Chapter 1: She Is Really Intelligent
Chapter 3: She Turns Out to Be a Top Student
Chapter 4: If You Don’t Fall in Love, You’ll Die
Chapter 5: Leave It Like This
Chapter 6: Must Fall in Love Every Day
Chapter 7: Come Again Tomorrow?
Chapter 8: First in the Level
Chapter 9: Time for Your Apology
Chapter 11: She Is Very Rich!
Chapter 12: Buy the Case and Return the Pearl
Chapter 13: Where Did You Buy It From?!
Chapter 14: What Should She Buy Today?
Chapter 15: Let’s Play Together Next Time
Chapter 16: Let’s Fight, Then
Chapter 17: Sister Xi
Chapter 18: Don’t Worry, You Have Me
Chapter 19: You Can Miss Me
Chapter 20: It Turns Out to Be You
Chapter 21: Xiang Huai’s Father-in-law!
Chapter 22: I Already Have a Boyfriend
Chapter 23: Ji Silin
Chapter 24: Give Me Your Hand
Chapter 25: A Big Shot Came to Bin City
Chapter 26: Claim Sovereignty
Chapter 27: Let Her Go
Chapter 28: Truth
Chapter 29: It’s Me
Chapter 30: Stop Chatting; It Will Affect Your Studies
Chapter 31: Remember to Miss Me
Chapter 32: Add Xiang Huai on WeChat
Chapter 33: The Results Are Out!
Chapter 34: First Place!
Chapter 35: The Birth of a Study God
Chapter 36: What Does Kissing Feel Like?
Chapter 37: Do You Want to Kiss?
Chapter 38: A Learning Machine with No Feelings
Chapter 39: Not Boss’s Doing
Chapter 40: There Is Indeed a Problem
Chapter 41: Moguls’ Group
Chapter 42: Xue ‘Real Mogul’ Xi
Chapter 43: Fake Mogul; Real Relative
Chapter 44: Omnipotent Provision Store
Chapter 45: Call Me “Brother”
Chapter 46: Mentor-Apprentice Romance?
Chapter 47: Let’s Live Apart
Chapter 48: Jerk! Beast!
Chapter 49: What Did You Dream of?
Chapter 50: Put Her in Her Place!
Chapter 51: Isn’t This Sister Xi?!
Chapter 52: Sister Xi!
Chapter 53: How Could I Dare?!
Chapter 54: The Most Valuable Item
Chapter 55: My Boyfriend Is Timid
Chapter 56: Her Proof Is Out!
Chapter 57: She Truly Solved a World-Class Problem!
Chapter 58: National Mathematical Olympiad
Chapter 59: I’m Shipping This Couple!
Chapter 60: Overly Flirtatious!
Chapter 61: Xiang “Gigolo” Huai
Chapter 62: Raising Little Kids Is Very Expensive
Chapter 64: The Top Student’s Love Is Sweet and Syrupy
Chapter 65: Safety Agreement!
Chapter 66: Suppressing the Popularity
Chapter 67: Breaking News: Mysterious Girlfriend!
Chapter 68: Taking Advantage
Chapter 69: My Little Friend~
Chapter 70: Couple
Chapter 71: How Does One Break Up with a Boyfriend?
Chapter 72: Audition!
Chapter 73: Imitate Me
Chapter 74: It’s Rather Hard!
Chapter 75: Optimistic About You
Chapter 76: Sister Xi Has Exploded!
Chapter 77: I Accept This Role
Chapter 78: Her Heart Feels Warm
Chapter 79: Something Big in the Academic World!
Chapter 80: Time for Face-smacking!
Chapter 81: Dramatic Act!
Chapter 82: Birth of a New Couple!
Chapter 83: Isn’t Studying Nice?
Chapter 84: Canine Teeth’s Name
Chapter 85: No More Indirect Kissing
Chapter 86: Having Children in One Night
Chapter 87: Xiang “Gigolo” Huai
Chapter 88: I’m Jealous and Must Be Coaxed
Chapter 89: Many Strangers
Chapter 90: She Had a Dream
Chapter 91: Thoughts in the Day and Dreams at Night
Chapter 92: Number One in Comprehensive Strength
Chapter 93: Splitting The Wealth!
Chapter 94: So Fast?
Chapter 95: I Want to Change My Name!
Chapter 96: Loyal to Others
Chapter 97: Should at Least Bow?
Chapter 98: Swindler Group!
Chapter 99: All the Money!
Chapter 100: Meeting His Son-in-law!
Chapter 101: Joking
Chapter 102: Birthday Celebration
Chapter 103: Ending Mother and Son Relationship
Chapter 104: Introduce Your Boyfriend to Me~
Chapter 105: I Will Die Without Him
Chapter 106: Another Familiar Person
Chapter 107: 50 Million!
