Chapter 1: About the Sudden Change in the World When I Woke Up
Chapter 2: Stand Tall, Believe in Yourself
Chapter 3: Golden Carp Spirit Market, Late Golden Finger
Chapter 4: Queen of Thorns
Chapter 5: Parasitic Jade and Drinking Upside Down
Chapter 6: My Pet Was Born, Though Still an Unformed Egg
Chapter 7: An Unremarkable Spirit Egg
Chapter 8: Tens of Thousands of Spirits, But I Only Love You, You Cutie
Chapter 9: Little Wood Spirit
Chapter 10: Contract Book
Chapter 11: A Tamer Who Does Not Play Tricks Is Not a Good Spirit Pet Educator
Chapter 12: Hasi, Hasi!
Chapter 13: Explosive Potential
Chapter 14: Deep Mountain Reservoir, Purple Jade’s Training Method
Chapter 15: Almost Pulled into the Water
Chapter 16: I Might Not Be Human
Chapter 17: Secrets in the Reservoir
Chapter 18: Su Bai, You Scheming B*tch
Chapter 19: Subject Choice and Survey
Chapter 20: Trouble, Green Thorn Plum Fruit
Chapter 21: I Do Not Like Ah Bai and Parasitic Skill
Chapter 22: Second Usage of Light Balls
Chapter 23: The Most Deadly Self Strategy
Chapter 24: Dirty Schemes Meet Dirty Schemes
Chapter 25: Purple Jade Breakthrough, Praise Me Quickly. I Am a Good, Diligent, and Thrifty Spirit
Chapter 26: Alliance of the Two Players with Dirty Playstyle
Chapter 27: One Week Later
Chapter 28: Bear Fungus and Abis
Chapter 29: Ghost Blade Mantis and Dark Night Mantis
Chapter 30: Wonderful
Chapter 31: Blue Moon Cultivation House
Chapter 32: Beginning Construction of the Large-scale Manor
Chapter 33: Seeded Competitors, Water-Fire Elements
Chapter 34: Destiny Player Fang Laoba, Super Monster Kraken
Chapter 35: Heaven Abyss and Sea Abyss
Chapter 36: Start of the Competition
Chapter 37: Zhang San, Li Si
Chapter 38: Reactions from All
Chapter 39: Do Not Touch My Leeks!
Chapter 40: Crafty Genius
Chapter 41: 1058
Chapter 42: Most Stubborn
Chapter 43: Undisputed
Chapter 44: Drifting Further from Having a Conscience
Chapter 45: Women Apparel’s Big Boss
Chapter 46: Big Ray
Chapter 47: Profound Wood
Chapter 48: Really Make Money
Chapter 49: Men Know Men More
Chapter 50: Golden Horn Big Centipede
Chapter 51: Combat Talent
Chapter 52: Woodgrain Fruit Tree and Aquamarine Stone Monster
Chapter 53: New Contract Page, Little Devil and Blade Praying Mantis Breakthrough
Chapter 54: You Are So Bad
Chapter 55: I Am Here
Chapter 56: No Difficulty
Chapter 57: A New Skill
Chapter 58: Social Fear
Chapter 59: Second Pet Egg
Chapter 60: Oh, the Purgatory Tyrant Egg
Chapter 61: Rare Attributes
Chapter 62: Twelve Dragon Slayers
Chapter 63: Purple Jade’s Breakthrough, High-level Servant
Chapter 64: Buried
Chapter 65: Fisherman, Excuse?
Chapter 66: Registration for the Five Towns Spring Festival Competition
Chapter 67: Love Is the Ladder of Progress – Lu Xun
Chapter 68: (▼ヘ▼#)
Chapter 69: Beginning of Test
Chapter 70: Come, Feed It Medicine
Chapter 71: Old Fox Has No Limit
Chapter 72: Physical Fitness Test
Chapter 73: Very Good! You Will Be My Lifelong Enemy
Chapter 74: All Kill
Chapter 75: Father of All Male Classmates, Priority When Choosing a Spouse
Chapter 76: Flip Table
Chapter 77: Righteous Backstab from Purple Jade
Chapter 78: Secret Stronghold on Phoenix Mountain
Chapter 79: Nice To Meet You
Chapter 80: Sudden Appearance of the Scarlet Badge
Chapter 81: An Lan Villa, Real Gao An
Chapter 82: Hard Work, Purple Jade’s Evolution to Wood Spirit
Chapter 83: Incubation, Super Strong
Chapter 84: Glutton
Chapter 85: No More Love
Chapter 86: Weak Stomach
Chapter 87: Show Hand, Glutton
Chapter 88: Find Your Way
Chapter 89: I Am a Good Person. They Are Haters.
