Chapter 1: Bringing You Home
Chapter 2: Dinner In The City
Chapter 3: She Loves Yogurt
Chapter 4: A Straight Man’s Aesthetic
Chapter 5: Second Miss Yan
Chapter 6: I Remembered Clearly
Chapter 7: Returning To The Yan Family
Chapter 8: Master Nine Left
Chapter 9: The Yan Family’s Plan
Chapter 10: Beauty Yu
Chapter 11: What Are You Living For
Chapter 12: Her Backup
Chapter 13: Eldest Miss Yan
Chapter 14: A Weird Girl
Chapter 15: Shooting Herself In The Foot
Chapter 16: Jinyun’s Setback
Chapter 17: The Leverage Of Power
Chapter 18: Yan Family’s Old Residence
Chapter 19: Jinyu’s Thoughts
Chapter 20: The Elders’ Relics
Chapter 21: Not A Dumb Sweetie
Chapter 22: Elegant and Seductive
Chapter 23: Sudden Murderous Intent
Chapter 24: Change Of Attitude
Chapter 25: Being Tracked
Chapter 26: Stopped In A Dark Alley
Chapter 27: Going Back On Their Words
Chapter 28: Sent Flying Away
Chapter 29: The Blade Moves
Chapter 30: Am I Hypocritical
Chapter 31: Her Heartstring Was Tugged
Chapter 32: Meeting An Acquaintance
Chapter 33: Being Targeted
Chapter 34: Dining At The Restaurant
Chapter 35: Ridiculous
Chapter 36: Feng Family’s Guest
Chapter 37: The Kidnappers Back Then
Chapter 38: Being Targeted
Chapter 39: Nauseating Face
Chapter 40: Beautiful Smile
Chapter 41: Master Nine Was Frustrated
Chapter 42: Making It Clear
Chapter 43: Cold-Blooded
Chapter 44: Going Out One After Another
Chapter 45: Provocation
Chapter 46: Total Disregard
Chapter 47: You’re Quite Bold
Chapter 48: Unknown Fear
Chapter 49: Someone’s Stirring Up Trouble
Chapter 50: Agree To Race
Chapter 51: Being Willful Occasionally
Chapter 52: Are They Tired Of Living?
Chapter 53: Collision
Chapter 54: Someone Is Destined To Fall
Chapter 55: Not Leaving For Now
Chapter 56: Collecting The Spoils
Chapter 57: A Face-To-Face Warning
Chapter 58: The Boss Behind The Scene
Chapter 59: Suspicion
Chapter 60: A Call From Little Rain
Chapter 61: What’s Her Identity
Chapter 62: Different Relationships
Chapter 63: Not Given, Not Taking
Chapter 64: The Day Before Their Birthday
Chapter 65: Pick Them Up At The Airport
Chapter 66: Who Are You Waiting for?
Chapter 67: Dumb And Silly
Chapter 68: Which Little Rain?
Chapter 69: Where Are We Going?
Chapter 70: First Visit To Mount Jing
Chapter 71: Do You Like It?
