The Strongest Gene (1)
Chapter 1: The Magical World
Chapter 2: This Location Was Somewhat Scary
Chapter 3: Erupt!
Chapter 4: To Hell with It!
Chapter 5: The Magical Gene Production Techniques
Chapter 6: Youngster Wang Yue!
Chapter 7: Killing Intent
Chapter 8: Gene Rookie Competition
Chapter 9: Deliveryman
Chapter 10: King Kong’s Anger
Chapter 11: Outstanding Gene
Chapter 12: Unexpected Mutation!
Chapter 13: Chen Feng’s Anger
Chapter 14: This Is Not Scientific
Chapter 15: Professor Tao’s Second Spring
Chapter 16: Soft Knife
Chapter 17: Assassination
Chapter 18: Extremely Expensive Gene!
Chapter 19: Can’t Escape from Own Crime!
Chapter 20: Luck Value Test
Chapter 21: Gene Warehouse
Chapter 22: Why Be So Petty and Low after Rebirth
Chapter 23: Restriction
Chapter 24: Thundersnake Gene
Chapter 25: The So-Called Metaphysics
Chapter 26: Secret Art Fusion!
Chapter 27: Graduation Cultivation Trip
Chapter 28: Rampage
Chapter 29: The Tyrannical School!
Chapter 30: This Gamble Is Profitable!
Chapter 31: Alarming Change: Purgatory!
Chapter 32: The Only Lifeline
Chapter 33: Frying up a Group of Salted Fishes
Chapter 34: Blood Devouring Metamorphosis
Chapter 35: Mastermind
Chapter 36: Dancing on the Tip of a Sword
Chapter 37: Three Years Start
Chapter 38: Five-Star Formula!
Chapter 39: A Day Full of Surprises
Chapter 40: The Strongest Gene!
Chapter 41: Chen Feng’s Path
Chapter 42: Gene Strengthening!
Chapter 43: Hunting Wind Foxes
Chapter 44: Your Bloodline Might Be Fake
Chapter 45: Confrontation at the Danger Zone
Chapter 46: Who Is the Actual Freak?
Chapter 47: All-Around Improvement!
Chapter 48: Becoming a Monk
Chapter 49: Depths of the Frigid Pond
Chapter 50: Life and Death Domain
Chapter 51: Breaking through the limit!
Chapter 52: You All Must Have Gone Insane
Chapter 53: Gene Virus
Chapter 54: Virus Killer!
Chapter 55: Who Are You?
Chapter 56: Strongest F-Class Gene?
Chapter 57: Sales Event
Chapter 58: Taking Loans Due to Poverty
Chapter 59: The Bloody Case Caused by a Mutated Gene
Chapter 60: Gaining Publicity from Hype
Chapter 61: Ambitious
Chapter 62: The True Thundersnake Gene!
Chapter 63: Banned!
Chapter 64: Throwing Stones on Someone Who Fell into a Well
Chapter 65: The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 66: Gene Evaluation
Chapter 67: Regretting Past Actions
Chapter 68: Counterattack!
Chapter 69: Covering the Skies with One Hand!
Chapter 70: Chen Feng’s Killing Intent
Chapter 71: Heaven and Earth Turned Upside Down
Chapter 72: The Final Craziness!
Chapter 73: First Place!
Chapter 74: Illusionary Snake’s Scale
Chapter 75: Aurora
Chapter 76: Youre on Your Own Now
Chapter 76: You’re on Your Own Now
Chapter 77: Illusionary Snake
Chapter 78: Peculiar Combat Method
Chapter 79: King Yan
Chapter 80: Danger at Every Step
Chapter 81: Shen Yi’s Death
Chapter 82: The Real Mysterious Person
Chapter 83: Are You Scared of Marquee?
Chapter 84: First Fusion Reagent
Chapter 85: Shen Wei
Chapter 86: The First Performance of Myriad Illusions
Chapter 87: Blood Shadow
Chapter 88: I Won’t Fight Him
Chapter 89: Comfortable
Chapter 90: 3-Star Secret Art
Chapter 91: Lava Giant
Chapter 92: Let’s Create Midgets Together
Chapter 93: Really Dare to Act?
Chapter 94: Favor of Words
Chapter 95: Failure
Chapter 96: A Mystical Ability
Chapter 97: Blood Lesson
Chapter 98: Ambush
Chapter 99: Green Skeleton
Chapter 100: Murderous Intent Soaring the Skies
Chapter 101: The Furious Chen Feng
Chapter 102: Greendragon Gene!
Chapter 103: Unexpected Gains?
Chapter 104: War Preparations!
Chapter 105: Never-Before-Seen Registration Details
Chapter 106: Must Obtain One of Them
Chapter 107: Succeeding Forcefully
Chapter 108: Where Is the Problem?
Chapter 109: Ending the Problem in Its Infancy
Chapter 110: Digital Battle
Chapter 111: This Is My World!
Chapter 112: Total Annihilation
Chapter 113: If I Dont Kill You, I Will Cease to Be a Human!
Chapter 113: If I Don’t Kill You, I Will Cease to Be a Human!
Chapter 114: He Had Become a Bald Person; However, He Had to Become Stronger as Well!
