defensive Line’s Collapse
Chapter 1455: Let Fists Talk First
Chapter 1456: To Be Deserted By One’s Followers
Chapter 1457: Struggles of a Cornered Beast, Crippling With One Palm Strike
Chapter 1458: The Curtains Fall
Chapter 1459: An Impossible Decision Between Dan’er and Huang’er
Chapter 1460: Vermillion Bird Essence
Chapter 1461: Three Years Seclusion
Chapter 1462: The Order of Wind and Cloud?
Chapter 1463: The Ninesuns Sky Sect Requests Backup
Chapter 1464: More Bad News
Chapter 1465: A Dilemma
Chapter 1466: The True Strength Of The Order Of Wind And Cloud
Chapter 1467: The Supreme Lord of the Order of Wind And Cloud
Chapter 1468: The Heavenly Dragon Sect Teetering on the Edge of Disaster
Chapter 1469: Swollen With Arrogance
Chapter 1470: The Grand Assembly
Chapter 1471: Recruiting Jiang Chen
Chapter 1472: Alliance Head Chen
Chapter 1473: What Is Empty Will Be Replenished, What Is Substantial Shall Be Lacking
Chapter 1474: The Mysterious Protector King Scourcloud
Chapter 1475: Doubts And Suspicions Swirl
Chapter 1476: Sir Xiahou
Chapter 1477: Admiration, Envy, Hate
Chapter 1478: A Tremendous Appetite
Chapter 1479: Protector King Scourcloud’s Identity
Chapter 1480: Utmost Urgency
Chapter 1481: Borrowing the Third Palace of Heritage
Chapter 1482: Encirclement to Attack Reinforcements
Chapter 1483: Swaggering And Bravado
Chapter 1484: Sudden Betrayals On The Brink Of Battle
Chapter 1485: Beating Someone At His Own Game
Chapter 1486: Nets Above and Snares Below
Chapter 1487: Who’s Smarter Than Who?
Chapter 1488: The Slaughter Begins
Chapter 1489: House Xiahou
Chapter 1490: An Unparalleled Shot
Chapter 1491: Jiang Chen Returns
Chapter 1492: The Start Of The Counterattack
Chapter 1493: Continued Unexpectedness
Chapter 1494: Berating an Empyrean Cultivator
Chapter 1495: Antidote
Chapter 1496: Like-minded Villains
Chapter 1497: The Northwestern Wastes
Chapter 1498: A Change In Mindset
Chapter 1499: The Boundary Stele is Shattered?
Chapter 1500: The Embittered Savage Tribe
Chapter 1501: The Gunuo Village
Chapter 1502: A Precarious Situation
Chapter 1503: A Miraculous Arrow
Chapter 1504: A Hair Away from Disaster, Reinforcements Arrive
Chapter 1505: A Stern Warning
Chapter 1506: A Hesitant Moon God Sect
Chapter 1507: A Most Difficult Decision
Chapter 1508: The Moon God Sect Requests Asylum
Chapter 1509: The Magpie’s Nest is Occupied By the Dove
Chapter 1510: The Third Palace of Heritage
Chapter 1511: Honghou Palace
Chapter 1512: A Tale of Two Trials
Chapter 1513: Confounding Puppets
Chapter 1514: A New Development
Chapter 1515: Discussion of a Punitive Expedition
Chapter 1516: Pretending to Advance Along One Path While Secretly Going Down Another
Chapter 1517: Each With Their Own Methods
Chapter 1518: A Stroke of Brilliance
Chapter 1519: Another Unexpected Turn Of Events
Chapter 1520: Jiang Chen’s Displays His Might
Chapter 1521: The Confounding Puppets Whirl Into Action
Chapter 1522: Severely Injuring Shu Wanqing
Chapter 1523: Continued Misfortunes
Chapter 1524: Inching Closer Step By Step
Chapter 1525: To the Victor Goes the Spoils
Chapter 1526: An Empyrean Decree
Chapter 1527: A Stunning Move
Chapter 1528: Each With Their Own Arrangements
Chapter 1529: A Strong Enemy Comes Calling
Chapter 1530: True Motive
Chapter 1531: An Aggressive Choice
Chapter 1532: Enormous Gains
Chapter 1533: I’m Rich!