Chapter 90: I Am That Powerful, Omnipotent For Money
Chapter 91: Sudden Appearance of the Scarlet Monster Wilderness
Chapter 92: Nothing Wrong
Chapter 93: True Path In Range
Chapter 94: I Can Breakthrough By Eating Dirt. Do You Believe It?
Chapter 95: I Upgraded, Returned, and Passed Away Repeatedly
Chapter 61 for details.)
Chapter 96: The Blue Dragon Trophy
Chapter 97: Depressed Little Bloodworm
Chapter 98: Silver Contract Book
Chapter 99: Big Boss’s Unimaginable Wealth
Chapter 100: Return Overnight
Chapter 101: Su Bai’s Super Large Manor
Chapter 102: The Growth of Strength
Chapter 103: The Horrors of the Scarlet Monster Wilderness
Chapter 104: Bloodthirsty Vine Bazaar
Chapter 105: I Will Own the Entire Forest
Chapter 106: Villain Died of Blabbering
Chapter 107: Weep Weep
Chapter 108: Unequaled Origin of the Bloodthirsty Spear Bush
Chapter 109: Dark Sea Killer
Chapter 110: Li Xing, Li Hai
Chapter 111: Join Them If You Cannot Beat Them
Chapter 112: Thousand-face Fox Egg’s Incubation
Chapter 113: Where Is The Procedure?
Chapter 114: Wait For Death
Chapter 115: Two Types of Monster Wilderness
Chapter 116: Insect Ruins
Chapter 117: Collection of Dragon Breath
Chapter 118: Transformation to a Dragon
Chapter 119: Ancestor Blood Dragon
Chapter 120: Transformation
Chapter 121: Su Yue’s Talent
Chapter 122: Purple Sparrow Tea Tree
Chapter 123: Be Careful; I Will Disown You
Chapter 124: Place of Peculiarity
Chapter 125: Pray Forgive My Ignorance, Su Bai
Chapter 126: Nine-tailed Magic Fox
Chapter 127: Sudden Coldness
Chapter 128: Cannot Give Up My Pet
Chapter 129: Other Side of the Space Crack
Chapter 130: The Evolution of Pets
Chapter 131: Five Dragon Pets Blocking the Door
Chapter 132: Sailor Suit Girls
Chapter 133: Return to School
Chapter 134: I Am No Longer Ignorant
Chapter 135: Fishing Is Simple
Chapter 136: Definitely A Spy
Chapter 137: Blooming Day
Chapter 138: Not That I Have Not Seen It
Chapter 139: Re-entering the Insect Ruins
Chapter 140: Will Your Conscience Not Hurt?
Chapter 141: What Is at the End of the Crack?
Chapter 142: Since It Is An Assessment, Is It Okay to Overkill?
Chapter 143: Chance to Reorganize Language
Chapter 144: Withering Life, Purple Jade Evolves
Chapter 145: Sanctuary Wood Spirit
Chapter 146: Take A Leaf From His Book
Chapter 147: You Support A World I Cannot Hold
Chapter 148: Did Not Do Well, Did Not Perform Well
Chapter 149: Becoming a Professional Pet Tamer
Chapter 150: Legend
Chapter 151: Divine Skills
Chapter 152: How Dare You?
Chapter 153: Sleeping Dragon Abyss
Chapter 154: Scarlet Mist
Chapter 155: Twisted Mutated Dragon
Chapter 156: Ended a Life of Sin
Chapter 157: Harvest and Refining
Chapter 158: Mutation, Contract Book of Life
Chapter 159: Alcohol Lightweight
Chapter 160: Divine Skill, Collection of Cards Skill
Chapter 161: Rainbow Door
Chapter 162: Despicable? So What?
Chapter 163: Ice Phoenix Egg and Proof
Chapter 164: ( ?~ ?;) Ah Bai’s Deliberateness!
Chapter 165: I Hate Ice Pets And Flight Pets
Chapter 166: Auction Begins, the Fascinating Item
Chapter 167: Where Is My Ice Phoenix Egg?