Chapter 108: You Are Not Suitable
Chapter 109: Invitation~
Chapter 110: A Slap in the Face at the Banquet (1)
Chapter 111: Slap in the Face at the Banquet (2)
Chapter 112: A Slap in the Face at the Banquet (3)
Chapter 113: A Slap in the Face at the Banquet (4)
Chapter 114: Auntie, I’m Xixi’s Boyfriend
Chapter 115: Who Are You?
Chapter 116: Kissed! Kissed!
Chapter 117: Boyfriend Can’t Stay Human
Chapter 118: Going on a Vacation to Woo His Girlfriend
Chapter 119: Different
Chapter 120: Hidden Big Boss~
Chapter 121: Best Actor Xiang Huai
Chapter 122: Kid, I Want to Kiss You
Chapter 123: Love Agreement
Chapter 124: The Painter Is Here!
Chapter 125: Come Eat Me, Then
Chapter 126: Difficult to Get a Ticket?
Chapter 127: I Have a Ticket
Chapter 128: He Must Have Her
Chapter 129: Face Slap!
Chapter 130: Xue Mu Has Feelings
Chapter 131: The Cold Mountain Picture
Chapter 132: I’ll Give All of It to You...
Chapter 133: Framed
Chapter 134: Night Li Is Ye Li!
Chapter 135: Looking for Father-in-law for Something
Chapter 136: He Is Here for a Painting!
Chapter 137: Time to Slap Someone’s Face (1)
Chapter 138: Time to Slap Someone’s Face (2)
Chapter 139: Time to Slap Someone’s Face (3)
Chapter 140: Time to Slap Someone’s Face (4)
Chapter 142: Want to See You
Chapter 143: Xu Fang Won’t Let Her Survive (1)
Chapter 144: Xu Fang Won’t Let Her Survive (2)
Chapter 145: Xu Fang Won’t Let Her Survive (3)
Chapter 146: Xu Fang Won’t Let Her Survive (4)
Chapter 147: Too Slow for Relationships
Chapter 148: Little Kid, Hold On Tight
Chapter 149: Little Miss A Blew Up!
Chapter 150: The Live Broadcast Is On Fire!!
Chapter 151: Knowledge Is Strength
Chapter 152: Help!
Chapter 153: Sending a Message
Chapter 154: Learn
Chapter 155: I Will Be Very Obedient
Chapter 156: Something’s Not Right!
Chapter 157: I’m Looking for Qin Shuang!
Chapter 158: I’ll Bring You Home
Chapter 159: I Want to Call the Police
Chapter 160: End of the Moment
Chapter 161: The Truth Revealed!
Chapter 162: Little Chatterbox, It’s Fine Now
Chapter 163: Some People Are Born to Be Evil
Chapter 164: Qin Lu, What Are You Doing?!
Chapter 165: Little Kid, What a Coincidence
Chapter 166: Is She Really a Good Child?
Chapter 167: I’m Older Than You!
Chapter 168: Not Her!
Chapter 169: I’m with You
Chapter 170: Truth?
Chapter 171: Qin Lu in the Photo!
Chapter 172: All the Right Details!
Chapter 173: Punishment!
Chapter 174: Qin Lu Framed Qin Shuang!
Chapter 175: Disgusting People
Chapter 176: Strange Letter
Chapter 177: Evidence!
Chapter 178: Wait!
Chapter 179: Qin Lu’s Ending (1)
Chapter 180: Qin Lu’s Ending (2)
Chapter 181: Qin Lu’s Ending! (3)
Chapter 182: Xue “Ugly” Xi?
Chapter 183: Who Has a Better Body?
Chapter 184: Sniper Learn!
Chapter 185: Don’t Blame Me for Being Unreserved
Chapter 186: I Got It
Chapter 187: It’s My Turn
Chapter 188: Meeting!
Chapter 189: Is She Very Ugly?
Chapter 190: I Am Learn’s Boyfriend
Chapter 191: Actress Xue Xi!
Chapter 192: Unable to Drink This Wine
Chapter 193: Real-life Overbearing CEO!
Chapter 194: My Boyfriend Is Weaker
Chapter 195: No Work?
Chapter 196: Student?!
Chapter 197: So You’re a Genius!
Chapter 198: Exposed!
Chapter 199: Joining the National Olympic Competition!
Chapter 200: What Relationship Do You Have?
Chapter 201: The Awkward Gao Yanchen
Chapter 202: You Hurt Me
Chapter 203: Your Better Will Always Be Your Better!
Chapter 204: Are You Interested in Playing eSports?
Chapter 205: Example
Chapter 206: Why Doesn’t He Want Me?
Chapter 207: Suppressing Her Pride
Chapter 208: Professor Feng Is Here!
Chapter 209: Ah, I’m Dead!
Chapter 210: Visiting an Old Friend
Chapter 211: Your Huai~
Chapter 212: Big Boss Xiang Is Angry~
Chapter 213: Protection
Chapter 214: Behaving Like a Deity?
Chapter 215: Cannot Endure It Anymore!