Chapter 1534:The Mysterious Chain Seal
Chapter 1535: The Embittered Savages’ Holy Land
Chapter 1536: The Disheartened Forefather Bamboo
Chapter 1537: A Plan of Splitting Troops
Chapter 1538: Counterplans
Chapter 1539: The Gunuo King’s Anxieties
Chapter 1540: Taking Them All
Chapter 1541: Subduing the King of Gunuo Village
Chapter 1542: Accomplishing All With One Operation
Chapter 1543: Plans And Changes In Plans
Chapter 1544: Time to Reap Rewards
Chapter 1545: Be My Servant
Chapter 1546: Emperor Jiang Chen
Chapter 1547: Social Circles of the Secluded Experts
Chapter 1548: Old Crane’s Ideas
Chapter 1549: Convening
Chapter 1550: The Martial Dao Tea Party
Chapter 1551: The Way to Grand Ascension
Chapter 1552: The Road To Divinity
Chapter 1553: Old Crane’s Promise
Chapter 1554: Final Preparations
Chapter 1555: The Celestial Cicada Court
Chapter 1556: Three Sites of Ruins
Chapter 1557: Winterdraw Island
Chapter 1558: The Place of Exile
Chapter 1559: Good Guy Chen
Chapter 1560: Sin City
Chapter 1561: Selling Oneself To Save Their Father
Chapter 1562: Little Girl Xing Tong
Chapter 1563: A Narrow Escape
Chapter 1564: Sir Xiao
Chapter 1565: The Layout of Winterdraw Island
Chapter 1566: A Selection Opportunity
Chapter 1567: Commander Yong of the City Guards
Chapter 1568: Diagnosis
Chapter 1569: How to Resolve Things
Chapter 1570: A Great Reputation
Chapter 1571: Specifications Rise
Chapter 1572: The Selection Begins
Chapter 1573: The Second Round
Chapter 1574: Checkpoints of Life and Death
Chapter 1575: Challenging The Elite Round
Chapter 1576: The Elimination Matches
Chapter 1577: Domination with One Move
Chapter 1578: Absolutely Stunning
Chapter 1579: The Final Opponent
Chapter 1580: Image Against Image
Chapter 1581: The Selection Concludes
Chapter 1582: Collecting Information
Chapter 1583: Honored Guests Arrive
Chapter 1583: The Blackwraith Mountains
Chapter 1585: Polylore Divine Nation
Chapter 1586: A Stunning Secret
Chapter 1587: Goldensable Fleeceflower
Chapter 1588: To Profit Off Of Others
Chapter 1589: A Showdown Between Geniuses
Chapter 1590: Countless Divine Arts
Chapter 1591: Continued Surprises
Chapter 1592: The Truth
Chapter 1593: Facing Off With Archery Skills
Chapter 1594: Breaking Through Mid Great Emperor
Chapter 1595: Encountering More Trouble
Chapter 1596: Entrapped
Chapter 1597: A Clean Sweep
Chapter 1598: Everything Comes To Him Who Sets His Mind On It
Chapter 1599: Soul Lamp Destroyed
Chapter 1600: As If Armageddon
Chapter 1601: The Situation Explodes
Chapter 1602: The Plan Falls Apart
Chapter 1603: No Other Options
Chapter 1604: A Fugitive’s Flight
Chapter 1605: A Difference in Opinions, Breaking Away
Chapter 1606: Tracking With A Secret Art
Chapter 1607: Using the Concealing Talisman
Chapter 1608: The Enormous Stone Formation
Chapter 1609: The Door in the Void
Chapter 1610: The Ultimate Secret of Winterdraw Island
Chapter 1611: Order Collapses
Chapter 1612: Starfate
Chapter 1613: Departing with Flair
Chapter 1614: Each To Their Own
Chapter 1615: Bluesmoke Isles
Chapter 1616: Hell King Island
Chapter 1617: Purchasing the Heavencloud Ganoderma
Chapter 1618: Bluesmoke Jade
Chapter 1619: Fighting For Possession
Chapter 1620: Conflict
Chapter 1621: Resolution
Chapter 1622: Surprise, Gaining An Apprentice
Chapter 1623: Slaughter
Chapter 1624: Long Xiaoxuan Breaks Through to Empyrean
Chapter 1625: Huang’er’s Shock
Chapter 1626: Miracle City
Chapter 1627: The Vermilion Bird’s Peak Strength
Chapter 1628: Wild Creature Beneath the Waters
Chapter 1629: Fleeing in Disarray
Chapter 1630: Rebirth From Flames, the Vermilion Bird is Reborn
Chapter 1631: Convening At Miracle City
Chapter 1632: The Ancient Jade Festival
Chapter 1633: Familiar Faces
Chapter 1634: Houses Yan and Xiahou
Chapter 1635: Approaching Proactively
Chapter 1636: Completing the First Step of the Goal
Chapter 1637: Zither Music Through the Walls
Chapter 1638: Meeting Once Again
Chapter 1639: Huang’er’s Anger
Chapter 1640: Yellow Dragon Ridge
Chapter 1641: Lovers Finally Reunite
Chapter 1642: Endless Love
Chapter 1643: Encounter on a Narrow Path
Chapter 1644: From Arrogance to Humility, Cutting a Contemptuous Figure
Chapter 1645: Falling and Consequences
Chapter 1646: A Bet Won and A Future Planned
Chapter 1647: The Princess Looks for a Consort
Chapter 1648: A Martial Competition for a Hand in Marriage
Chapter 1649: The Identity of the Princess
Chapter 1650: It’s Her?!