Chapter 115: A Big Gift for You
Chapter 116: Wang Family’s Disaster
Chapter 117: The Gene Reagent with the Strongest Defense!
Chapter 118: Waiting for Failure
Chapter 119: Too Barbarous!
Chapter 120: Come, Come, Come, a Wave of Reports
Chapter 121: So What If Theyre Defective Materials?
Chapter 121: So What If They’re Defective Materials?
Chapter 122: The Assembly of Geniuses!
Chapter 123: Final Evaluation!
Chapter 124: Who Is First Place?
Chapter 125: The Rise of the Model Student!
Chapter 126: Third Round!
Chapter 127: A Ridiculous Choice
Chapter 128: Icefox Formula
Chapter 129: The Rise of Huang He
Chapter 130: An Astonishing Accomplishment!
Chapter 131: Spectacular Finish
Chapter 132: Mu Yuan’s Love Story
Chapter 133: One’s Personal Glory!
Chapter 134: Rules of the Fourth Round!
Chapter 135: Bluebat Gene!
Chapter 136: The Bizarre Insta-Kill
Chapter 137: Insta-Killing Everyone!
Chapter 138: Final Confrontation!
Chapter 139: Sun Han’s Defense
Chapter 140: Too Shameless
Chapter 141: The Analyzed Chen Feng
Chapter 142: A Confrontation of Accumulation? Who’s Afraid!
Chapter 143: The Demon That Died in Infancy!
Chapter 144: Chen Feng on Offense!
Chapter 145: Triple Combo
Chapter 146: The Meaning of the Competition
Chapter 147: Hide and Seek
Chapter 148: Competing in Accumulation? Come at Me!
Chapter 149: Zhao Tian’s Firm Decision to Kill
Chapter 150: Who’s Killing Whom?
Chapter 151: The Opened Pandoras Box
Chapter 151: The Opened Pandora’s Box
Chapter 152: Tricked Chen Feng
Chapter 153: You Know Nothing about Strength
Chapter 154: Gene Armament!
Chapter 155: The Hidden Sinister of Yun Xiaoduo
Chapter 156: Troublemaker
Chapter 157: Before the Storm
Chapter 158: One Killing Move per Step
Chapter 159: Chen Feng’s Counter
Chapter 160: Demonic Fern Gene Reagent
Chapter 161: Taking a Leisurely Stroll
Chapter 162: Chen Feng’s Attack
Chapter 163: Qin Hai’s Secret
Chapter 164: What’s Chen Feng Planning to Do?
Chapter 165: Shall Never Be Enslaved!
Chapter 166: The Weight behind That Slash
Chapter 167: Glory of the Champion!
Chapter 168: New Authority
Chapter 169: Purifier!
Chapter 170: Sudden Change!
Chapter 171: Top 10 Reassembled
Chapter 172: One Accident after Another
Chapter 173: The Culprit
Chapter 174: No Mercy
Chapter 175: Natural Leader
Chapter 176: The Unveiled Mystery
Chapter 177: Star City!
Chapter 178: This Is Not a Counterfeit Product, Right?
Chapter 179: Limit Increase!
Chapter 180: Limit Breakthrough?
Chapter 181: Peril Rebirth!
Chapter 182: The Crazy Goal
Chapter 183: A Step Away!
Chapter 184: Master Producer!
Chapter 185: It’s You? The Scammer?
Chapter 186: Terrifying Genetic Ability!
Chapter 187: Overexcited Mode!
Chapter 188: Weather Attack
Chapter 189: So Unbridled!
Chapter 190: Target
Chapter 191: Unrivaled Mechanical War God!
Chapter 192: Dying in Such a Manner Is Truly…
Chapter 192: Dying in Such a Manner Is Truly...
Chapter 193: This Is Different from the Analysis!
Chapter 194: Final Form!
Chapter 195: Sorry
Chapter 196: The World’s Fastest Man!
Chapter 197: Who on Earth Are You?!
Chapter 198: Beneath the Ice
Chapter 199: Perilous Land
Chapter 200: A Single Reason Is Sufficient
Chapter 201: Chen Feng’s Plan
Chapter 202: Lifeline!
Chapter 203: New Discovery
Chapter 204: The Crazy Organization
Chapter 205: Absolute Guard!
Chapter 206: The Third Genetic Ability!
Chapter 207: Affecting Reality!
Chapter 208: The Furious Food
Chapter 209: You Forced Me
Chapter 210: You Guys Are Looking for Trouble
Chapter 211: Target Confirmed!
Chapter 212: Sneaking In
Chapter 213: Limit Breakthrough!
Chapter 214: Erupt: Energy Equipment!
Chapter 215: How Many Sets of Them Do You Have?
Chapter 216: The Crazy Reinforcements!
Chapter 217: Void Hacker
Chapter 218: Luck Aura Upgrade
Chapter 219: Forbidden Area!
Chapter 220: Frozen Sea Tundra
Chapter 221: Fangirl
Chapter 222: If We Are Going to Play, Let’s Make It Big
Chapter 223: The Cocky Chen Feng
Chapter 224: The Furious Pursuit!
Chapter 225: Karma
Chapter 226: Life Forms of the Snow Tundra
Chapter 227: The Legendary Fangirl
Chapter 228: Betrayal!