Chapter 168: An Ice Phoenix with Persecution Paranoia
Chapter 169: Difference
Chapter 170: Emperor Grade Relic, Blood Beach
Chapter 171: Sea of Blood Clearance Plan
Chapter 172: I Need to Pass on My Excellent Genes
Chapter 173: Advanced City League Tournament
Chapter 174: Eat My Fireball
Chapter 175: Fireball Defeat
Chapter 176: Fire Immunity Encounters Fire Thief
Chapter 177: A Little Excited
Chapter 178: A Secret
Chapter 179: Frequently Appearing Monsters
Chapter 180: Purple Jade Evolution, Limitless Beauty
Chapter 181: College Entrance Examination
Chapter 182: Practical Exam
Chapter 183: The End
Chapter 184: Hunger Potion, Glutton
Chapter 185: Scapegoat
Chapter 186: Monarch True Ancestor Blood Dragon
Chapter 187: East Capital Heavenly Abyss University
Chapter 188: Shanghai
Chapter 189: Death Is Like the Wind
Chapter 190: God Dragon’s Original Skills, Breaking Rules
Chapter 191: Start of Competition
Chapter 192: Please End Me
Chapter 193: So You Are Like This
Chapter 194: Blue and White Valley
Chapter 195: Take Action
Chapter 196: Reenter the Kraken Nest
Chapter 197: Colossal Kraken’s Nest
Chapter 198: Choosing A Kraken Egg
Chapter 199: Hatching
Chapter 200: Blue Sea Kraken and Green Grass Kraken
Chapter 201: I Am Just a Poor Little Kraken
Chapter 202: East Capital
Chapter 203: Imperial Beast Gymnasium
Chapter 204: Blue Sea Kraken’s Evolution, Birth of Blood Moon Divine Skills
Chapter 205: Young Lady and Fierce Monster
Chapter 206: Su Bai’s Advantage
Chapter 207: Blood Moon Divine Skill
Chapter 208: Blue Planet’s Upheaval
Chapter 209: Effect of the Divine Skill
Chapter 210: Mutation
Chapter 211: Never Thought to Rescue You
Chapter 212: Little Tyrant’s Evolution
Chapter 213: 10,000 Dragon Corpse God
Chapter 214: Unlocking New...
Chapter 215: Invitation From Yulong Gymnasium
Chapter 216: Chief Disciple Su Bai
Chapter 217: Diamond Contract Book, Mutation to Live Longer
Chapter 218: Special Monster, Planet Core
Chapter 219: Heavenly Abyss
Chapter 220: Increasingly Angry, Pushed Purple Jade Down...
Chapter 221: Ice Phoenix’s Departure
Chapter 222: A New Pet
Chapter 223: Glutton
Chapter 224: Three-horned Green Sting Dragon, Giant Bone Dragon, Planet Eye
Chapter 225: Failure, Go Deeper
Chapter 226: The Power of Miracles
Chapter 227: War Fortress, Survival
Chapter 228: Approaching Target
Chapter 229: Planning Strategies
Chapter 230: Black Territory Demon
Chapter 231: Nine-tailed Magic Fox
Chapter 232: The Recorder of All Things
Chapter 233: Token, Swallow the Celestial Body
Chapter 234: Water Cage
Chapter 235: Rich Data Panel
Chapter 236: Special Genre
Chapter 237: Kunlun Ruins, Legendary Pet
Chapter 238: Noiselessly
Chapter 239: Amethyst Town Mammoth
Chapter 240: Ripping Claws
Chapter 241: Blood Jade Hydra
Chapter 242: North South East West
Chapter 243: Return to Blue Planet
Chapter 244: Complete Integration, Liberation
Chapter 245: Return to Yulong Gymnasium
Chapter 246: Shocking
Chapter 247: Shall We Continue?
Chapter 248: Realm of the Void, Real Imperial Beast Gymnasium
Chapter 249: New Disciple Recruitment, Report
Chapter 250: Eternal Love
Chapter 251: I Am Your Birthday Present
Chapter 252: Return to Cannes, Enemy
Chapter 253: Untitled
Chapter 254: Killer Organization
Chapter 255: Data Obtained, Return to Kraken’s Nest
Chapter 256: Raise Another Ten Krakens
Chapter 257: Open Challenge
Chapter 258: Truth Is Within Reach
Chapter 259: Corpse Vine
Chapter 260: Chance Encounter
Chapter 261: You Are Not Dead Yet; Let Us Cooperate
Chapter 262: Sea Emperor Fruit, An Invincible Existence
Chapter 263: Monarch Planet Eye, Fang Laoba’s Reciprocation
Chapter 264: Purple Fungus Planet, Goodbye Gao An
Chapter 265: Aliens, Blue Planet’s Secret
Chapter 266: Starry Omnivore Kraken Advancement, Special Ability of Aliens
Chapter 267: Senior Sister, Senior Brother, New Characteristics
Chapter 268: Fuyao Gymnasium, Public Enemy of Male Disciples
Chapter 269: Secrets of the Four Creations, Most Faithful Fan
Chapter 270: Purple Wood Thunder Kraken, Chatting With Purple Jade
Chapter 271: Highly Regarded By the Dean, Su Bai and Zi Wuji’s First Encounter
Chapter 272: Senior Brother, Why Surrender Before the Fight?
Chapter 273: Shocked, Su Bai’s Aura
Chapter 274: 10,000 Dragon Blood Pool, Special Dragon Spirit
Chapter 275: Am I A Genius?