Chapter 1651: Huang’er’s Move Out of the Blue
Chapter 1652: Meeting With No Resistance
Chapter 1653: I’ll Marry Her
Chapter 1654: To the Satisfaction of All
Chapter 1655: Eternal Divine Nation
Chapter 1656: Obstacles in the Path of Return
Chapter 1657: A Safe Return
Chapter 1658: Senior Executives of House Yan
Chapter 1659: The Two Girls’ Thoughts
Chapter 1660: Entrusting Jiang Chen
Chapter 1661: Elder Wanjun
Chapter 1662: The Elder Is Stunned
Chapter 1663: Attending the Banquet
Chapter 1664: Foremost Genius of House Yan
Chapter 1665: Gifts
Chapter 1666: Two Great Seniors
Chapter 1667: Facing Off With Pill Dao
Chapter 1668: The Start of the Contest
Chapter 1669: Eyes Bulging with Shock
Chapter 1670: The Way of Balance
Chapter 1671: The Trinonary Sages’ Puzzle
Chapter 1672: Fierce Contention
Chapter 1673: Challenging Authority
Chapter 1674: A Contest of Practical Application
Chapter 1675: A Lock on the Championship
Chapter 1676: Master Ziju Min’s Invitation
Chapter 1677: Marriage Refusal, Another Breakthrough
Chapter 1678: Three Great Matters
Chapter 1679: Jiang Chen’s Ire
Chapter 1680: Ziju Min Comes to Visit
Chapter 1681: A New Way of Thinking
Chapter 1682: Joining the Eternal Sacred Land
Chapter 1683: A Heart-to-Heart
Chapter 1684: Brothers Come To Terms
Chapter 1685: Old Immortal Brightstar
Chapter 1686: A Judgement From An Advantageous Position
Chapter 1687: Shooting to Fame
Chapter 1688: The Eternal Sacred Land
Chapter 1689: Peak Great Emperor
Chapter 1690: The Evaluation Begins
Chapter 1691: The Nine Winding Caves
Chapter 1692: Bringing Skill and Talent into Stunning Full Play
Chapter 1693: Startling the Primes
Chapter 1694: Agitating Hearts
Chapter 1695: Pursuit of the Utmost
Chapter 1696: An Arduous Challenge
Chapter 1697: The Tone From The Top
Chapter 1698: Tactics of Exhaustion
Chapter 1699: A Perfect Score
Chapter 1700: The Venerated Forefather
Chapter 1701: Hall of Merit
Chapter 1702: Mission Levels
Chapter 1703: Miss Xiahou
Chapter 1704: Teaching You a Lesson
Chapter 1705: Open Hostility
Chapter 1706: A Contest of Speed and Space
Chapter 1707: Shocking the Sacred Land
Chapter 1708: Mutual Appreciation
Chapter 1709: Not Worth Me Challenging Him
Chapter 1710: Comprehending Dao and Breaking Through to Empyrean Realm
Chapter 1711: Emerging from Closed Door Cultivation
Chapter 1712: Sovereign Missions
Chapter 1713: The Flames of Vengeance
Chapter 1714: Master Shi Xuan
Chapter 1715: Three Kinds of Pills
Chapter 1716: Stunning Ziju Min
Chapter 1717: Requesting Support
Chapter 1718: All In Readiness
Chapter 1719: Xiahou Zong Exits Closed Door Cultivation
Chapter 1720: The Xiahou Siblings
Chapter 1721: Full Support
Chapter 1722: The World is Collectively Stunned
Chapter 1723: Reaching a Consensus
Chapter 1724: Flora Sacred Land
Chapter 1725: Huang’er in the Throes of Despair
Chapter 1726: The Gift of A Pill
Chapter 1727: A Duel of Eye Techniques
Chapter 1728: Verbal Sparring
Chapter 1729: Increasing Provocation
Chapter 1730: Rules of the Wager
Chapter 1731: The Bet Unfolds
Chapter 1732: An Immense Blow
Chapter 1733: Bedraggled Beyond Belief
Chapter 1734: A Swift Visitation of Karma
Chapter 1735: Tremendously Wondrous Art
Chapter 1736: Complete and Utter Defeat
Chapter 1737: A Complete Change of Perception
Chapter 1738: Talk of Marriage
Chapter 1739: At Each Other’s Throat
Chapter 1740: Marry Only Him
Chapter 1741: The Gauntlet Thrown For the Sword Competition
Chapter 1742: The Festival Ends
Chapter 1743: Sudden Visitation From the Venerated Forefather
Chapter 1744: Staggering Secret Intelligence
Chapter 1745: The Danger To the Sacred Land
Chapter 1746: Upheaval in House Yan
Chapter 1747: Undercurrents Surge and Ebb
Chapter 1748: Convening at Cloud Camel Mountain
Chapter 1749: Authorization Pass
Chapter 1750: A Frightening Earthen Vein
Chapter 1751: A Promise
Chapter 1752: Blackjade Coralplum
Chapter 1753: A Broken-Hearted Yan Wanyou
Chapter 1754: A Decision
Chapter 1755: Little White Breaks Through
Chapter 1756: No Small Harvest
Chapter 1757: The Capital Seethes With Excitement
Chapter 1758: Duke Xiaoyao
Chapter 1759: Countdown to the Sword Competition
Chapter 1760: Participation Slots
Chapter 1761: Exit From Closed Door Cultivation!
Chapter 1762: Geniuses Gather
Chapter 1763: The Tournament Begins
Chapter 1764: Dark Horses Upon Dark Horses
Chapter 1765: A Brutal Xiahou Zong
Chapter 1766: Suspected Collusion
Chapter 1767: Raging Serpent’s Whip
Chapter 1768: Tremble, Raging Serpent!
Chapter 1769: The Destined Battle
Chapter 1770: Perpetuation of Grudges and Resentment
Chapter 1771: Battle of the Eye Arts, Again
Chapter 1772: To Give Tit for Tat
Chapter 1773: Who’s Stronger
Chapter 1774: Better By a Marked Margin
Chapter 1775: The Situation Changes
Chapter 1776: Struggles of a Cornered Beast
Chapter 1777: Exterminating Xiahou Zong
Chapter 1778: A Hero’s Welcome
Chapter 1779: Just Letting You Know
Chapter 1780: Just That Domineering
Chapter 1781: Jiang Chen’s Preparations
Chapter 1782: Forefather Xiahou
Chapter 1783: Closing Off Escape and Doling Out a Beating
Chapter 1784: An Uprising Brews
Chapter 1785: An Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 1786: Transportation Formation, Parting Once Again
Chapter 1787: Setting Off Once Again
Chapter 1788: Warmspring Island
Chapter 1789: The Silversword Gang
Chapter 1790: Barging Through the Front Door
Chapter 1791: Revisiting Hell King Island
Chapter 1792: Crushing the Vermillion Feather
Chapter 1793: Mortal Silken Threads
Chapter 1794: Moment of Life and Death
Chapter 1795: The Situation Completely Turns Around
Chapter 1796: Willing to be a Slave
Chapter 1797: Settling Down and Decisions
Chapter 1798: Returning to Eternal Divine Nation
Chapter 1799: The Quartet from the Starlight Sect
Chapter 1800: Making a Move
Chapter 1801: The Divine Nation Boils Over
Chapter 1802: Entering the Sacred Land
Chapter 1803: On Death’s Door
Chapter 1804: An Acquaintance Barges In
Chapter 1805: Jiang Chen’s Plans
Chapter 1806: Contention in the Sacred Land
Chapter 1807: The Day of the Final Assault
Chapter 1808: Forefather Calmdew
Chapter 1809: A Strange Situation
Chapter 1810: Locking Onto Enemy Intelligence
Chapter 1811: The Domineering Vermillion Bird
Chapter 1812: The Situation Turns
Chapter 1813: The Alliance Panics
Chapter 1814: The Presence of a Sovereign
Chapter 1815: The Alliance Crumbles
Chapter 1816: When the Tree Falls, The Monkeys Will Scatter
Chapter 1817: The Imperial Family Destructs, House Xiahou Remains Stubborn
Chapter 1818: Two Great Forefathers
Chapter 1819: The Vermilion Bird Flourishes Its Might
Chapter 1820: Tempting With Benefits
Chapter 1821: Return of the Divine Cultivators
Chapter 1822: The Vermillion Bird Fights a God
Chapter 1823: Encircled On All Sides
Chapter 1824: House Yan Trembles
Chapter 1825: The Dust About to Settle
Chapter 1826: Shao Yuan, Jiang Chen!