Chapter 72: Afraid To Look At Him
Chapter 73: Taking Advantage of Him
Chapter 74: Special Treatment
Chapter 75: Sending Her Home Personally
Chapter 76: Jinyun Confronts
Chapter 77: Climbing The Wall At Night
Chapter 78: How Much Do You Know
Chapter 79: Master Nine Was Alarmed
Chapter 80: Under His Nose
Chapter 81: The Owner of the Clubhouse
Chapter 82: Let’s Invite Them Over As Guests
Chapter 83: The Day Of The Banquet
Chapter 84: Responsible For Their Actions
Chapter 85: Jinyu Is Angry
Chapter 86: The Yan Corporation Changed Hands
Chapter 87: What’s Yours Is Mine
Chapter 88: Leaving The Yan Family
Chapter 89: Unknown Background
Chapter 90: Master Nine’s Thoughts
Chapter 91: Birthday Present
Chapter 92: Master Nine’s Effort
Chapter 93: Visiting Her Room
Chapter 94: I’ll Protect You
Chapter 95: Jinyun’s Fury
Chapter 96: Young Master Qin
Chapter 97: They Are All Not Simple
Chapter 98: Lingering
Chapter 99: Clear Intentions
Chapter 100: She Only Trusts Him
Chapter 101: Preparing To Torture Noobs
Chapter 102: Very Good At Disguising
Chapter 103: How Thick-Skinned
Chapter 104: Being Plotted Against
Chapter 105: Trying To Scare Them Back
Chapter 106: A Ruffian Entrance
Chapter 107: The Bat Landed On Him
Chapter 108: Accept It Calmly
Chapter 109: Jinyun Is Jealous
Chapter 110: Sensitive Master Nine
Chapter 111: Irritating Little Rain
Chapter 112: Jinyu Misunderstood
Chapter 113: Jinyu’s Panic
Chapter 114: Master Nine Panicked
Chapter 115: Going Down A Dead End
Chapter 116: Understand Her More
Chapter 117: Silly And Ignorant
Chapter 118: Sweet Medicine
Chapter 119: The Qiu Family’s Apology
Chapter 120: Declaring His Rights
Chapter 121: Master Nine Loses Control
Chapter 122: Protecting Her Loved Ones
Chapter 123: In The Cold Drink Shop
Chapter 124: Jinyu’s Dominance
Chapter 125: Second Young Master Of The Luo Family
Chapter 126: Stupid Qiu Family
Chapter 127: Domineering Jin Yu
Chapter 128: Indulgence
Chapter 129: Jinyu Strikes
Chapter 130: Exposed
Chapter 131: A Good Medicine
Chapter 132: Old Master Yin
Chapter 133: Falling Out
Chapter 134: The Problem of Schooling
Chapter 135: Just This Once
Chapter 136: The Pampering Of A Beauty
Chapter 137: Meeting With Jinyun
Chapter 138: Running Away In A Panic
Chapter 139: Persuading
Chapter 140: Seductive Fengling
Chapter 141: Master Nine’s Double Standards
Chapter 142: Unusual
Chapter 143: Jinyu “Protecting Her Food”
Chapter 144: The Min Family Back Then
Chapter 145: Feng Yuan And Jinyun
Chapter 146: I’ll Wait For You For Two Years
Chapter 147: Friendship Between The Four
Chapter 148: Too Much of A Coincidence
Chapter 149: Simple and Brutal
Chapter 150: Where Are We Going?
Chapter 151: The Abandoned Factory
Chapter 152: The Danger Back Then
Chapter 153: The Gentle Second Young Master
Chapter 154: The Value Of The Information
Chapter 155: Jinyu’s Gift
Chapter 156: Breakthrough In Their Relationship
Chapter 157: Moving In Together
Chapter 158: The People From The Yin Family
Chapter 159: Disregarding Others
Chapter 160: Domineering And Protective
Chapter 161: People Change
Chapter 162: Problem With The Photos
Chapter 163: Master Nine Is Lovey-Dovey
Chapter 164: Scheming Jinyu
Chapter 165: The Lingering Garden Was Mentioned
Chapter 166: Master Nine’s Panic
Chapter 167: Pouncing Into His Arms
Chapter 168: Confrontation
Chapter 169: Barely Reasonable
Chapter 170: Little Rain Calls
Chapter 171: A Visit From The Enemies
Chapter 172: The So-Called Fate
Chapter 173: Another Suspicion
Chapter 174: The Same Flight
Chapter 175: First Visit To The Huo Family
Chapter 176: Huo Xuan’s Reprimand
Chapter 177: Let’s Compare Who’s More Pretentious
Chapter 178: The Hypocritical Little Rain
Chapter 179: Suffer A Silent Defeat
Chapter 180: Master Nine Calls
Chapter 181: Huo Xuan’s Suspicion