Chapter 216: Who Are You?
Chapter 217: Collective Strike
Chapter 218: Is the Punishment Very Severe?
Chapter 219: See You Tomorrow!
Chapter 220: A Show
Chapter 221: Investigating Who?
Chapter 222: A Slap in the Face!
Chapter 223: Love Poem
Chapter 224: Why Did He Choose Such an Intense Method?
Chapter 225: You Don’t Want Me
Chapter 226: Brother, Why Don’t You Want Me?
Chapter 227: I Also Have Someone I Want to Protect
Chapter 228: Xiang Huai’s Identity Exposed
Chapter 229: Professor Feng Is Here Again!
Chapter 230: Xiang “Street Youth” Huai?
Chapter 231: Xiang Huai’s Little Helper
Chapter 232: Top Student!
Chapter 233: Because He Cares
Chapter 234: Fearless Being Favored
Chapter 235: Power Proves Everything!
Chapter 236: Girls Don’t Only Cry!
Chapter 237: Wanting to Let Them Retire in Glory
Chapter 238: Brother, I’m Not a Child Anymore
Chapter 239: Stand Up, Let Me!
Chapter 240: Five Kills!
Chapter 241: The Reason for Not Letting Gao Yanchen Join!
Chapter 242: XH Cannot Accept This Appointment
Chapter 243: The Reason Is Actually... This!
Chapter 244: You Will Die If You Show Your Face
Chapter 245: Mock Exam~
Chapter 246: Teammate Love
Chapter 247: The Truth!
Chapter 248: X!!!
Chapter 249: Giving Flowers!
Chapter 250: Brother, Thank You
Chapter 252: I Will Protect Xiao Xiang!
Chapter 253: Hello Sister-in-law, I’m San Jin!
Chapter 254: Your Enemy Is Here
Chapter 255: Little Flame’s Investigation of the Truth
Chapter 256: Mathematical Modeling
Chapter 257: Earning Money~
Chapter 258: Gao Yanchen’s Choice
Chapter 259: Let Qian Xin and Xiang Huai Talk Peace?
Chapter 260: A Box of Stones???
Chapter 261: Gem Bracelet~
Chapter 262: Banquet
Chapter 263: Look, These Are Her Worthless Stones!
Chapter 264: Heart of Flame?
Chapter 265: Who Is Your Brother?
Chapter 266: Break Through
Chapter 267: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (1)
Chapter 268: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (2)
Chapter 269: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (3)
Chapter 270: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (4)
Chapter 271: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (5)
Chapter 272: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (6)
Chapter 273: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (7)
Chapter 274: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (8)
Chapter 275: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (9)
Chapter 276: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (10)
Chapter 277: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (11)
Chapter 278: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (12)
Chapter 279: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (13)
Chapter 280: Falling! Falling!
Chapter 281: Slap in the Face!
Chapter 282: Ye Lai’s Abnormalities!
Chapter 283: Finding Help, This Is So Xue Xi!
Chapter 284: Is He Interested Just for Now?
Chapter 285: Severing Relationship!
Chapter 286: The Sky Is Cold and the Company Can Fall Down
Chapter 287: I Want to Bring the Little Kid Home~
Chapter 288: Why Is My Husband So Handsome?!
Chapter 289: Isn’t It Enough That You Have Mr. Xiang?
Chapter 290: Coincidence
Chapter 291: Identity of Omnipotent Boss
Chapter 292: Xiang Huai
Chapter 293: It Wouldn’t Hurt Anymore After a Kiss
Chapter 294: I’m Here to Pick Up My Girlfriend
Chapter 295: Future Mother-in-law
Chapter 296: Hello, Granny!
Chapter 297: Little Kid, I’m In
Chapter 298: Finding Her
Chapter 299: Xue Xi: I Have Money
Chapter 300: Not Enough? What a Joke!
Chapter 301: They Are Engaged in Compensated Dating
Chapter 302: CEO Xue Loves His Daughter Too Much!
Chapter 303: Are You Courting Death?
Chapter 304: Development Success! (1)
Chapter 305: Development Success! (2)
Chapter 306: Development Success! (3)
Chapter 307: Don’t You Feel a Little Reluctant?
Chapter 308: Do I Have Hope?
Chapter 309: College Entrance Examination!
Chapter 310: The Scores Are Out
Chapter 311: Provincial Top Student!
Chapter 313: Acceptance Result
Chapter 314: Change the Will?
Chapter 315: I Will Not Miss Your Life
Chapter 316: Will You Lose?
Chapter 317: Sister Xi, I Won
Chapter 318: Little Kid, Look at Me More
Chapter 320: Being in the Same Room
Chapter 321: Professor Feng Has a Problem with You!
Chapter 322: Apologize to Her!
Chapter 323: A Perfect Misunderstanding
Chapter 324: Lesson
Chapter 325: Chinese Martial Arts!