Chapter 1827: Harsh Blowback
Chapter 1828: A Magnanimous Elder Shun
Chapter 1829: Fifth Level Empyrean
Chapter 1830: A New Mission
Chapter 1831: Signs of Internal Demons
Chapter 1832: Extraordinary Gains
Chapter 1833: A Base of Spirit Herbs
Chapter 1834: Jiang Chen’s Plan
Chapter 1835: Forefather Goldenbell’s Selfish Motives
Chapter 1836: Prey Approaches
Chapter 1837: The Vermilion Bird Charges Into the Fray
Chapter 1838: Destroying Forefather Goldenbell
Chapter 1839: The Prime and the Holy Girl
Chapter 1840: Reinforcements?
Chapter 1841: A One-Sided Slaughter
Chapter 1842: Gratitude of Rescue
Chapter 1843: A Connection With The Earth Bodhisattva Sect?
Chapter 1844: None Are Dispensable
Chapter 1845: Partnership Proposal
Chapter 1846: A New General Plan
Chapter 1847: Slipping Into the Dreamhaze Sect
Chapter 1848: Toying with Meng Tianxing
Chapter 1849: The Next Stop
Chapter 1850: According to the Plan
Chapter 1851: A Perfect Ambush
Chapter 1852: Fall of House Yuchi
Chapter 1853: Meng Qiangqiu’s decision
Chapter 1854: The Dreamhaze Sect Surrenders
Chapter 1855: A Counterattack Strategy
Chapter 1856: The Blade Strikes
Chapter 1857: A Complete Reversal
Chapter 1858: The Key to the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement
Chapter 1859: An Unwelcome Guest
Chapter 1860: Fighting Over Territory
Chapter 1861: Imperial Prince Huo is Stunned
Chapter 1862: Departure
Chapter 1863: Returning to the Human Domain
Chapter 1864: The Attitude of an Empyrean Cultivator
Chapter 1865: Stunning the Group of Elders
Chapter 1866: Summoning the Heroes
Chapter 1867: The Reason for Mercy
Chapter 1868: Obvious Improvement
Chapter 1869: The Incredible Sir Ji San
Chapter 1870: A Blow to the Head
Chapter 1871: The Strongest Warning
Chapter 1872: The Interchange of Rise and Decline
Chapter 1873: Astonishing Good News
Chapter 1874: The Awareness One Should Have
Chapter 1875: Formation Needs
Chapter 1876: The Final Preparations
Chapter 1877: Re-Entering the Six Palaces of Heritage
Chapter 1878: The Mad Fiend
Chapter 1879: A Silly Battle
Chapter 1880: Jiang Chen’s Suggestion
Chapter 1881: A Gentleman’s Agreement
Chapter 1882: A Clash Between Dragons and Tigers
Chapter 1883: Equal in Contest of Strength
Chapter 1884: A Swift Change in Attitude
Chapter 1885: Taiji Pisces Swords
Chapter 1886: Suspended Runes
Chapter 1887: Continuing Eccentricities
Chapter 1888: The World of the Bagua Pill Cauldron
Chapter 1889: Old Pill Rune
Chapter 1890: Giving Pointers, The Might of Pill Dao
Chapter 1891: Conquering Old Pill Rune
Chapter 1892: Sixth Level Empyrean Realm, Breakthrough!