Chapter 182: Going To The Ski Resort
Chapter 183: Retired After Success
Chapter 184: The Two Sauve People
Chapter 185: Courting Death
Chapter 186: A Terrible End
Chapter 187: Another Plot
Chapter 188: Street Smart
Chapter 189: Psychological Damage
Chapter 190: The Devil Who Protects His Sister
Chapter 191: Something To Tell You
Chapter 192: Old Acquaintance From Ghost Slaughter
Chapter 193: Master Nine’s Words Of Love
Chapter 194: Another Wave Arises
Chapter 195: Unwavering Trust
Chapter 196: Crippled Them Immediately
Chapter 197: The Yin Family
Chapter 198: A Gentleman
Chapter 199: A Disgusting Person
Chapter 200: Jealousy and Vengeance
Chapter 201: The Edge Of Courting Death
Chapter 202: A Tragic End
Chapter 203: The Lovey-Dovey Scene
Chapter 204: His Love Rival Huo Xuan
Chapter 205: Enemies and Friends
Chapter 206: An Ordinary Couple
Chapter 207: Master Nine’s Heart Aches
Chapter 208: The Proud Little Sister
Chapter 209: Yun’er The Parent
Chapter 210: Jinyu Acting Coyly
Chapter 211: Arriving At The Yin Family
Chapter 212: Jinyu’s Effort
Chapter 213: Elegant Court’s Owner
Chapter 214: Mei Feng Bar
Chapter 215: Meeting Feng
Chapter 216: Talking About Being Thick-Skinned
Chapter 217: Jinyu Is Angry
Chapter 218: Talking About Bai Ye
Chapter 219: Angry and Grateful
Chapter 220: Not Letting Go
Chapter 221: The Person She Likes
Chapter 222: Target Competition
Chapter 223: Sticky and Sweet
Chapter 224: Strange Attitude
Chapter 225: Plotting Against Each Other
Chapter 226: They’re All Actors
Chapter 227: A Smart Person
Chapter 228: Can’t Wait Anymore
Chapter 229: The People Who Caused Trouble
Chapter 230: Can’t See Through It
Chapter 231: Suspicious Of Min Sisi
Chapter 232: The Hospital’s Corridor
Chapter 233: Layers of Schemes
Chapter 234: Who’s Plotting Against Whom?
Chapter 235: Direct Attack
Chapter 236: Do Whatever She Wants
Chapter 237: A Slap In The Lingering Garden
Chapter 238: He’s Hers
Chapter 239: Traditional Chinese Medicine Attainment
Chapter 240: Helping To Torture Her Friend’s Love Rival
Chapter 241: Continuously “Slapping” His Face
Chapter 242: A Pathetic Person
Chapter 243: The Deep Friendship
Chapter 244: Rainy’s Thoughts
Chapter 245: Public Threatening
Chapter 246: Thinking Too Much
Chapter 247: A Gathering
Chapter 248: The Form Of Address From The Past
Chapter 249: Crazy With Jealousy
Chapter 250: Meimei Was Domineering
Chapter 251: Can’t See Through Them
Chapter 252: Huo Xuan Realizes
Chapter 253: A Casual, Prying Chat
Chapter 254: The Master Of Jealousy
Chapter 255: The Drama Of Internal Conflict
Chapter 256: Huo Xuan’s Thoughts
Chapter 257: Testing Out
Chapter 258: Mighty Brother-in-law
Chapter 259: Jinyu’s Guess
Chapter 260: Master Nine Is Here
Chapter 261: Good Intentions
Chapter 262: Fighting With Wits And Courage
Chapter 263: Drunk With Baijiu
Chapter 264: A Drunk Person
Chapter 265: An Unexpected Guest
Chapter 266: Master Nine Is Jealous
Chapter 267: The Show Begins
Chapter 268: Hei Yao
Chapter 269: The Min Family’s Banquet
Chapter 270: A Disaster
Chapter 271: Everyone Is Here
Chapter 272: Appearing With A High-Profile
Chapter 273: They Are All Very Protective
Chapter 274: Laughing Crazily
Chapter 275: The Beginning Of The Show
Chapter 276: Not His Biological Daughter
Chapter 277: No Blood Ties
Chapter 278: Layers of Truth
Chapter 279: A Direct Attack
Chapter 280: The Kidnapping Back Then
Chapter 281: The Four Of Them Attack
Chapter 282: Martial Art Experts
Chapter 283: Jinyu’s Warning
Chapter 284: Public Display Of Affection
Chapter 285: Holding It Back
Chapter 286: Qin Hao’s Trick
Chapter 287: Huo Xuan Flares Up
Chapter 288: Annoyed Again And Again
Chapter 289: Being Tricked Again
Chapter 290: Wary Of Each Other
Chapter 291: A Sudden Attack
Chapter 292: What Entanglement?