Chapter 229: A Terrifying Ability
Chapter 230: Bro, You Are Too Excessive!
Chapter 231: The Power of Dragon’s Skull
Chapter 232: The Unrivaled Qin Hai
Chapter 233: Heaven-Defying Combat Power!
Chapter 234: Giant Dragon Something…
Chapter 234: Giant Dragon Something...
Chapter 235: New Ability
Chapter 236: This Is Too IMBA
Chapter 237: Brother, Does This Scene Look Familiar?
Chapter 238: You Guys Are Not Idiots, Right?
Chapter 239: Improve!
Chapter 240: Alarming change
Chapter 241: Genetic Union’s Plan
Chapter 242: Old Acquaintance
Chapter 243: Escaping Methods
Chapter 244: Mysterious Village
Chapter 245: Soul
Chapter 246: Kill!
Chapter 247: Great Transformation
Chapter 248: The Crazy Demonic Figurine Collector
Chapter 249: Special Reward!
Chapter 250: Life...
Chapter 251: Certification
Chapter 252: Conquer
Chapter 253: Shall We Forget It?
Chapter 254: End of Certification!
Chapter 255: Charge!
Chapter 256: Producer Excellence Award!
Chapter 257: Excellence Rankings
Chapter 258: Research Paper’s Sale Begins!
Chapter 259: The Historic Pit!
Chapter 260: The Horror of the RNG Mechanism
Chapter 261: The Streamer with Superb Luck
Chapter 262: Fighting for First Place
Chapter 263: Mission Personnel Squad
Chapter 264: Alarming Discovery
Chapter 265: Blocking the Reinforcements?
Chapter 266: Struggle Against the Heavens!
Chapter 267: Alarming Change: Wu Hui’s Ability!
Chapter 268: The Strongest and Weakest Ability
Chapter 269: Wu Hui’s Battle: Cosmic Manifestation!
Chapter 270: No Mercy
Chapter 271: Mysterious Radiance
Chapter 272: Different Style and Can’t Get Along
Chapter 273: Do You Want to Leave?
Chapter 274: What Does Color Signify?
Chapter 275: Brother, We Are on the Same Side!
Chapter 276: The Lost upon Return!
Chapter 277: Golden Silhouette!
Chapter 278: What Should I Be Afraid Of?
Chapter 279: The Biggest Harvest
Chapter 280: New Formula!
Chapter 281: To Reduce or Not to Reduce
Chapter 282: Newly Appointed Excellent Producer!
Chapter 283: Celestial Defense System
Chapter 284: Everything Is Changing
Chapter 285: The Fourth Gene
Chapter 286: Nethergaze
Chapter 287: Have You Seen Those…
Chapter 287: Have You Seen Those...
Chapter 288: Demonic Girl
Chapter 289: The Forbidden Skill of Immortality
Chapter 290: Safe Haven
Chapter 291: A Small Damage
Chapter 292: Mysterious Location
Chapter 293: Master Seer
Chapter 294: Blabbering Villains
Chapter 295: Forbidden Art?
Chapter 296: Nether Capital’s Battle!
Chapter 297: Celestial Shift!
Chapter 298: An Earth-Shattering Battle That Cant Be Described with Words
Chapter 298: An Earth-Shattering Battle That Can’t Be Described with Words
Chapter 299: Finally, the Plot Caught Up!
Chapter 300: Mutation!
Chapter 301: Compromise and Use It???
Chapter 302: End
Chapter 303: Bro, You Talk Too Much
Chapter 304: Nethergaze
Chapter 305: Descend
Chapter 306: Destroy!
Chapter 307: Over
Chapter 308: Mysterious Killing Command
Chapter 309: The Villains Are Indeed More United
Chapter 310: Preparation
Chapter 311: Astonishing Methods
Chapter 312: The Terror of a Pay to Win Player
Chapter 313: This Is Too Excessive!
Chapter 314: Dark Seed
Chapter 315: So You Are Here
Chapter 316: Data Storage Methods
Chapter 317: Not Meeting Him Anymore in This Life
Chapter 318: Mobile Humanoid ATM
Chapter 319: Run, Fast!
Chapter 320: Line Horizon
Chapter 321: You Old B*stard
Chapter 322: Loyal
Chapter 323: Wang Yao’s News
Chapter 324: Too Much of a Bully!
Chapter 325: Dont You Know?
Chapter 325: Don’t You Know?
Chapter 326: Hit with the First Shot
Chapter 327: Baptism
Chapter 328: Such a Good Character Setting
Chapter 329: This Is Indeed the Genetic Era
Chapter 330: No Point in Grouping Together
Chapter 331: Overemphasize
Chapter 332: Killing Methods
Chapter 333: Free Points
Chapter 334: Do You Know Who I Am?
Chapter 335: Here I Come
Chapter 336: At Cloudswarm Mountain
Chapter 337: Start of Experiment
Chapter 338: Fleshy
Chapter 339: Hack Activation
Chapter 340: So It’s You
Chapter 341: Are You Not
Chapter 342: Ten Minutes!
Chapter 343: Redmoon
Chapter 344: Can Only Fight with Everything!
Chapter 345: Isn’t This Too Excessive?
Chapter 346: Battle!