Chapter 1893: Emerging From Closed Door Cultivation Once More
Chapter 1894: Natural Phenomena
Chapter 1895: The Vermillion Bird God
Chapter 1896: Returning to Myriad Abyss Island
Chapter 1897: The Rejuvenation Isles Curry Favor
Chapter 1898: Visiting Intentions
Chapter 1899: Transaction
Chapter 1900: To Speak Is To Spring Into Action
Chapter 1901: Ambush Along the Way
Chapter 1902: The Tables Turn In A Second
Chapter 1903: A Display of Might and Awe
Chapter 1904: Rejuvenation Royals
Chapter 1905: Setting the Tone
Chapter 1906: The Tritalent Isles
Chapter 1907: Seized With Panic
Chapter 1908: Refusing to Repent Until Failing Completely
Chapter 1909: Jiang Chen Shows Off
Chapter 1910: Unyielding Ferocity and Defiance
Chapter 1911: A Merciless Crushing
Chapter 1912: Intention to Recruit
Chapter 1913: To Subdue
Chapter 1914: Further Changes, Again
Chapter 1915: Enemies With An Unknown Origin
Chapter 1916: Terrified and Fearful
Chapter 1916: Heavenlight Isles
Chapter 1917
Chapter 1918: Complete Capitulation
Chapter 1919: Enacting Punishment
Chapter 1920: The Most Radical Plan
Chapter 1921: A Crazy Efficiency
Chapter 1922: One’s Only Crime Was Their Wealth
Chapter 1923: Promising Great Benefits
Chapter 1924: Enormous Gains
Chapter 1925: Revisiting Old Haunts
Chapter 1926: The Unexpected Arise
Chapter 1927: The Blue Eagle Guard
Chapter 1928: Playing the Tyrant
Chapter 1929: They Come With Unfriendly Intentions
Chapter 1930: Stunning the Blue Eagle Guard
Chapter 1931: Facing Off Ninth Level Empyrean
Chapter 1932: Taking Down Commander Yan
Chapter 1933: Stunning News
Chapter 1934: Looting With Abandon
Chapter 1935: Interrogating Commander Yan
Chapter 1936: Declaring Fealty
Chapter 1937: Sudden Bad Tidings
Chapter 1938: The Fall of House Yan
Chapter 1940: Four Mysterious Cloaked Men
Chapter 1941: An Agreement of Ten Moves
Chapter 1942: A Vortex of the Earth
Chapter 1943: A Natural Bane
Chapter 1944: An Ultimate, Signature Move
Chapter 1945: The Ultimate Showdown
Chapter 1946: Utter Despair
Chapter 1947: The Truth Comes Out
Chapter 1948: News Of Parents
Chapter 1949: Divine Kasyapa
Chapter 1950: A Divine’s Dejection
Chapter 1951: Stunning News
Chapter 1952: An Empyrean Relic
Chapter 1953: Breakthrough, Seventh Level Empyrean Realm
Chapter 1954: Parents Emerge From Closed Door Cultivation
Chapter 1955: Letting Go Of Past Wrongs
Chapter 1956: Return to the Sacred Land
Chapter 1957: The Magpie’s Nest is Occupied By the Dove?
Chapter 1958: The Source of the Five-Colored Crystals
Chapter 1959: A Bandit Halfway Through
Chapter 1960: Great Wariness
Chapter 1961: Competition of Geniuses, Suggestion of Alliance
Chapter 1962: A Much Suffering Venerated Forefather
Chapter 1963: A Grand Competition of Geniuses
Chapter 1964: Secrets of the Four Sacred Beasts
Chapter 1965: The Grand Competition Arrives
Chapter 1966: Sandplain Island
Chapter 1967: Meeting Acquainted Beauties Again
Chapter 1968: An Uproar Over the Crowning Empyrean Pill
Chapter 1969: The Scene Heats Up
Chapter 1970: An Open Selection
Chapter 1971: An Utterly Astounding Bluesmoke Isles.
Chapter 1972: A Cruel Drafting Process
Chapter 1973: Competition Heats Up
Chapter 1974: Meeting An Old Acquaintance
Chapter 1975: A True Genius Appears
Chapter 1976: Winning One Match
Chapter 1977: Fighting Over the Top Ten Geniuses
Chapter 1978: A Strange Situation
Chapter 1979: Officially Joining
Chapter 1980: Rules for the Grand Competition
Chapter 1981: Final Preparations
Chapter 1982: Springing Into Action
Chapter 1983: In Difficult Straits
Chapter 1984: A Terrifying Opponent
Chapter 1985: Jiang Chen Arrives
Chapter 1986: You’re Jiang Chen?
Chapter 1987: A Bet and A Duel
Chapter 1988: Completely Unscathed
Chapter 1989: Accepting One’s Loss
Chapter 1990: A Blissful Gan Ning
Chapter 1991: Blockade and Robbery
Chapter 1992: Strange Runes
Chapter 1993: An Enormous Harvest
Chapter 1994: Poison Consort Shi Qinglu?