Chapter 293: A Change in Attitude
Chapter 294: Caring About Each Other
Chapter 295: A Warm New Year’s Eve
Chapter 296: Two Sisters
Chapter 297: Returning To The Yan Family
Chapter 298: Severing Ties
Chapter 299: No More Relationships
Chapter 300: School Life
Chapter 301: Transfer Student Yu
Chapter 302: Deskmate’s Identity
Chapter 303: Outright Dispute
Chapter 304: Abnormal Act
Chapter 305: Do You Know Him?
Chapter 306: School Canteen
Chapter 307: Unfathomable Intentions
Chapter 308: Yuan Xi’s Reminder
Chapter 309: Beware Of Others
Chapter 310: Teaching The Troublemaker A Lesson
Chapter 311: Get Lost
Chapter 312: Invited To The Office
Chapter 313: Wave After Wave
Chapter 314: How Could She Let It Go?
Chapter 315: A Stack Of Test Papers
Chapter 316: The Teacher’s Attention
Chapter 317: The So-Called Weakness
Chapter 318: An Incident During Their Holiday
Chapter 319: Min Ting’s Woman
Chapter 320: Feng Qin
Chapter 321: The Male Deskmate
Chapter 322: They Look alike
Chapter 323: Mock Test
Chapter 324: Bo Lang And Shiyun
Chapter 325: Fell Down The Stairs
Chapter 326: Shiyun Crying
Chapter 327: The Bo Family’s Relationship
Chapter 328: Who’s Plotting Against Whom?
Chapter 329: Empty Feeling
Chapter 330: A School Outing
Chapter 331: The Resort
Chapter 332: Holding Back
Chapter 333: A Repeated Reminder
Chapter 334: The Outdoor Party
Chapter 335: Someone’s Causing Trouble
Chapter 336: A Strike Each
Chapter 337: Gripping Her Neck
Chapter 338: Cut The Nonsense
Chapter 339: The Mysterious Expert
Chapter 340: A Strike To The Throat
Chapter 341: Master Nine Is Angry
Chapter 342: The Upheaval in North City
Chapter 343: Learn To Rely On Him
Chapter 344: Arriving At The Hospital
Chapter 345: The Feng Couple
Chapter 346: A Peaceful Dinner
Chapter 347: The School’s Atmosphere
Chapter 348: The Condition For Cooperation
Chapter 349: The New Form Teacher
Chapter 350: Courting Death
Chapter 351: Use As A Shock
Chapter 352: Their Date
Chapter 353: How Could She Not Feel Indignant?
Chapter 354: Riding The Ferris Wheel
Chapter 355: Min Ting’s Face Darkened
Chapter 356: The Moment Of Getting Back
Chapter 357: Same Intentions
Chapter 358: An Unexpected Incident
Chapter 359: Someone From The Feng Family
Chapter 360: The College Entrance Examination
Chapter 361: Accompanying The Examination Throughout
Chapter 362: A Warm Scene
Chapter 363: First Visit To Cloud City
Chapter 364: Let’s See Who Dies First
Chapter 365: The Madam Of The Feng Family
Chapter 366: Members Of The Feng Family
Chapter 367: How Dare The Feng Family
Chapter 368: Knowing Their Backgrounds
Chapter 369: Very Afraid
Chapter 370: Late Night Visit
Chapter 371: Strange Attitude
Chapter 372: Meeting Feng Xiangxiang
Chapter 373: The Servants Courting Death
Chapter 374: A Ruthless Lesson
Chapter 375: Investigating Her Background
Chapter 376: Fengling’s Father
Chapter 377: Feng Xu Of The Feng Family
Chapter 378: An Unexpected Person
Chapter 379: Jinyu Acting Shy
Chapter 380: Losing Out Instead
Chapter 381: The Shy Girl
Chapter 382: Confrontation At The Main Building
Chapter 383: Feng Yun Is Here
Chapter 384: Very Suspicious
Chapter 385: Losing Their Composure
Chapter 386: Overconfident
Chapter 387: How To Choose
Chapter 388: A Change Is About To Take Place
Chapter 389: Invited To Go Over
Chapter 390: Not Touching Feng Yun
Chapter 391: Unexpected
Chapter 392: Threatening Feng Yun