Chapter 347: Final Moments
Chapter 348: The Crux of Breaking Out of This Predicament
Chapter 349: Space Turbulence
Chapter 350: Collapse
Chapter 351: Heh, You Guys Are Surrounded
Chapter 352: No Escape!
Chapter 353: Death Without the Corpse Intact!
Chapter 354: A Man’s Dignity
Chapter 355: Trending Again
Chapter 356: Super-Advanced Technology
Chapter 357: Is the Senior Surnamed Ma?
Chapter 358: Target Confirmed!
Chapter 359: Arcane Studies
Chapter 360: New Ability!
Chapter 361: Truth Divination
Chapter 362: Unable to Satisfy
Chapter 363: Opening the Desolate Land
Chapter 364: Opening Up a New Training Camp
Chapter 365: Cooperation
Chapter 366: Exploration amid the Bushes
Chapter 367: Third Party
Chapter 368: Harmony
Chapter 369: Breakthrough! Surpassing A Class!
Chapter 370: Me, Nuwa, Give Me Money
Chapter 371: Awakening!
Chapter 372: Nightspring Festival
Chapter 373: Forcing the Enemy to Retreat
Chapter 374: World of Midgets
Chapter 375: The Profitable Third Party
Chapter 376: If You Are Not Satisfied, Fight!
Chapter 377: It’s Not Easy to Be an Oriole
Chapter 378: The Weapon of the Third Party
Chapter 379: Land of Legacy
Chapter 380: Mobile Mini-Ball
Chapter 381: Mysterious Demonic Mirror
Chapter 382: Is There a Need?
Chapter 383: Racing
Chapter 384: Provoke!
Chapter 385: The Past Glory
Chapter 386: A Chance Encounter
Chapter 387: Legacy!
Chapter 388: Awakening
Chapter 389: The Riddle of Transmigration
Chapter 390: Transmigrate! Transmigrate!
Chapter 391: You All Deserve Death!
Chapter 392: Ancient Race!
Chapter 393: What the Heck
Chapter 394: Get Your *ss Out Here!
Chapter 395: Eruption of War!
Chapter 396: War with Ancient Race!
Chapter 397: Space-Time Aisle
Chapter 398: A Cheating Transmigration Ability
Chapter 399: Guarding a Tree Stump Waiting for Rabbits
Chapter 400: Disdainful Expression
Chapter 401: Sorry, I Don’t Want to Be a Side Character
Chapter 402: I Am a Selfish Person
Chapter 403: He’s Dead
Chapter 404: Don’t Be Sad
Chapter 405: The Incredibly Incredible Xiong Er
Chapter 406: Have You Played Sim Games?
Chapter 407: Target: Spirit Sea Wood!
Chapter 408: Aware since Long Ago
Chapter 409: Plan?
Chapter 410: Dear Senior Apprentice Brother
Chapter 411: Death’s Eye
Chapter 412: Fatal Flaw
Chapter 413: I Shouldn’t Have Taught You…
Chapter 413: I Shouldn’t Have Taught You...
Chapter 414: True Steel Armor!
Chapter 415: Attacking the Weakness!
Chapter 416: No Weaknesses!
Chapter 417: So Close, Yet Worlds Apart!
Chapter 418: Something Seems Off
Chapter 419: Spy or Something
Chapter 420: Omnipotence for Real?
Chapter 421: Black Domain, Scared Now?
Chapter 422: This Is too Excessive!
Chapter 423: Confrontation!
Chapter 424: Outside of Expectations
Chapter 425: You Guys Sure Have a Way to Have Fun
Chapter 426: Descend
Chapter 427: Catastrophe
Chapter 428: This Fellow Is a Fraud
Chapter 429: Wear Your Clothes Properly; We Can Talk It Out!
Chapter 430: Game Cash Shop, Are You Afraid?
Chapter 431: God Punisher!
Chapter 432: I Heard That this Ability Matches Extremely Well with Luck Aura, Yo
Chapter 433: Wild Saint
Chapter 434: I Want You
Chapter 435: Open Conspiracy, Can It Be Eaten?
Chapter 436: Family Secret and Such
Chapter 437: Preparation Time Will Be Somewhat Longer
Chapter 438: Othershore Mountain
Chapter 439: Feedback Mechanism
Chapter 440: Entering the Mountain
Chapter 441: What Is This Guy Planning to Do
Chapter 442: Fatal Elements
Chapter 443: Old Mei’s Plan B
Chapter 444: It Turns Out This Guy Is Also a Boss-Tier Existence
Chapter 445: The Vending Stall at the Foot of the Mountain
Chapter 446: The Power of the Hillsea Gene Reagent
Chapter 447: I Want It
Chapter 448: Who Else Wants to Give It a Try?
Chapter 449: The Pitiful Old Mei
Chapter 450: Kind Old Man
Chapter 451: Mutated God Punisher? Lies!
Chapter 452: Boom! Boom! Boom!
Chapter 453: Genetic Ability, Mutate!
Chapter 454: Undefeated Old Mei!
Chapter 455: Kill Everyone!
Chapter 456: He’s a Lucky Star
Chapter 457: You Might Want to Get Checked at a Hospital
Chapter 458: Arise!