Chapter 326: Xue Xi Was Plotted Against
Chapter 327: Xiang Huai’s Power
Chapter 328: I Did It
Chapter 329: Xiang, Long Time No See
Chapter 330: Who Are You?
Chapter 331: Old Classmate?
Chapter 332: You Must Find This Girl!
Chapter 333: A Punch on Cotton
Chapter 334: That Girl Is Xiang’s Girlfriend
Chapter 335: I’ll Bring You to Class
Chapter 336: His Goddess of Wisdom!
Chapter 337: Xue Xi, Xue Xi, Number One in the World!
Chapter 339: Speak!
Chapter 340: Are You Interested in Scanford University?
Chapter 341: A Slap in Liang Gan’s Face
Chapter 342: Flattery!
Chapter 343: A Date Between the Two
Chapter 344: The World of Three
Chapter 345: Exam Results!
Chapter 346: A Perfect Score?
Chapter 347: Is She Jealous?
Chapter 349: An Indescribable Responsibility
Chapter 350: I Can’t Leave My Boyfriend
Chapter 351: A High Price!
Chapter 352: Buy, Buy, Buy!
Chapter 353: In-laws Meeting~
Chapter 354: Our Mom Is Here!
Chapter 355: Good Sisters
Chapter 356: School Has Started!
Chapter 357: You Are Specialists
Chapter 358: I’m Not Joking
Chapter 359: Red Hair~
Chapter 360: Untitled
Chapter 361: I’m Really Not Poor!
Chapter 363: Unreasonable Request!
Chapter 364: Rich Boyfriend?
Chapter 365: I’ll See You Tomorrow
Chapter 366: The Legal Wife Is Here!
Chapter 367: Mom!
Chapter 368: Untitled
Chapter 369: It’s Him!
Chapter 370: The Vast Sky and the Vast World
Chapter 371: I’m Here for an Examination!
Chapter 372: What Happened?
Chapter 373: Everyone: “???”
Chapter 374: No, This Is a School!
Chapter 375: Are You Playing Wild?
Chapter 376: Their Relationship!
Chapter 377: Filled with Concern
Chapter 378: We Are in Love
Chapter 379: I Said I Wasn’t Joking
Chapter 380: Where Is Xue Xi?
Chapter 381: Xue Xi, General Xiang Is Looking for You!
Chapter 382: Prepare Yourself, I’m Going to Kiss You
Chapter 383: Sister-in-law Is Giving Water Again!
Chapter 384: Let’s Compete?
Chapter 385: Problem with Her Private Life?
Chapter 386: Instructor Xiang Is So Handsome!
Chapter 387: Hello, I’m Xue Xi’s Boyfriend
Chapter 388: You Are Little Flame
Chapter 389: This Is My Purpose
Chapter 390: She Was Really Blind!
Chapter 391: Cannot Endure It Anymore
Chapter 392: Let’s Settle the Scores
Chapter 393: Army Boxing to Serve
Chapter 394: Sister Xi Is Too Swordsman!
Chapter 395: Her Last Move!
Chapter 396: Befriend Night Li’s Daughter!
Chapter 397: Why Are You Blushing?
Chapter 398: The Dormitory Is Too Sweet!
Chapter 399: Throwing Yourself at Me?
Chapter 400: Xue Xi’s Classmate Is from the Li Family?
Chapter 401: Flaunting Her Wealth
Chapter 402: The Cold Mountain Picture
Chapter 403: My Mother Is Night Li
Chapter 404: A Slap in the Face!
Chapter 405: Sister Xi!
Chapter 406: Prove Yourself
Chapter 407: I Don’t Want to Prove It
Chapter 408: I’m Really Rich!
Chapter 409: The Most Beautiful School Belle
Chapter 410: Clearing the Net!
Chapter 411: Cleaning Up!
Chapter 412: Worship God X!
Chapter 413: Who Are You? I’m X!
Chapter 414: Your Little Cutie Has Arrived
Chapter 415: Why Are You Calling Her Sister Xi Too?
Chapter 416: Who Is Xue Xi?
Chapter 417: Sister Xi, Can You?
Chapter 418: Competing in Backing?
Chapter 419: Little Cutie, Where Are You?
Chapter 420: Call Me Daddy!
Chapter 421: Taking the Initiative
Chapter 422: Another Familiar Person
Chapter 423: So Pitiful
Chapter 424: If You Want to Leave, Leave Together
Chapter 425: The Student Elder Feng Hates?
Chapter 426: Xue Xi Is Full of Questions
Chapter 427: The Strange Big Boss Club
Chapter 428: Boyfriend, Add Me on WeChat
Chapter 429: He Has Ill Intentions Toward You
Chapter 430: I Will Provide for You, It’s Not Unfair
Chapter 431: Let’s Find Director Feng
Chapter 432: Who Are You?
Chapter 433: You Didn’t Learn Your Language Well
Chapter 434: Do You Have Evidence?