Chapter 1995: Formidable Formations
Chapter 1996: Repeat Robbery
Chapter 1997: A Blind Eye to Evil Doers and Evil Deeds
Chapter 1998: Discord Between the Twin Treasures
Chapter 1999: A Small Display of Talent
Chapter 2000: Jiang Chen Goes Missing
Chapter 2001: The Scene Changes Greatly
Chapter 2002: A Terrified Poison Consort
Chapter 2003: Rainbow Silk Formation
Chapter 2004: Utter Defeat
Chapter 2005: Conquering a Siren
Chapter 2006: A Sinister Poison Consort
Chapter 2007: An Enormous Increase in Orbs
Chapter 2008: The Venerated Holy Girls
Chapter 2009: Flute and Zither Duet
Chapter 2010: The Hearts of the Holy Girls
Chapter 2011: A Small Display of Talent
Chapter 2012: To Yield
Chapter 2012: Two Stunned Holy Girls
Chapter 2013: To Conquer
Chapter 2014: Packing Up Successfully
Chapter 2015: Utter Humiliation
Chapter 2016: A Stunning Sum
Chapter 2017: Tabulating the Results
Chapter 2018: Champion Without a Doubt
Chapter 2019: The Second Round of the Grand Competition
Chapter 2020: The Gray Wolves Alpha
Chapter 2021: Unstoppable Momentum
Chapter 2022: Volcano Giants
Chapter 2023: Scouring Astral Wind
Chapter 2024: Shocking the Executives
Chapter 2025: Legends of the Tenth Forbidden Island
Chapter 2026: The Mystery is Resolved
Chapter 2027: The Tenth Forbidden Island
Chapter 2028: A Stunning Discovery
Chapter 2029: The Sacred Beast Black Tortoise
Chapter 2030: The Vermillion Bird’s Silver Tongue
Chapter 2031: A Stubborn Black Tortoise
Chapter 2032: The Black Tortoise’s Challenge
Chapter 2033: A Promise of Three Moves
Chapter 2034: Another Blow
Chapter 2035: Black Tortoise Festering Gas
Chapter 2036: The Black Tortoise Concedes
Chapter 2037: The Reactions of All Those Awaiting
Chapter 2038: Jiang Chen Returns
Chapter 2039: Jiang Chen’s Counter-Strike
Chapter 2040: Floral Sacred Land’s Attitude
Chapter 2041: The Fight Over Alliance Head
Chapter 2042: Jiang Chen’s Speech
Chapter 2043: Handling With Ease
Chapter 2044: The Forefathers’ Questioning
Chapter 2045: Deficient In Comparison
Chapter 2046: Overwhelming Domination
Chapter 2047: The Spell Cast By the Crowning Empyrean Pill
Chapter 2048: General Jubilation
Chapter 2049: Danger Descends
Chapter 2050: The Prismatic Convergence Formation
Chapter 2051: Jiang Chen’s Plans
Chapter 2052: Existence Of A Latent Threat
Chapter 2053: Breaking the Nodes
Chapter 2054: A Difficult Choice
Chapter 2055: The Most Unexpected Plan
Chapter 2056: Secret Method of Travel
Chapter 2057: The Mighty Appearance of the Black Tortoise
Chapter 2058: Nearing the Exit
Chapter 2059: Who is the Enemy?
Chapter 2060: Battle of the Exit
Chapter 2061: An Easy Battle Situation
Chapter 2062: Ferreting Out the Traitors
Chapter 2063: A New Crisis
Chapter 2064: Jiang Chen’s Stunning Decision
Chapter 2065: Divine Kasyapa Takes the Field
Chapter 2066: In Dire Straits
Chapter 2067: Two Great Enforcers Arrive
Chapter 2068: Divine Kasyapa’s Observations
Chapter 2069: Hearken the Battle
Chapter 2070: Jiang Chen Appears
Chapter 2071: Stalemate
Chapter 2072: No Way Out
Chapter 2073: Fighting Flares Anew
Chapter 2074: Continual Schemes
Chapter 2075: The Tragic Enforcers
Chapter 2076: No Suspense At All
Chapter 2077: Discussions of Aftermath
Chapter 2078: The Life Essence of Gods
Chapter 2079: Old Man Lightford
Chapter 2080: Shock and Fury
Chapter 2081: Proactively Preparing For Battle
Chapter 2082: Lightford Attacks
Chapter 2083: Engaging Old Man Lightford
Chapter 2084: Lightford Rages
Chapter 2085: To Rout on All Sides (I)
Chapter 2086: To Rout on All Sides (II)
Chapter 2087: The Myriad Transformations of Spirits
Chapter 2088: Going Head-to-Head
Chapter 2089: Old Man Lightford Retreats With Shock
Chapter 2090: Rich Spoils
Chapter 2091: Advancing Into Eighth Level Empyrean
Chapter 2092: A God’s Warning
Chapter 2093: To Where Do We Go
Chapter 2094: Three Strategies
Chapter 2095: The First Target
Chapter 2096: Probing
Chapter 2097: Each With Their Own Calculations
Chapter 2098: Successful Capture
Chapter 2099: The Next One
Chapter 2100: Taking Another Risk
Chapter 2101: Deception Wears Thin
Chapter 2103: United in Concerted Effort
Chapter 2104: Lightford Comes Up Empty
Chapter 2105: Abrupt Awakening
Chapter 2106: Before the Dawn of Battle
Chapter 2107: The Enemy at the City Gates
Chapter 2108: Open Hostilities
Chapter 2109: Fish in a Barrel
Chapter 2110: The Mystery Is Resolved
Chapter 2111: Stalemate
Chapter 2112: The Ten Demon Tribes
Chapter 2113: Reveal of the Original
Chapter 2114: Struggles of Desperation
Chapter 2115: Long Xiaoxuan Enters Divinity
Chapter 2116: The Advent of Death!
Chapter 2117: Slaying an Old Demon
Chapter 2118: Surrender
Chapter 2119: Who Is The Traitor?
Chapter 2120: Attacking the Base
Chapter 2121: Remnants of the Demons
Chapter 2122: Uprooting Once and For All
Chapter 2123: The Sacred Forefather’s Attitude
Chapter 2124: Returning to the Human Domain
Chapter 2125: Breaking Through Ninth Level Empyrean!
Chapter 2126: A Conversation Between Siblings
Chapter 2127: Inheriting the Six Palaces!