Chapter 459: This Unreliable Cast Time
Chapter 460: Have You Guys Forgotten Something?
Chapter 461: Setting a God Punisher Trend
Chapter 462: The Furious Old Mei
Chapter 463: Old Mei’s Revenge Plan
Chapter 464: Beating of His Life
Chapter 465: Scammers. All Scammers!
Chapter 466: Heh, My Old Friend
Chapter 467: So We Have to Keep It Running?
Chapter 468: The Strongest Braking Method in History
Chapter 469: Full Invasion!
Chapter 470: Welcome to the Genetic Era
Chapter 471: The End Is Also the Beginning
Chapter 472: Sealing Devil Race… Who Are You Trying to Cheat?
Chapter 472: Sealing Devil Race... Who Are You Trying to Cheat?
Chapter 473: We… Are Back!
Chapter 473: We... Are Back!
Chapter 474: Let Me Deal with This
Chapter 475: New Method
Chapter 476: The Celebration of a Certain Someone
Chapter 477: Finally, He Saw Other Colors
Chapter 478: Awaken
Chapter 479: The Terrifying Devil Race
Chapter 480: Weaker Than Imagined
Chapter 481: By Myself, I Am Equivalent to an Entire Army
Chapter 482: Unrivaled!
Chapter 483: Darknight Devil Tiger
Chapter 484: Dear Slimy Senior Apprentice Sister, Where Are You?
Chapter 485: Descent
Chapter 486: Do You Think That This Long Cast Time Is for Fun?
Chapter 487: I Have Been Waiting a Long Time for You
Chapter 488: Calm Down! Lord, You Must Calm Down!
Chapter 489: Chen Feng’s Cheat
Chapter 490: Awaken, Great Devil Prince!
Chapter 491: The Apocalypse of the Devil Race
Chapter 492: This Works?
Chapter 493: Beyond X!
Chapter 494: I Can Recruit Anyone I Want?
Chapter 495: Are You Interested in Doing Some Tests?
Chapter 496: What Is Beyond?
Chapter 497: Trade?
Chapter 498: This Is Simple
Chapter 499: You Call This Not Causing Trouble?
Chapter 500: Lady Summoner!
Chapter 501: Experimenting Furiously
Chapter 502: Scram!
Chapter 503: Limit
Chapter 504: What Is This?
Chapter 505: The Timing Is Too Coincidental
Chapter 506: Vitality Exhaustion?
Chapter 507: What’s the Issue?
Chapter 508: The Theft of Results
Chapter 509: You Dare Do This in Public?
Chapter 510: Universality? What’s That?
Chapter 511: Zhang Dapao’s Plan
Chapter 512: Naming and Such
Chapter 513: You Must Be Kidding Me
Chapter 514: The Generous Chen Feng
Chapter 515: What in the World? This Plan Works?
Chapter 516: The Despairing Department Head
Chapter 517: This Scheme Is Too Excessive…
Chapter 517: This Scheme Is Too Excessive...
Chapter 518: Outsourcing and Such
Chapter 519: Mass Distribution
Chapter 520: What’s the Point?
Chapter 521: Worry
Chapter 522: Ancient Race Project
Chapter 523: Hold On, Hey, This Is a Different Plan
Chapter 524: Holy Shit, So Scary
Chapter 525: Have You Heard of Those…
Chapter 525: Have You Heard of Those...
Chapter 526: I Want to Make Babies with You!
Chapter 527: My King!
Chapter 528: This Is Karma
Chapter 529: Alarming Change
Chapter 530: The Returning Expert
Chapter 531: Nope, Not Increasing in Power at All
Chapter 532: Bastard
Chapter 533: Only You
Chapter 534: Target: Devil Race
Chapter 535: Peed on It?
Chapter 536: Such a Method Exists?
Chapter 537: This Must Be Some Cheat Technology
Chapter 538: What Is This Guy Doing?
Chapter 539: Happenstance
Chapter 540: We Named It... Shroud Art
Chapter 540: We Named It... "Shroud Art"
Chapter 541: Drop Drop Beatdown
Chapter 542: World of Green
Chapter 543: Chen Feng, What Are You Doing?
Chapter 544: You Ruined Me
Chapter 545: The True Shroud Art
Chapter 546: Let’s See How Amazing You Are
Chapter 547: From Now On, I Am the King!
Chapter 548: A Day Filled with Scent
Chapter 549: Where’s the Time?
Chapter 550: Time Shroud
Chapter 551: Spirit Arts
Chapter 552: Good News for Middle-Aged Males
Chapter 553: I Have Been Thinking Too Much?
Chapter 554: Energy Shroud
Chapter 555: Free Things Are in Fact the Most Expensive of All
Chapter 556: Heaven-Defying Transactions
Chapter 557: Black Card
Chapter 558: Time to Negotiate
Chapter 559: Bro, It’s Still Free This Time
Chapter 560: This Is Too Excessive
Chapter 561: Any Other Options?
Chapter 562: Master Spirit Developer
Chapter 563: Energy Spatial Helix
Chapter 564: The World Shall Transform
Chapter 565: You Must Be Kidding Me, Right?