Chapter 435: A Good Person Should Not Be Misunderstood
Chapter 436: Results
Chapter 437: Reversal, the Reality of Mr. Guo’s Crimes!
Chapter 438: They Are Wrong, Completely Wrong!
Chapter 439: Don’t Be Impulsive!
Chapter 440: Meeting the In-laws
Chapter 441: Mom!
Chapter 442: Qin Shuang’s Hijacking His Popularity?
Chapter 443: Professor Derry Is Looking at Xue Xi
Chapter 444: Professor Derry Likes Me
Chapter 445: Let Professor Derry Judge
Chapter 446: Hello, Professor Derry
Chapter 447: A Slap in the Face!
Chapter 448: Xiang Huai Is Here
Chapter 449: Cen Bai Makes His Move!
Chapter 450: I Am Qin Shuang!
Chapter 451: Perhaps It’s Because of Love?
Chapter 452: The Secret of the Society
Chapter 453: Let Me Tell You a Secret
Chapter 454: Hacker X!
Chapter 455: No One Is Perfect
Chapter 456: Let Me Do It
Chapter 457: My Idol Is Right by My Side!
Chapter 458: Becoming a Milk Dog Instantly
Chapter 459: Don’t Blame Her
Chapter 460: What Can You Do to Me?
Chapter 461: Can You Fight?
Chapter 462: She Has Already Been Expelled from That Group
Chapter 463: Rub Your Hands
Chapter 464: Can’t Wait for Her to Go Bankrupt
Chapter 465: Fat Hope
Chapter 466: Center!
Chapter 467: I Made It
Chapter 468: The Real R & D Person!
Chapter 469: Can You Help Me?
Chapter 470: What Work?
Chapter 471: Sister Xi Is Domineering
Chapter 472: Reality
Chapter 473: Exposed
Chapter 474: Clearing Up
Chapter 475: The Truth!
Chapter 476: Attack!
Chapter 477: Who Doesn’t Know How to Be a White Lotus?
Chapter 478: No Way!
Chapter 479: I Don’t Have Such Worries
Chapter 480: The Vinegar Has Turned Around
Chapter 481: I’ve Seen Lin Jing
Chapter 482: Fortune in Trouble
Chapter 483: Your Fault!
Chapter 484: Defeated
Chapter 485: Untitled
Chapter 486: Godma Is Here
Chapter 487: You’re Only Worthy to Stay in the Tea Room!
Chapter 488: Goddaughter, Come Quickly!
Chapter 489: Too Far!
Chapter 490: Godmother
Chapter 491: Slapping Face
Chapter 492: A Loser!
Chapter 493: General Xiang Is Here!
Chapter 494: What’s Your Bank Balance?
Chapter 495: Something’s Wrong!
Chapter 496: Something in the Drink
Chapter 497: Captured!
Chapter 498: Apologize!
Chapter 499: She’s Finished!
Chapter 500: General Xiang Is Angry
Chapter 501: Revenge
Chapter 502: Can’t Bathe Alone
Chapter 503: Sister Xi, Impressive
Chapter 504: Best Use
Chapter 505: Merchant
Chapter 506: One More
Chapter 507: I Like You
Chapter 508: If She Is Without Love, She Will Die!
Chapter 509: He Was Angry
Chapter 510: If I Go, Who Will Stop Me?
Chapter 511: I Don’t Want to Be Forced to Date You
Chapter 512: Xiang Huai, I Want to Date You
Chapter 513: Caught!
Chapter 514: I Have Someone!
Chapter 516: Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah
Chapter 517: Sister Xi, I Missed You So Much
Chapter 520: Do You Want to Know Who My Girlfriend Is?
Chapter 521: Revenge
Chapter 522: Brainiac Is Here
Chapter 523: Invite the Top Student!
Chapter 524: TTXD
Chapter 525: Fang Fang!!!
Chapter 526: A Difficult Decision!!
Chapter 527: Rescue!
Chapter 528: What Goes Around Comes Around
Chapter 529: The Boy Carrying a Basketball
Chapter 530: Brother Chen!!
Chapter 531: As Long As He Was Well
Chapter 532: There Are No Men or Women in Esports
Chapter 533: Learn!!!
Chapter 534: Sister Xi, Dye Her Hair Back to Black?
Chapter 535: Brainiac Is Here
Chapter 536: Sister Xi! Sister Xi!!
Chapter 537: Full Score!
Chapter 538: Extraordinary Bullets!
Chapter 539: Arrogant
Chapter 540: Sister Xi Is Invincible!
Chapter 541: Little Mute Is Here
Chapter 542: Sign Language~
Chapter 544: Mom??
Chapter 545: Painting!
Chapter 546: Look at the Replay!!
Chapter 547: Third Floor
Chapter 548: Would Her Popularity Drop?
Chapter 549: Sky High Reward!
Chapter 550: I’ve Returned
Chapter 551: Mom, Are You Rich?