Chapter 2128: A Myriad of Changes
Chapter 2129: The Mysterious Expert Xia Tianze
Chapter 2130: Great Divine Veluriyam
Chapter 2131: Secrets of the Demon Sealing War
Chapter 2132: A Stunning Secret
Chapter 2133: Powers of the Gods
Chapter 2134: A Genius Chosen By Heaven
Chapter 2135: Jiang Chen is Floored
Chapter 2136: The Amaranthine Clouddew Tree
Chapter 2137: Rankings of the Heavenly Planes
Chapter 2138: The Great Divine’s Charge
Chapter 2139: A Greeting Gift
Chapter 2140: Three Treasures
Chapter 2141: The Final Unresolved Concern
Chapter 2142: Foundations of Heritage
Chapter 2143: Power of Creation, Assailing Divinity
Chapter 2144: A Ferule
Chapter 2145: Jiang Chen Exits Closed Door Cultivation
Chapter 2146: Jiang Chen’s Strategy
Chapter 2147: The Situation Outside
Chapter 2148: Convening the Horde
Chapter 2149: Sharing Secrets
Chapter 2150: The First Mission
Chapter 2151: Emperor Coiling Dragon’s Injuries
Chapter 2152: Further Hidden Stories
Chapter 2153: Soothing the Four Sacred Beasts
Chapter 2154: Full Capitulation
Chapter 2155: A Selfless Huang’er
Chapter 2156: Venerated Skysoarer’s Weighty Thoughts
Chapter 2157: Three Formation Nodes
Chapter 2158: Forefather Stonefiend
Chapter 2159: Yin and Shadow Demons
Chapter 2160: Collusion Between Tribes
Chapter 2161: Life is But a Show. It’s All In the Acting
Chapter 2162: Traces of Demons
Chapter 2163: Plan of Attack
Chapter 2164: Mobbed By Ghouls
Chapter 2165: A Dire Situation
Chapter 2166: The Arrow Is Fit to the String
Chapter 2167: Turning the Tables
Chapter 2168: Struggles of a Trapped Beast
Chapter 2169: End of the Fighting
Chapter 2170: Raising Morale
Chapter 2171: Turning the Plot On the Creator
Chapter 2172: Jadeface Escapes
Chapter 2173: Meeting Mang Qi for the Third Time
Chapter 2174: Return to Regal Pill Palace
Chapter 2175: Nefarious Intentions
Chapter 2176: Completion of Repairs
Chapter 2177: Making Good on a Promise
Chapter 2178: The Formation Reactivates!
Chapter 2179: The Veluriyam Palace Establishes A Sect
Chapter 2180: Return of Emperor Peafowl
Chapter 2181: Forefather Stonefiend is Revealed
Chapter 2182: Forefather Stonefiend is Horrified
Chapter 2183: The Might of Four Sacred Beasts in Concert
Chapter 2184: Settings Sights on an Area
Chapter 2185: Forefather Evilshadow
Chapter 2186: Disposing of Another Demon
Chapter 2187: Seal of the Spirit Veins
Chapter 2188: The Spirit Veins Recover
Chapter 2189: Ten Years of Closed Door Cultivation
Chapter 2190: Feigned Mundanity Treasures
Chapter 2191: Clouds of Tribulation
Chapter 2192: Discussion of Rebuilding the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect
Chapter 2193: The Current Situation of the Celestial Cicada Court
Chapter 2194: Jiang Chen Arrives
Chapter 2195: Venerated Skysoarer’s Nonsense
Chapter 2196: A Match Made in Heaven
Chapter 2197: Trouble in Myriad Abyss Island
Chapter 2198: Deploying Troops
Chapter 2199: Demonic Shadows Dance and Flicker
Chapter 2200: The Three Great Forefathers
Chapter 2201: Each With Their Own Schemes
Chapter 2202: Encounter On a Narrow Path
Chapter 2203: Sudden Shifts in Battle Situation
Chapter 2204: The Ferocious Golden Demons
Chapter 2205: True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire
Chapter 2206: Pooling Intelligence Reports Together
Chapter 2207: A Difficult Situation
Chapter 2208: The Crisis of the Sacred Land
Chapter 2209: Gathering of the Gods
Chapter 2210: Rebuilding the Three Islands
Chapter 2211: Kasyapa Comes Knocking
Chapter 2212: Giving Pointers
Chapter 2213: Thorough Submission
Chapter 2214: Voluntarily Joining
Chapter 2215: Jiang Chen’s Promise
Chapter 2216: Continuous Ill Tidings
Chapter 2217: A Proactive Strategy
Chapter 2218: Trump Card
Chapter 2219: The Immortal Sacred Land
Chapter 2220: The Golden Demon Tribe
Chapter 2221: Launching the Offensive
Chapter 2222: Repeating Old Tricks
Chapter 2223: Enticing the Opponent to Leave the Vantage Ground
Chapter 2224: Complete Annihilation
Chapter 2225: A Struggling Flora Sacred Land
Chapter 2226: The Calm Before The Storm
Chapter 2227: Deciding On A Plan
Chapter 2228: Forefather of the Monster Demons
Chapter 2229: Bullying
Chapter 2230: Demon Against Demon
Chapter 2231: Killing Frenzy
Chapter 2232: The Situation Worsens
Chapter 2233: Rescue At The Eleventh Hour
Chapter 2234: Were We Duped?
Chapter 2235: Jiang Chen Shows Himself
Chapter 2236: To Cut Off The Head Of The Snake
Chapter 2237: The Might of the Great Veluriyam Torch
Chapter 2238: The Demons Fall
Chapter 2239: Annihilation of Two Tribes
Chapter 2240: Requisitioning the Divine Dwelling Grass
Chapter 2241: An Unexpected Turn Of Events
Chapter 2242: The Radiance Sacred Land
Chapter 2243: Welcomed By Two Women
Chapter 2244: New Targets
Chapter 2245: The Fire Of Firstdawn
Chapter 2246: Forefather of the Fire Demons
Chapter 2247: The Fire Lotus Pond
Chapter 2248: An Explosive Moment
Chapter 2249: Jiang Chen Makes His Move
Chapter 2250: Struggles of A Caged Beast
Chapter 2251: The Might Of The World-Ending Light
Chapter 2252: Can You Still Fight?
Chapter 2253: The Winged Demon Tribe
Chapter 2254: The Two Forefathers
Chapter 2255: The Start Of Another Chaotic Fight
Chapter 2256: An Attack That Surpasses One’s Limits
Chapter 2257: Coma
Chapter 2258: The Mind Yet Lives On
Chapter 2259: Fourth Level Divine Realm!