Chapter 566: The Deadline of One Month
Chapter 567: Ownerless Land
Chapter 568: Your Talent Level Seems Rather Unreliable
Chapter 569: No Way Out
Chapter 570: The Real Mastermind
Chapter 571: This Guy Is a Walking Disaster
Chapter 572: Bring It On!
Chapter 573: You Think It’s Real?
Chapter 574: New World
Chapter 575: Beyond the Starry Sky
Chapter 576: Mysterious World
Chapter 577: Have You Gone Insane?
Chapter 578: Crazy Improvements
Chapter 579: Chen Feng’s Real Goal
Chapter 580: Appear!
Chapter 581: The Only Chance
Chapter 582: Must Return Alive!
Chapter 583: Charge, Charge, Charge!
Chapter 584: Strengthening!
Chapter 585: Transform
Chapter 586: Awakened
Chapter 587: Transmigrate!
Chapter 588: Above the Starry Sky
Chapter 589: For the Bigger Picture
Chapter 590: Such a Method of Operation Exists?
Chapter 591: Eruption of War!
Chapter 592: Hold On… Something Seems Off
Chapter 592: Hold On... Something Seems Off
Chapter 593: The Grand War Strategy of the Ancients
Chapter 594: Rejection by Word
Chapter 595: Name and Glory
Chapter 596: The One Lifeline
Chapter 597: New Discovery
Chapter 598: We Are the Foreign Affairs Department!
Chapter 599: Update Online
Chapter 600: A Magnificent Existence
Chapter 601: Inside Information on the President
Chapter 602: The Terror of S Class
Chapter 603: What Nice Timing
Chapter 604: No Choice but to Battle
Chapter 605: You Are Being Excessive
Chapter 606: Seal
Chapter 607: Sorry, the Valve Is Out of Control
Chapter 608: Absolute Strength!
Chapter 609: Kill Him!
Chapter 610: Awakening the Storm
Chapter 611: Weakening the Seal
Chapter 612: The Devil Experts Trump Card
Chapter 612: The Devil Expert’s Trump Card
Chapter 613: Not All Hammers Are Called…
Chapter 613: Not All Hammers Are Called...
Chapter 614: Impossible World
Chapter 615: That Era
Chapter 616: Duma!
Chapter 617: Kill!
Chapter 618: What Does Lord Father-In-Law Fancy?
Chapter 619: Mysterious Small Town
Chapter 620: Void Destroyer
Chapter 621: Wish-Granting Old Man and Demon King
Chapter 622: Pr-President?
Chapter 623: Miracle Nikki
Chapter 624: The Awkward Major Ability
Chapter 625: Mysterious Existence
Chapter 626: Magnetic Melody
Chapter 627: Before the Remnant
Chapter 628: Meet Duma
Chapter 629: Duma Is Not a Name
Chapter 630: What Exactly Is Duma Trying to Do?
Chapter 631: Where’s the Promised Scarab Race?
Chapter 632: The Lag That Hadn’t Been Experienced for a While
Chapter 633: How the Hell Are We Supposed to Fight with This Lag?
Chapter 634: Signs of Returning to Mother’s Womb
Chapter 635: Thank You, Bro!
Chapter 636: Ultimate Trump Card of the Scarab Race
Chapter 637: Origin Power
Chapter 638: The True Culprit
Chapter 639: Destroying the World
Chapter 640: Primordial Power
Chapter 641: Resonance
Chapter 642: Green, the Worlds Rescuer
Chapter 642: Green, the World’s Rescuer
Chapter 643: Epicenter
Chapter 644: Great Changes at the Core
Chapter 645: This World Is Too Dangerous
Chapter 646: Attack into the Core
Chapter 647: Too Scary
Chapter 648: The Care from a High-Tier Martial World
Chapter 649: Research Result
Chapter 650: Primordial Items
Chapter 651: Chaos Is Coming
Chapter 652: Soul Entering the Primordial Era
Chapter 653: Primordial Era? No Big Deal
Chapter 654: What Does It Mean to Be Humanoid?
Chapter 655: Tampering with History
Chapter 656: Whose World?
Chapter 657: How Did They Die?
Chapter 658: Actually, I Am…
Chapter 658: Actually, I Am...
Chapter 659: Undefeated
Chapter 660: Why Are You All Behaving Weirdly Today?
Chapter 661: This Is Not from the Same Batch, Right?
Chapter 662: Holy Shit, Why Are You Here?
Chapter 663: Symphony of Resonance
Chapter 664: Screw This XX
Chapter 665: The Hostility Exhibited by the Very World
Chapter 666: Dream Recall Bell
Chapter 667: ???
Chapter 668: I Shall Bend You Back!
Chapter 669: Dynasty
Chapter 670: Astonishing Conduct
Chapter 671: Why Are You Mute in This Crucial Moment?
Chapter 672: Dream Recall
Chapter 673: World in Chaos
Chapter 674: Amazingly Amazing!
Chapter 675: Godly Portable Charger Pen
Chapter 676: Awakened System
Chapter 677: The Only Hope
Chapter 678: Transmigrating Furiously
Chapter 679: Finally Reaching the Treasured Land
Chapter 680: We Will Meet
Chapter 681: Chen Feng, Screw You!