Chapter 552: She Won’t Come Back
Chapter 553: Something Has Happened!
Chapter 554: Who?
Chapter 555: Is What You Trust Fair?
Chapter 556: Truth
Chapter 557: Traitor!
Chapter 558: Looking for Omnipotent Boss
Chapter 560: Xiang Huai’s Purpose
Chapter 561: I Want to Write as I Want
Chapter 562: Gu Yunqing Continues to Seek Death
Chapter 563: A Slap in the Face!
Chapter 564: General Xiang’s Identity Has Been Dropped
Chapter 565: Continue to Disguise
Chapter 566: How Can She Die If She Doesn’t Attempt It?
Chapter 567: Capturing Fang Fang!
Chapter 568: Sister Is Not a Bad Person!
Chapter 569: I’ll Train You
Chapter 570: Who Dares?!
Chapter 571: Buying Murder?
Chapter 572: Wait!
Chapter 573: Reversal! (1)
Chapter 574: Reversal! (2)
Chapter 575: Still Can’t Protect Her
Chapter 576: The Truth!
Chapter 577: Gu Yunqing’s Ending!
Chapter 578: Good Son, Call Me Dad!
Chapter 579: Sister Xi’s Real Genetic Composition!
Chapter 580: Looking for X!
Chapter 581: Can You Put on Your Clothes?!
Chapter 582: X’s Identity?
Chapter 583: I Am X!
Chapter 584: Bad People Die from Talking Too Much
Chapter 585: I’m X
Chapter 586: A Clown, Get Out of China!
Chapter 587: Three Old Urchins
Chapter 588: Agreement!
Chapter 590: Mr. X!
Chapter 591: General Xiang Is Angry~
Chapter 593: Don’t Guess Boss’s Thoughts
Chapter 594: Who Said No One?
Chapter 595: One After Another
Chapter 596: She Has Charm
Chapter 597: I’m Rich
Chapter 598: So Rich!
Chapter 599: All the Beautiful Times in the World
Chapter 600: Touched
Chapter 601: Scarf~
Chapter 602: It’s That Person, Don’t Think About It
Chapter 603: Cen Bai’s Resentment
Chapter 604: Clearing Up (1)
Chapter 605: Clearing Up (2)
Chapter 606: Qin Shuang Is Early!
Chapter 607: Willful Bai
Chapter 608: Heartless and Innocent
Chapter 609: You Liar!
Chapter 610: I Don’t Know!
Chapter 611: Clearing Her Name
Chapter 612: Xu Xinyao’s Ending!
Chapter 613: Unchanging Life
Chapter 614: Balloon...
Chapter 615: Do You Still Have That Balloon?
Chapter 616: Happy Birthday
Chapter 617: Yearning
Chapter 618: Impossible to Complete the Project?
Chapter 619: Bad Boy
Chapter 621: Progress of the Project
Chapter 622: Going Around in Circles
Chapter 623: Seven Hearts and Eight Wills!
Chapter 624: Everyone Is Working Hard
Chapter 625: No Way!
Chapter 626: Research Questions
Chapter 627: Too Shameless!
Chapter 628: Solved!
Chapter 629: Little Square’s Purpose
Chapter 630: Choice!
Chapter 631: Elder Feng Is Here!
Chapter 632: The Evildoer Is the First to Complain
Chapter 633: Protecting Her
Chapter 634: The University Chapter Is Slowly Ending
Chapter 635: Gathering of the Powerful
Chapter 636: Back
Chapter 637: Wife-Doting Maniac Huai
Chapter 638: King of Jealousy, Huai
Chapter 640: Old Feng Is Sick?
Chapter 641: Inheritance+Great Achievement!
Chapter 642: Cheers
Chapter 643: A Slap in the Face!
Chapter 644: Unable to See Reality
Chapter 645: Continue Slapping Face!
Chapter 646: Jealousy
Chapter 647: Who Exactly Are You?
Chapter 648: Xixi, We’ll Meet Again If It’s Fated
Chapter 649: Good or Bad?
Chapter 650: The Abandoned Sister Xi?
Chapter 651: The Truth!
Chapter 652: Carrying a Weight
Chapter 653: The Youngest Professor in History!
Chapter 654: Cannot Be a Student!
Chapter 655: Acting Principal!
Chapter 656: Little Girlfriend Protects Me
Chapter 657: What Is Your Superpower?
Chapter 658: Secret of the Moguls’ Group
Chapter 659: Got Photographed!
Chapter 660: There’s a Way
Chapter 661: What Is Love?
Chapter 662: Awakening
Chapter 663: Spy!
Chapter 664: Smart Brain
Chapter 665: Sister Xi, What Should We Do?
Chapter 666: Sister Xi’s Personal Charm
Chapter 667: The Smartness of an Ordinary Person
Chapter 668: He’s Back!
Chapter 669: Battle!