Chapter 393: She’s Still Alive
Chapter 394: Another Suspicion
Chapter 395: Jones
Chapter 396: Courting Death Again
Chapter 397: A Bloodthirsty Smile
Chapter 398: Lives Up To Her Reputation
Chapter 399: Jones’s Intentions
Chapter 400: Master Nine Snorted
Chapter 401: They Are All Very Decisive
Chapter 402: The Crazy Feng Family
Chapter 403: Confrontation
Chapter 404: Jinyu Is Being Protective
Chapter 405: Request Again
Chapter 406: Wary About His Resourcefulness
Chapter 407: Ridiculous Plot
Chapter 408: Coming To An End
Chapter 409: Liu Guang And Chengcheng
Chapter 410: Jinyu Interfered
Chapter 411: Another New Person
Chapter 412: Jealous and Heartbroken
Chapter 413: College Entrance Examination Results
Chapter 414: Not Her Enemy
Chapter 415: What Happened Back Then
Chapter 416: Graduation Trip
Chapter 417: Unexpected
Chapter 418: Their Side-Profiles Look alike
Chapter 419: Jinyu Was Missing
Chapter 420: Late Night Travel
Chapter 421: Calling Him Nine
Chapter 422: That Woman
Chapter 424: The Purpose Of Coming Here
Chapter 425: Getting An Assistant
Chapter 426: Feng Yun’s Mission
Chapter 427: Missy Is Here
Chapter 428: Liu Guang’s Daughter
Chapter 429: The Vacation Is Over
Chapter 430: Talking About Their Longing
Chapter 431: Master Nine’s Face Darkened
Chapter 432: Returning To The Capital
Chapter 433: Revealing Her Identity
Chapter 434: Report To The University
Chapter 435: Reporting For The First Time
Chapter 436: Roommates
Chapter 437: She Looked A Little Familiar
Chapter 438: That Woman
Chapter 439: Her Arguing Potential
Chapter 440: Continuously Insulting Her
Chapter 441: A Meeting For A Discussion
Chapter 442: Didn’t Like Her
Chapter 443: Going To The Lingering Garden
Chapter 444: Sending Herself Up
Chapter 445: Raising An Ingrate
Chapter 446: New Information
Chapter 447: Saved Someone
Chapter 448: That Person’s Identity
Chapter 449: Looking For Trouble In The Canteen
Chapter 450: Leaving After Being Defeated
Chapter 451: Waiting For A Dogfight
Chapter 452: The Two Of Them Meet Up
Chapter 453: They Fought
Chapter 454: A Surprise
Chapter 455: Turning Into A Coward Immediately
Chapter 456: Afraid To Resist
Chapter 457: Bring Them All Back
Chapter 458: Liu Guang’s Fury
Chapter 459: Do You Want To Save Her?
Chapter 460: Failed Assassinations
Chapter 461: Trying To Cause Trouble
Chapter 462: A Late Night Visitor
Chapter 463: Chase After Him
Chapter 464: Late Night Infiltration
Chapter 465: Whistleblowing
Chapter 466: A Call For Help
Chapter 467: Interrupting The Confession
Chapter 468: They’re All Here
Chapter 469: Confrontation
Chapter 470: Who Has A Bargaining Chip?
Chapter 471: Liu Guang Panicked
Chapter 472: Should He Help Or Not
Chapter 473: A Direct Battle
Chapter 474: A Close Call
Chapter 475: Someone Asking For Trouble
Chapter 476: He Couldn’t Let It Go
Chapter 477: Jealousy And Uneasiness
Chapter 478: Scaling In The Middle Of The Night
Chapter 479: Meeting A Few People
Chapter 480: All Having A Breakdown
Chapter 481: Liu Guang’s Base
Chapter 482: Hiding Two People Away
Chapter 483: Sowing Discord
Chapter 484: The Secret Base
Chapter 485: All Kinds Of Precautions
Chapter 486: Confession In The Canteen
Chapter 487: A Dramatic Confession
Chapter 488: The Looks Of A God
Chapter 489: That Person Is Awake
Chapter 490: As Expected
Chapter 491: Having Dinner Together
Chapter 492: Why Didn’t He Kill Him?