Chapter 2260: Eternal Sacred Land, Stalwartly Holding On
Chapter 2261: The Terrifying Wood Demons
Chapter 2262: Greed
Chapter 2263: Large-Scale Invasions
Chapter 2264: Battered On All Sides
Chapter 2265: A Heroic Helping Hand
Chapter 2266: The World of Demonic Plants
Chapter 2267: One Hidden And Another In The Open
Chapter 2268: Forefather Ghostbranch
Chapter 2269: Ghostbranch Executed
Chapter 2270: The Next Target
Chapter 2271: Full-Strength Assault
Chapter 2272: The Panic-Stricken Kingspot
Chapter 2273: Cruel Reality
Chapter 2274: All Hearts As One
Chapter 2275: The Great Demon Army
Chapter 2276: The Celestial Demon Seven
Chapter 2277: Highly Acknowledged
Chapter 2278 Know Thyself, Know Thine Enemy
Chapter 2279: An Opportunity
Chapter 2280: Demons on the Move
Chapter 2281: Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valor
Chapter 2282: Returning To Winterdraw
Chapter 2283: Fifth Level Divine Realm
Chapter 2284: Returning Empty Handed
Chapter 2285: The Divine Transcendence Pill
Chapter 2286: Enemies At The Gates
Chapter 2287: A Slap To The Face
Chapter 2288: A Rude Awakening For The Demons
Chapter 2289: Forced onto the Battlefield
Chapter 2290: Finger on the Trigger
Chapter 2291: On The Eve Of Battle
Chapter 2292: The Battle Begins
Chapter 2293: An Opening
Chapter 2294: On Even Footing
Chapter 2295: A Chaotic Melee
Chapter 2296: Time for the Divine Veluriyam Talismans
Chapter 2297: Celestial Demons Fly Into a Rage
Chapter 2298: Dissent In The Demon Camp
Chapter 2299: Demonic Panic
Chapter 2300: The Celestial Tribe’s Secret Art
Chapter 2301: Fear and Unease
Chapter 2302: Forefather Celestial’s True Strength
Chapter 2303: One Dead, One on the Run
Chapter 2304: The Only Way Out
Chapter 2305: Falling Into a Trap
Chapter 2306: Successive Demonic Devastation
Chapter 2307: Repeated Success
Chapter 2308: One Left
Chapter 2309: Dogged At Every Step
Chapter 2310: The Celestial Emperor Talisman
Chapter 2311: Celestial’s Death Knell
Chapter 2312: A Hundred Years
Chapter 2313: To Ignite the Divine Decree and Awaken Divine Power
Chapter 2314: The Only Regret
Chapter 2315: The Closer to Home, The More Apprehension
Chapter 2316: The Mysterious Jiang Huan
Chapter 2317: The Celestial Emperor’s Confidante
Chapter 2318: The Bloodlines Of The Four Sacred Beasts
Chapter 2319: The Moment of Goodbyes
Chapter 2320: Huang’er’s Reluctance
Chapter 2321: Setting Off
Chapter 2322: An Arduous Voyage
Chapter 2323: Crimsonwaters Minor
Chapter 2324: The Fiendstar Sect
Chapter 2325: An Exotic Woman
Chapter 2326: Two Mighty Women
Chapter 2327: Headhunting
Chapter 2328: Joining the Fiendstar Sect
Chapter 2329: Inhouse Spar
Chapter 2330: Always One Move
Chapter 2331: The Five Great Godkings
Chapter 2332: Godkings Discussing Politics
Chapter 2333: Explosive News
Chapter 2334: Readying for the Audit
Chapter 2335: Passing The Audit
Chapter 2336: Heavenly Crimson Lake
Chapter 2337: The Competition Begins
Chapter 2338: The Momentum of the Dark Horse
Chapter 2339: Round Two
Chapter 2340: Obtaining a Position
Chapter 2341: The Progress Of The Bloodline Assimilation
Chapter 2342: The Divine Beasts’ Temptation
Chapter 2343: Han Shuang’s Visit
Chapter 2344: Mutual Wariness
Chapter 2345: Haggling
Chapter 2346: Han Shuang Capitulates
Chapter 2347: Reminiscing The Celestial Emperor
Chapter 2348: Frightful to the Ear
Chapter 2349: A Common Goal
Chapter 2350: A Godking’s Suspicions
Chapter 2351: The Godking’s Summons
Chapter 2352: A Seed
Chapter 2353: One Step Away
Chapter 2354: Reaching the Crimson Secret Realm
Chapter 2355: On The Eve Of Departure
Chapter 2356: Arrival
Chapter 2357: Taiyuan Sky Palace
Chapter 2358: Persuasion of the Five Godkings
Chapter 2359: On Equal Footing
Chapter 2360: Start of the Convention
Chapter 2361: Seven Secret Keys
Chapter 2362: A Verbal Spar
Chapter 2363: At Odds With Each Other
Chapter 2364: The Real Intention Is Revealed In the End
Chapter 2365: The Taiyuan Token
Chapter 2366: Celestial Emperor Taiyuan
Chapter 2367: The True Mastermind
Chapter 2368: Mirrorbloom Plane
Chapter 2369: Madness
Chapter 2370: Celestial Emperor Taiyuan In A Tight Spot
Chapter 2371: All for Naught
Chapter 2372: Yearning For Greater Skies
Chapter 2373: A Match Made In Heaven?
Chapter 2374: Returning to Divine Abyss
Chapter 2375: The Legend of a Plane
Chapter 2376: Outtake (END)