Chapter 682: Of Sins and Grudges
Chapter 683: Template
Chapter 684: New Future
Chapter 685: It Is Too Excessive to Use the Trump Card Right off the Bat
Chapter 686: Chen Feng’s New Strength
Chapter 687: I Felt My Heart Beating
Chapter 688: Mysterious Swamp
Chapter 689: I Am a Resonator!
Chapter 690: Say That Again If You Dare?
Chapter 691: Center of the Lake
Chapter 692: Fusion… Huh?
Chapter 692: Fusion... Huh?
Chapter 693: Who Are You?
Chapter 694: Supreme Power
Chapter 695: Graceful Evasion
Chapter 696: Luck Is on Our Side
Chapter 697: Godly Power of Luck Is Indeed Amazing!
Chapter 698: Murderous Intent Revealed
Chapter 699: Bro, Do You Know What Thirty Thousand Luck Value Can Do?
Chapter 700: The Landing of Blame upon the Shoulders
Chapter 701: Luck Value Increasing Crazily
Chapter 702: The Power of a God
Chapter 703: Damnable Chen Feng
Chapter 704: Sorry, My Dearest Master
Chapter 705: This Enemy Is Quite Strong
Chapter 706: The Only Way
Chapter 707: The Missing Apocalypse
Chapter 708: Worth It?
Chapter 709: Crazy Thomas
Chapter 710: This Is Too Much Bullying
Chapter 711: What a Scam
Chapter 712: Sorry
Chapter 713: Tsundere Goddess
Chapter 714: A New God
Chapter 715: Salt Lake
Chapter 716: May the Goddess Be with You
Chapter 717: Bro, Give Me a Chance
Chapter 718: Family Godly Power
Chapter 719: Really Clueless
Chapter 720: Deduce
Chapter 721: Dark History of the Primordial Era
Chapter 722: See How I Deflect a Heavier Force with a Lighter Force
Chapter 723: Seems Like It Worked?
Chapter 724: Scammer!
Chapter 725: Already Unrivaled
Chapter 726: New Trick
Chapter 727: I Heard That You Gods Can Also… Do That…
Chapter 727: I Heard That You Gods Can Also... Do That...
Chapter 728: Betrayal
Chapter 729: Chen Feng, Is Your Brain Damaged?
Chapter 730: Welcome Back
Chapter 731: The Somewhat Awkward God-Slaying Process
Chapter 732: East-Coast Incident
Chapter 733: Salvation and Damnation
Chapter 734: Surprises Are Always So Pleasant
Chapter 735: The Change Is Better Than the Initial Plan
Chapter 736: Hard Selling
Chapter 737: Holy Spirit’s Identity
Chapter 738: What Is This Guy Thinking This Time?
Chapter 739: Millions upon Millions of Lives, Nothing but Bugs
Chapter 740: The Terrifying Secret
Chapter 741: This Is Not True!
Chapter 742: Kill!
Chapter 743: Trick and Kill
Chapter 744: God-Slaughtering Trap
Chapter 745: Who Are You?
Chapter 746: Phenomenon in the Sky
Chapter 747: A Real God
Chapter 748: Devouring Heaven and Earth
Chapter 749: New Era
Chapter 750: Godhood
Chapter 751: Fake Nascent Soul
Chapter 752: Revisiting the Old Profession
Chapter 753: The Battle for Resources
Chapter 754: Seize
Chapter 755: Level 100 Awakened
Chapter 756: Hehehe
Chapter 757: Level 2 Resonance
Chapter 758: Charge
Chapter 759: What Kind of Strength Is This?
Chapter 760: Mountcarver
Chapter 761: Cleanup
Chapter 762: Questioning the God
Chapter 763: Believer
Chapter 764: Becoming a Scapegoat Out of the Blue
Chapter 765: Training Agency
Chapter 766: So There Actually Is One
Chapter 767: Another Accident
Chapter 768: What an Unreliable Person
Chapter 769: It’s Like You Are Joking
Chapter 770: Start Snatching Recruits
Chapter 771: Legend
Chapter 772: The Search
Chapter 773 - Plan Seen Through
Chapter 773: Plan Seen Through
Chapter 774 - Nothing Special
Chapter 774: Nothing Special
Chapter 775 - Supreme Glory
Chapter 775: Supreme Glory
Chapter 776 - Cannon Fodder
Chapter 776: Cannon Fodder
Chapter 777 - The Scary Divine Seat
Chapter 777: The Scary Divine Seat
Chapter 778 - The Truth: Challenging Crazily
Chapter 778: The Truth: Challenging Crazily
Chapter 779 - Challenge Start
Chapter 779: Challenge Start
Chapter 780 - The Most Speechless Incident Ever
Chapter 780: The Most Speechless Incident Ever
Chapter 781 - You Already Tried Your Best
Chapter 781: You Already Tried Your Best
Chapter 782 - Mind Numbingly Speechless
Chapter 782: Mind Numbingly Speechless
Chapter 783 - The God’s Descendant Makes His Move
Chapter 783: The God’s Descendant Makes His Move
Chapter 784 - Horrifying Sight
Chapter 784: Horrifying Sight
Chapter 785 - Clearing with High Efficiency
Chapter 786 - Mere Idiotic Chess Pieces, Right?
Chapter 787 - Ye, Are You Sick?