Chapter 670: Sudden Kindness
Chapter 671: Xue Xi’s Superpower
Chapter 672: Untitled
Chapter 673: Fly
Chapter 674: Xiang Huai
Chapter 675: Little Chatterbox’s Superpower~
Chapter 676: Qin Shuang’s Compensation
Chapter 677: Cen Bai Is Back~
Chapter 678: Little Kid, Shall We Play with Balloons?
Chapter 679: Xiang Huai’s Identity
Chapter 680: Taking Advantage
Chapter 681: A Date Today!
Chapter 682: Wedding
Chapter 683: Acting Love
Chapter 684: A Gentleman
Chapter 685: Talk Together
Chapter 686: Cough
Chapter 687: Do You Like It?
Chapter 688: That Name Can’t Be Told
Chapter 689: Meeting the Parents
Chapter 690: P10 in the Special Department!
Chapter 691: Love Rival Is Here?
Chapter 692: A Little Black Cat
Chapter 693: Curiosity
Chapter 694: Stand in Front
Chapter 695: Curiosity Killed the Cat
Chapter 696: Sister Xi Meow
Chapter 697: Meow
Chapter 698: Worse Than a Beast
Chapter 699: Two Families Eating
Chapter 700: Honors Ceremony
Chapter 701: Pleasing the Mother-in-law
Chapter 702: Learning Makes One Improve!
Chapter 703: Gift
Chapter 704: Lost Love
Chapter 705: Something Happened to the Crew?
Chapter 706: Coming, Coming!
Chapter 707: Everyone Is Here!
Chapter 708: Introduction
Chapter 709: Send You Away
Chapter 710: Perfect!
Chapter 711: Unable to Speak
Chapter 712: Real Reflection, Sister Changxi
Chapter 713: Give Birth to a Daughter~
Chapter 714: Don’t Be Inferior
Chapter 715: Special Ability
Chapter 716: Superpower~
Chapter 717: General Xiang Is Not a Domineering CEO
Chapter 718: Treatment
Chapter 719: Provocation
Chapter 720: Zheng Zhi Awakens?
Chapter 721: I’m Your Husband
Chapter 722: Do You Know Omnipotent Boss’s Superpower?
Chapter 723: Suppression
Chapter 724: Mutual Fight
Chapter 725: Comparison!
Chapter 726: I’ll Take Care of Xiao Shuang’s Fans!
Chapter 727: Girlfriend!
Chapter 728: Unfair
Chapter 729: Shut Up!
Chapter 730: Good Plan
Chapter 731: Are You Going to Get Cen Bai Sooner or Later?
Chapter 732: Suppressing Esper Abilities!
Chapter 733: A Poor Family
Chapter 734: Beg
Chapter 735: Boss, Are You Going to Attack?
Chapter 736: Bringing the Little Kid to Learn a Super Power
Chapter 737: Learned!
Chapter 738: Slapping Fang Yi in the Face
Chapter 739: Why Did Others Call You General Xiang?
Chapter 740: Learning!
Chapter 741: Why?
Chapter 742: I Want Both
Chapter 743: His Eyes Are Red for the First Time
Chapter 744: Straightforward
Chapter 745: Clearing the Misunderstanding
Chapter 746: Rescue!
Chapter 747: I Beg You
Chapter 748: Find Her at Fang Yi’s Place!
Chapter 749: I’m Going to Destroy Your House!
Chapter 750: Treatment!
Chapter 751: Sister Xi Awakens
Chapter 752: Fatherly Love Is Silence
Chapter 753: Fang Yi’s Punishment~
Chapter 754: Punishment for Qian Xin
Chapter 755: I Believe You
Chapter 756: Smile?
Chapter 757: Power Control? Learned!
Chapter 758: Tomorrow!
Chapter 759: She Is P9!
Chapter 760: General Xiang Is Here
Chapter 761: Time to Pay
Chapter 762: The Boss of the Special Department
Chapter 763: General Xiang’s Mask Has Fallen
Chapter 764: Xiang Huai’s Superpower
Chapter 765: God of Fortune Group~
Chapter 766: Increasing
Chapter 767: Step Down
Chapter 768: Fang Yi Is Dismissed
Chapter 769: Mysterious Organization
Chapter 770: Time Freeze
Chapter 771: Got You
Chapter 772: Mistake?
Chapter 773: Too Fast?
Chapter 774: Mysterious Person
Chapter 775: SSS-level Encrypted Documents!
Chapter 776: Breakup?
Chapter 777: Danger!
Chapter 778: Untitled
Chapter 779: I’m Looking for Xue Xi
Chapter 780: Little White
Chapter 781: Compared to Boyfriend
Chapter 782: Book
Chapter 783: Business Gigolo
Chapter 784: Back!
Chapter 785: Too Slow
Chapter 786: Untitled
Chapter 787: A Dream Without a Trace
Chapter 788: Let’s Go Somewhere Just the Two of Us
Chapter 789: Driving
Chapter 790: Why Are You Looking for Her?