Chapter 493: Returning To The Yin Family
Chapter 494: About The Child
Chapter 495: The Last Torture
Chapter 496: The End
Chapter 497: Their Birthday
Chapter 498: Huo Xuan’s Gift
Chapter 499: The Contract Request
Chapter 500: A Crack
Chapter 501: Trust and Suspicion
Chapter 502: The Reason For His Betrayal
Chapter 503: Yin Xiaoxiao
Chapter 504: Sneaking In
Chapter 505: All Prepared
Chapter 506: Beyond Their Expectations
Chapter 507: A Confrontation
Chapter 508: Everyone Is Here
Chapter 509: Betrayal
Chapter 510: They Had To Kill Him
Chapter 511: Dream On
Chapter 512: The Dust Settles
Chapter 513: Forgive or Not
Chapter 514: Family Reunion
Chapter 515: Trouble At The Mall
Chapter 516: She Was Qualified
Chapter 517: The Person-In-Charge
Chapter 518: It Was All For Her
Chapter 519: Saving His Life
Chapter 520: Her Identity
Chapter 521: Planning To Return To The Country
Chapter 522: Want To Be A Slacker
Chapter 523: Looking For Trouble On Her Birthday
Chapter 524: Two Slaps
Chapter 525: Unfit Enemies
Chapter 526: The Plastic Sisters
Chapter 527: A Prim And Proper Man
Chapter 528: Give It A Push
Chapter 529: Her Schemes Fell Through
Chapter 530: The Outcome Of The Two Of Them
Chapter 531: Master Nine Is Here To Pick Her Up
Chapter 532: Warm And Tender
Chapter 533: Repeated Shock
Chapter 534: Getting Along Well
Chapter 535: Sweet And Tender
Chapter 536: Yu Xiao Is Missing
Chapter 537: Trouble In An Alley
Chapter 538: Instant Kill
Chapter 539: A Clown
Chapter 540: Silly Little Scumbag
Chapter 541: Being Underestimated
Chapter 542: Not Affecting Her Anymore
Chapter 543: A Family Gathering
Chapter 544: She’s That Person
Chapter 545: Knowing Her Identity
Chapter 547: Being Labeled
Chapter 548: Min Ting’s Pursuit
Chapter 549: Meeting With Jinyun
Chapter 550: Invited Two Of Them Over
Chapter 552: Scared To Death
Chapter 553: Important To Themselves
Chapter 554: Going Out During The Summer Holiday
Chapter 555: Meeting Her Old Classmate
Chapter 556: Mo Qian Panicked
Chapter 557: Hitching A Ride
Chapter 558: The Outstanding Person
Chapter 559: Someone Was Jealous
Chapter 560: Arriving At The Zhao Family
Chapter 561: Don’t Look For Trouble
Chapter 562: The King Of Jealousy
Chapter 563: Coy And Hypocritical
Chapter 564: Tagging Along Shamelessly
Chapter 565: A Strike At The Seven Inch Position
Chapter 566: Mo Qian Causing Trouble
Chapter 567: Find Them Quickly
Chapter 568: A Few Slaps
Chapter 569: Scaring Everyone
Chapter 570: Realizing Her Thoughts
Chapter 571: Not Returning To The Capital
Chapter 572: Someone’s Courting Death
Chapter 573: Extremely Courageous
Chapter 574: Unaffected
Chapter 575: Her Worry
Chapter 576: The Jiang Family’s Guests
Chapter 577: The Wrong Person
Chapter 578: That Thought
Chapter 579: Don’t Like To Be Coy
Chapter 580: Who Doesn’t Have A Backer?
Chapter 581: Courting Death
Chapter 582: 20 Years Old
Chapter 583: A Huge Wedding (The End)