Chapter 788 - Godhood Ascension
Chapter 789 - Wondrous World
Chapter 789: Wondrous World
Chapter 790 - The Struggle over Believers
Chapter 790: The Struggle over Believers
Chapter 791 - Equal Distribution
Chapter 791: Equal Distribution
Chapter 792 - Piss Off!
Chapter 792: Piss Off!
Chapter 793 - Thank You for the Praise, Lord
Chapter 793: Thank You for the Praise, Lord
Chapter 794 - These Underlings Can’t Make It
Chapter 794: These Underlings Can’t Make It
Chapter 795 - Shocking and Oppressing Everyone
Chapter 796 - I Am Not Willing to Accept This
Chapter 797 - This Seems to be Progressing Wrongly
Chapter 798 - Extraordinary Imagination
Chapter 799 - The Final Trump Card
Chapter 799: The Final Trump Card
Chapter 800 - Who Are You?
Chapter 800: Who Are You?
Chapter 801 - The Era of Chen Feng
Chapter 801: The Era of Chen Feng
Chapter 802 - Awaiting Your Godhood
Chapter 802: Awaiting Your Godhood
Chapter 803 - The Missing Memory
Chapter 803: The Missing Memory
Chapter 804 - Investigating
Chapter 804: Investigating
Chapter 805 - The Terrifying Truth
Chapter 806 - The Return of a King
Chapter 807 - What Exactly Are You Trying to Do?
Chapter 808 - Your Worldview Is Too Narrow
Chapter 809 - The Era of Luo Yuan
Chapter 809: The Era of Luo Yuan
Chapter 810 - It’s Like You Are Joking with Me
Chapter 810: It’s Like You Are Joking with Me
Chapter 811 - Same Ability
Chapter 812 - Luo Yuans True Power
Chapter 813 - Copy
Chapter 813: Copy
Chapter 814 - Goal: Return
Chapter 814: Goal: Return
Chapter 815 - Are You Sure?
Chapter 815: Are You Sure?
Chapter 816 - Pummeling Madly
Chapter 816: Pummeling Madly
Chapter 817 - The Liberated World
Chapter 817: The Liberated World
Chapter 818: Ready to Fight Only to Stare Around Blankly
Chapter 819 - You Guys Are Too Excessive
Chapter 820 - The Final Godly Power
Chapter 821 - The Only Way
Chapter 822 - Mental Collapse
Chapter 823 - Mental Collapse (Part 2)
Chapter 823: Mental Collapse (Part 2)
Chapter 824 - Mental Collapse (Part 3)
Chapter 824: Mental Collapse (Part 3)
Chapter 825 - About the Corpse
Chapter 825: About the Corpse
Chapter 826 - Origin of the Nascent Soul
Chapter 826: Origin of the Nascent Soul
Chapter 827 - A Fresh Sequel
Chapter 828 - Astonishing Strength
Chapter 829 - Challenge
Chapter 830 - Controlling the World
Chapter 831 - Look At the Size
Chapter 832 - Who Will Be the One?
Chapter 833 - The Damnable Setting
Chapter 834 - Dear, Select Your World Carefully
Chapter 835 - Luo Yuans Suspicions
Chapter 836 - World Creation!
Chapter 837 - Kill!
Chapter 838 - Helpless
Chapter 839 - Impossible to Unravel
Chapter 840 - The Two Golden People
Chapter 841 - Collapse of the World
Chapter 842 - There Is One Person Capable of Killing You
Chapter 843 - Luo Yuan’s Doubt
Chapter 844 - The Terrifying Truth
Chapter 845 - Betrayal and Abandonment
Chapter 846 - Trampling on the New Kingdom
Chapter 847 - Sink
Chapter 848 - His Very Own Love Story
Chapter 849 - That Damnable Friend!
Chapter 850 - Long Time No See
Chapter 851 - Outer Space
Chapter 852 - Luo Yuan’s Realization
Chapter 853 - You Must Be Joking
Chapter 854 - Luo Yuan’s Decision
Chapter 855 - The Final Battle Arrived Suddenly
Chapter 856 - His Intelligence Has Been Taken Away
Chapter 857 - Destroying Everything
Chapter 858 - Reset the World
Chapter 859 - Pursuit
Chapter 860 - Perfect Body
Chapter 861 - Time Kill
Chapter 862 - Hunting Ground
Chapter 863 - Random Swordplay
Chapter 864 - Decisive Battle (1)
Chapter 865 - Why Don’t You Guys Ever Answer Correctly?
Chapter 866 - Kong Bai Is the Most Handsome
Chapter 867 - How Powerful Is This Random Swordplay?
Chapter 868 - Liar! Everyone Is a Liar!
Chapter 869 - That old bastard
Chapter 870 - Who Will Be Laughing at the End
Chapter 871 - Luo Yuan: I Win
Chapter 872 - The Horrifying Truth
Chapter 873 - Decisive Battle (2)
Chapter 874 - The Ambition of the Backup Plan
Chapter 875 - Vestiges of Time
Chapter 876 - Decisive Battle (3)
Chapter 877 - Decisive Battle (4)
Chapter 878 - You Are Still Lacking
Chapter 879 - Return
Chapter 880 (END)