Chapter 1: Someone Wanted to Marry Her
Chapter 3: I’m Somewhere You’ll Never Find Me
Chapter 4: Marrying into the Zhuang Family
Chapter 5: I am Cen Shuang, Your Wife
Chapter 7: Beautiful Women Are Lovable
Chapter 8: The Beautiful Daughter-in-law Could Not Be Kept
Chapter 10: The Poor Daughter
Chapter 11: Zhuang Hong, Will You Wake Up or Not?
Chapter 12: Was Only a Few Years Older Than Her
Chapter 13: I’ll Ask My Mother-in-law For It
Chapter 14: First Kiss
Chapter 15: The School Beauty Becomes a Joke
Chapter 16: Cen Shuang Could Not Take It
Chapter 17: The Divorce Was a Done Deal
Chapter 19: Will Zhuang Hong Really Wake Up?
Chapter 20: Zhuang Hong Was in a Vegetative State
Chapter 21: Would You Feel Lonely?
Chapter 23: Cen Shuang Will Be My Woman Sooner or Later
Chapter 24: This Was Not Considered Immoral
Chapter 25: Zhuang Hong, You Can’t Be So Stingy, Right?
Chapter 26: Send Me Back to the Zhuang Family
Chapter 27: I Want to Rest
Chapter 28: I Won’t Let You Get Hurt in the Future
Chapter 29: I Didn’t Take Advantage of You
Chapter 30: Cen Shuang’s Misfortune
Chapter 32: Zhuang Hong’s Heartbeat
Chapter 33: The Essence of Cen Shuang’s Acting
Chapter 34: Call Me Again
Chapter 35: I Won’t Be a Scumbag
Chapter 37: Zhuang Hong, Your Nose is Bleeding
Chapter 38: I Can Still Afford a Million-dollar Car
Chapter 39: How Can You Be a Husband?
Chapter 41: Is This Your Way of Amazing Me?
Chapter 42: It Was Not a Good Time
Chapter 43: It’s Not What You Think
Chapter 45: You’re Not Shy, Are You?
Chapter 46: Revenge Must Be Exacted
Chapter 47: I Am a Black Lotus
Chapter 48: The Perfect Couple
Chapter 49: A Delicate Woman
Chapter 50: Jealousy
Chapter 51: You Are Mrs. Zhuang
Chapter 52: Can You Do It?
Chapter 53: Her Son Was Cheated On
Chapter 54: Was He Indifferent?
Chapter 55: Follow Me Back to the Cen Residence
Chapter 56: The Third Lady of the Zhuang Family
Chapter 58: Someone is Following You
Chapter 59: We Are Just Friends
Chapter 61: My Son Wakes Up
Chapter 62: About to Have a Grandson
Chapter 64 The Enviable Cen Shuang
Chapter 65 Saving Zhuang Hong From Trouble
Chapter 66: Massage Yourself
Chapter 71: Obligations of a Husband and a Wife
Chapter 72: Clothing Exhibition at Jiang University
Chapter 73: Cen Shuang’s Wedding Dress
Chapter 74: I Don’t Have a Home Anymore
Chapter 75: She Couldn’t Have Gone Crazy, Right?
Chapter 76: Don’t You Know That I Would Be Worried?
Chapter 77: The Restless Girl
Chapter 78: I Cannot Side with Two Women at Once
Chapter 79: Take Good Care of Cen Shuang
Chapter 80: Who Hooked Up With Another Man?
Chapter 81: Drama About Family Ethics
Chapter 82: Seeing Another Man
Chapter 83: 3,000,000 Dollar Allowance
Chapter 84: It is My Priceless Treasure
Chapter 85: Do You Want Me to Lie Down or Sit Down?
Chapter 86: Revitalizing the Cen Family
Chapter 87: Sis, Let’s Make Hanfu
Chapter 88: I Was So Stupid
Chapter 89: His Indulgence and Love
Chapter 90: I Didn’t Do It On Purpose
Chapter 91: Tested His Self-Control
Chapter 92: I Want to Challenge You
Chapter 93: I Admit Defeat
Chapter 94: The Arrival of an Angel
Chapter 95: Cen Shuang is so Attractive
Chapter 96: Cen Shuang Will Take Care of Me
Chapter 97: You Stealing a Kiss is Annoying
Chapter 98: The Land in Dongshan City
Chapter 99: Seizing the Zhuang Family’s Property
Chapter 100: You Want to Date Me?
Chapter 101: Because I Like...
Chapter 102: This Was a Young Girl in Love
Chapter 103: You Want to See Him?
Chapter 104: Does That Kid Like You?
Chapter 105: You’re Really Prosperous This Year
Chapter 106: He is My Husband
Chapter 107: Beautiful As Promised
Chapter 108: Talked About a Marriage
Chapter 109: The Silly and Gullible Zhuang Xinyan
Chapter 110: A Match Made in Heaven
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