Chapter 791: World-class Paintings
Chapter 792: Raising Her Like a Princess
Chapter 793: Mr. Fan!
Chapter 794: Mysterious Organization!
Chapter 795: Xiang Huai’s Pressure
Chapter 796: Lu Chao, You Endangered Me!
Chapter 797: Which Dream Did You Fall In?
Chapter 798: Gigolo Boyfriend
Chapter 799: Hello, Xue Xi
Chapter 800: General Xiang, Aren’t You Going to Do It?
Chapter 801: Superhuman!
Chapter 802: Queen
Chapter 803: Hello, Sister-in-law!
Chapter 804: A Bet?
Chapter 805: What a Black Heart!
Chapter 806: Xue Yao’s Dream
Chapter 807: Boss!
Chapter 808: She Is the Clown
Chapter 809: Something Is Wrong with Her Brain
Chapter 810: Gloating
Chapter 811: Entering the Dream
Chapter 812: Hooligan
Chapter 813: Kill Her
Chapter 814: Lin Jing Will Come?
Chapter 815: Birthday Party (1)
Chapter 816: Birthday Party (2)
Chapter 817: Birthday Party (3)
Chapter 818: Birthday Party (4)
Chapter 819: Birthday Party (5)
Chapter 821: Birth
Chapter 822: The Galaxy Tonight Is Beautiful (1)
Chapter 823: The Galaxy Tonight Is Beautiful (2)
Chapter 824: The Galaxy Tonight Is Beautiful (3)
Chapter 825: The Galaxy Tonight Is Beautiful (4)
Chapter 826: I’m Your Man
Chapter 827: Exposed!
Chapter 828: Hot Search
Chapter 829: Cen Bai’s Compensation
Chapter 830: Deceit
Chapter 831: The Truth?
Chapter 832: Seeking Help
Chapter 833: Treatment!
Chapter 834: Heart-wrenching Pain
Chapter 835: My Love Is Dead
Chapter 836: Code Name
Chapter 837: Acquaintance
Chapter 838: Gao Yanchen’s Background
Chapter 839: Extinguishing the Fire with Her Bare Hands
Chapter 840: She Understood!
Chapter 841: Condensing
Chapter 842: Progressing
Chapter 843: Wait for Your Return
Chapter 844: Vegetarian
Chapter 845: Position
Chapter 846: All!
Chapter 847: Sending Espers?
Chapter 848: Martial Arts Conference
Chapter 849: Leave?
Chapter 850: Exam~
Chapter 851: Martial Arts Competition!
Chapter 852: Heart to Protect Her Husband
Chapter 853: Xiang Huai Is My Daddy!
Chapter 854: The Personnel Escaped
Chapter 855: Something Happened...
Chapter 856: A Storm Is Coming
Chapter 857: Still Want to See?
Chapter 858: Go Home
Chapter 859: Chinese Investigation Unit
Chapter 860: Duplication!
Chapter 861: Her Real Ability and Compensation...
Chapter 862: Opposing the World!
Chapter 863: War Is About to Start!
Chapter 864: Battle!
Chapter 865: Compensation
Chapter 866: Fang Yi’s Ruthlessness
Chapter 867: Capture Xue Xi in the City!
Chapter 868: Blackie, I Like You
Chapter 869: Not Leaving!
Chapter 870: General Xiang! Sister Xi Is in Trouble! Help!
Chapter 871: Zi He!
Chapter 872: Despicable Means
Chapter 873: No!
Chapter 874: Friend
Chapter 875: Fang Yi, You’re the One Who Should Die!
Chapter 877: Little Kid, I’m Late
Chapter 878: She Will Live Well!
Chapter 879: Vulture
Chapter 880: Little White!
Chapter 881: His Last Tenderness
Chapter 882: Find Him
Chapter 883: Did You Love Me?
Chapter 884: The Real Vulture
Chapter 885: She Has Always Been Loved
Chapter 887: She Must Let Xiang Huai Return in Glory!
Chapter 888: Judgment!
Chapter 889: Language!
Chapter 890: She Duplicated Seize
Chapter 891: I’m Willing to Accept Punishment
Chapter 892: The Truth!
Chapter 893: Chinese Spirit!
Chapter 894: Crippling Her Special Ability!
Chapter 895: Trap
Chapter 896: They Still Have Each Other
Chapter 897: You Can Also Do It Now
Chapter 898: Little Kid, I’m Back
Chapter 899: Untitled
Chapter 900: Untitled
Chapter 901: Is She Really Wrong?
Chapter 902: She’s Not Wrong
Chapter 903: You Have to Learn Different Things Every Day
Chapter 904: Bai Shuang (1)
Chapter 905: Bai Shuang (2)
Chapter 906: Bai Shuang (3)
Chapter 907: Bai Shuang (4)
Chapter 908: Bai Shuang (5)
Chapter 909: Bai Shuang (End)