Chapter 276: Sovereign Grade, Dilapidated Altar
Chapter 277: Dragon Curse, Aggrieved Death of Cursed First Dragon
Chapter 278: Curator Selection Pushed Forward
Chapter 279: Ten Kraken Eggs Hatching
Chapter 280: Purple Jade’s Diary
Chapter 281: Purple Jade’s Change, Two New Characteristics
Chapter 282: Little Tyrant Is Impressive!
Chapter 283: Mewling Fox’s Final State
Chapter 284: Subordinates of Dragon King Amethyst
Chapter 285: Easily Resolve, Meet Hou Lan Again
Chapter 286: Siege of Dragons, What Are You?
Chapter 287: Undead Tree Heart
Chapter 288: Five Million Nihility Koi, Nine-Headed Chaotic Demon Dragons
Chapter 289: Wei Qingqing
Chapter 290: Secret
Chapter 291: Sea Abyss Dramatic Change
Chapter 292: White Lotus Monster Wilderness
Chapter 293: Emperor Limitless Beauty, Traces
Chapter 294: Power of the Dragon Curse
Chapter 295: Lost
Chapter 296: Sea Abyss
Chapter 297: Chelsea’s Invitation
Chapter 298: You took my things.
Chapter 299: Plant the Next Leek
Chapter 300: The Real Means
Chapter 301: Responsible
Chapter 302: Master’s Favorite
Chapter 303: Stele of the Secret Seal
Chapter 304: Mist of Destruction
Chapter 305: A World Full of Despair
Chapter 306: World Vine
Chapter 307: Traitor
Chapter 308: Desperation
Chapter 309: Foolish Little Tyrant
Chapter 310: Wei Ya’s Death
Chapter 311: Possession of Tao Seed
Chapter 312: Fleeting Months
Chapter 313: Void Dragon-eaters
Chapter 314: Problem
Chapter 315: Space-time Attribute, Void Oaths
Chapter 316: Departure, Vatican
Chapter 317: Strange Happening
Chapter 318: Mysterious World
Chapter 319: Time Butterfly, Astonishment
Chapter 320: Gengar Lookalike
Chapter 321: Time Ghost
Chapter 322: Hasi Hasi
Chapter 323: Origin Time Vestige
Chapter 324: Epic Contract Book, Advancement to Heavenly King Pet Tamer
Chapter 325: Finally, the Time Dragon Egg
Chapter 326: The Secret of the Time Clan
Chapter 327: Victory of the Mist
Chapter 328: Imprisonment of the World
Chapter 329: The Beginning of Escape
Chapter 330: Taken Away in One Move
Chapter 331: Dilapidated Homeland
Chapter 332: Mankind’s Strongest Man
Chapter 333: A Conversation with the Strongest Man
Chapter 334: Destiny, God of Beauty
Chapter 335: Old Friend
Chapter 336: Dark Sea Killer Problem
Chapter 337: Arrogance
Chapter 338: Ill Foreboding
Chapter 339: Sudden Duel, Divine Skill Showdown
Chapter 340: Doomsday Faction, Special Monster, Su Bai’s First ‘Death’
Chapter 341: A Bold Idea
Chapter 342: Golden Waterfall Ray of Chaos
Chapter 343: Entering Kunlun Ruins
Chapter 344: Collector of Wandering Treasures
Chapter 345: Sky Fortune Waterfall, Disdain of the Big Orange Cat
Chapter 346: Cat’s Arrogance Collapse
Chapter 347: Brief Interlude
Chapter 348: Truth About Sky Fortune Waterfall
Chapter 349: Long River of Time Secret
Chapter 350: Mystery of the Sequence Camp
Chapter 351: The Secret of the Demons
Chapter 352: Soul Transformation Crystal Stone
Chapter 353: Evolution
Chapter 354: Bondage Characteristic
Chapter 355: Eternal Immortality
Chapter 356: Changes to the Long River of Time
Chapter 357: Finally Completed the Contract
Chapter 358: Lord of Wealth
Chapter 359: Return to the Ruins of Chaos
Chapter 360: Son of Chaos
Chapter 361: A Thousand Years
Chapter 362: The Terror of a Late-Stage Pet Tamer
Chapter 363: The Fall of the Mermaid Recorder of All Things
Chapter 364: Humans Need A Hero
Chapter 365: Su Bai’s Return
Chapter 366: Myriad Spirit Blood, Eternal Grade
Chapter 367: Mythical Grade
Chapter 368: The Truth
Chapter 369: The Doomsday of the Sirius Star
Chapter 370: Black Dragon King
Chapter 371: The Terror of the Dragon God of Corpses
Chapter 372: End
Chapter 373: Miracle Flame
Chapter 374: Old Friend
Chapter 375: A New Beginning (Last Chapter)